Cleaner Homes Should Start With Floors

One of the most widely used materials in flooring is ceramic tile. It is heavy duty but it needs cleaning and maintenance, much like every part of the house. Homeowners may opt to hire a company that services tile and grout cleaning in Perth or they can choose to clean their floors.

It is important to sweep the floor everyday while vacuuming should be done a number of times every week. The surface can be subjected to sand and grit which causes dullness as well as leave scratches. Once the floor is free from dirt, it should be mopped. When mopping, use hot water combined with mild detergent. It is recommended to use rag mop or chamois rather than sponge mop because it leads dirty water into the grout and this is what causes stain.

The cleaning solution inside the bucket should be changed every time the mop leaves a dirty trail on the floor instead of a shiny one. If your tiles became hazy, you can easily remedy it with an all-purpose cleaning agent that is not abrasive to avoid scratches. If you don’t have one at home, you can create the mix by combining hot water with either vinegar or lemon juice. Just apply on the tiles and finish up with a clean dry cloth.

Your tile floor will not be totally clean if you don’t know how to handle the grout. If the grout is soiled, you floor will look dingy despite cleaning. Grout should be cleaned often as it is made of porous material that absorbs all dirt that comes its way. Cleaningshould be done with a grout cleaner you can buy from local supermarkets or mild bleach can be a good alternative. If the stains are too deep, the cleaning agent should be left for 10 minutes before scrubbing. Remember to use gloves whenever handling cleaning agents.

If the grout remains dirty after, combine water with baking soda until a paste is created. Put this over the grout and leave for the whole night before brushing. Use nylon brush and not metal as it can leave scratches. If the stain is too stubborn, contact tile and grout cleaning in Perth as they have professional equipment and better cleaning agents in removing stains.

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