Cockroaches And Funnel Webs Enjoy Sydney’s Hot Weather

Cockroach and spider numbers are growing because of soaring temperatures.

Infestations from cockroaches and spiders

A pest control company has experienced more calls from people that need help with cockroaches and spiders, especially redbacks and funnel webs.

Emma Sollo from the Everest Pest Control, a company that covers a big portion of Sydney which includes the north shore, northern beaches and eastern suburbs, mentioned that they have more calls asking help with eliminating larger Australian and smaller German cockroaches.

Mrs Sollo said that the smaller ones do not fly, but these come in with supermarket boxes and spread very rapidly, especially in the hot weather.

They also get calls regarding the flying Australian cockroaches, as there are more of them currently about.

Mrs Sollo also added that people are specifically concerned with the growing number of redbacks and funnel webs in the northern beaches.

She said that people find these spiders in their gardens, particularly near swimming pools.

Aside from this, she also warned about termites.

Mrs Sollo mentioned that homeowners must have termite inspections done yearly, but specifically this year since there might be a potential increase in termite colonies.

Warm weather leading to more pests

Entomologist Bryce Peters from Sydney’s University of Technology mentioned that the warm weather gives these insects, specifically cockroaches, further energy, and it also makes them extra visible in the city.

Mr Peters mentioned that the more humid and warmer it is, the more active these insects become.

Their life cycle is a lot faster, they also breed faster, and they are a lot visible in the environment.

A cleaning service has claimed that it has seen a business increase of 60% from those that want to rid homes of these cockroaches.

The UrbanOutsource company recommended to regularly empty the inside bins; to clean the cooking surfaces and an oven’s interior following use; to treat the surfaces with non-toxic spray; to regularly vacuum or sweep floors.


A cockroach or a Redback Pest Control in Sydney is definitely needed when a pest problem is recognized by homeowners so as to prevent a major uncontrollable outbreak.

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