Catering Doyen In Australia Entering A New Chapter

In business ventures, there are failures and successes but the story of Peter Rowland is something that wedding caterers in Sydney can learn from. It is common to see a hospitality conglomerate crumble because of debt and the owner runs away from every responsibility.

This is not what Peter Rowland, a renowned man in the field of catering in Australia, did after his company encountered its downfall.

Mr. Rowland said that he has no money and no debt at the same time. The empire he owns, Peter Rowland Catering was transferred to the administration without creating much noise. The catering company used to be the host of numerous lavish events in the country with millionaires and billionaires as clients.

The leader of the firm did not cut and run but instead the 79 years old decided to face the problem head on.

After being stuck in debt, Mr. Rowland decided to sell the Toorak mansion he built from scratch with his partner in life. He listed the property for $8.6 million. He shared that the business was the reason they were able to build the house so it is fitting that the house is sold in order to save the business. The money he got from selling the property was used to save the struggling business.

After being transferred into the administration the business will eventually become Peter Rowland Group since investments were made by Mohan Du, a developer in Melbourne.

The company will be welcoming the first woman to be the chief executive, Emma Yee, and the chairman will be filled by Mr. Rowland. He has no plans though to stop his routine of coffee at dawn with his staff.

He expressed his glee and said that despite everything he was able to save the business and his staff. He thinks of himself as lucky.

This is a good lesson for wedding caterers in Sydney to treasure their business and the people working under them. When trying times come, they should face it rather than escape from it. Mr. Rowland is proud that despite the struggle, he will be able to look his employees in their eyes.

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