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Gang Violence In Chicago Funeral Homes

For many families, a love one’s wake can be one of the saddest and most sombre moments in their lives. However, in some Chicago neighbourhoods, families do their mourning under the threat of gang violence. According to CBS Chicago, some of the community leaders are calling to the state lawmakers for a crackdown on violence.

At her funeral homes, June Williams have made the effort to offer comfort for grieving families. In spite of decades of experience in funerals and wakes, June Williams was not prepared for some the things that she would soon witness.

According to Williams, at a wake, a gentleman went to see his brother who has been killed. Williams who was standing near the casket was touched because the man was grieving for his brother. Another individual walked up to the man, placed his arms around him and then stabbed the man.

Wakes and funerals are sacred moments for grieving families but in Chicago it is the ideal time for violent retaliation. According to crisis responder Andrew Holmes, he has experienced seeing weapons under the seats at funeral homes and churches.

According to funeral directors, some of the gang members show up during the services of the persons they have killed to gain points from their leaders. In order to avoid being a victim of violence, funeral directors try to avoid wearing certain colours. Funeral directors also make the effort to look for the shortest and safest route to cemeteries.

After being a funeral director for 33 years, Williams has certainly seen and experienced some of the changes in the industry but it is only now that she is scared for her own life. Some funeral directors have hired additional security. When there is a potential for violence, policemen stand guard at the funeral homes and at churches.

Losing a love one can be a very disappointing experience but there are funeral directors in Sydney who will help you plan and prepare an appropriate funeral service. Funeral directors understand that grieving families need all the support they can get that is why they make sure that ceremonies and rituals take place without hassle.

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Workplace Safety Shifts In This Digital Age

Many things are changing in this digital age, from the way things are done in homes to the way things are done at work. In terms of work, workplace safety is definitely one that is undergoing changes.

Fortunately, many of the past issues workers used to worry about are starting to lessen due to how companies have updated the ways workers to stay safe while at the workplace. Here are some manifestations of the changes happening in this digital age to workplace safety.

Improved metal detectors

Many companies have installed walk-through metal detectors to make sure that no one is carrying knives, guns or any other hazardous weapons to the workplace. For someone walking through these metal detectors carrying prohibited items, the detector surely finds it.

This is the initial step in protecting a workplace. Today, it is rare to get past detectors due to these being improved compared to before and are now able to detect even the tiniest pieces of metal.

Bulletproof glass

Many financial institutions like banks have bulletproof glass windows. The bulletproof glass protects bank tellers and workers serving the public.

Increased security

Aside from the usual security guards, increasingly, companies now have digital security cameras. Another security feature of this digital age are motion lights. They protect the workplace outside in. If ever it happens that burglars get past the security guards or motion lights, they still get recorded in the security cameras.

3D visualization technology

This helps one see possible threats before they happen. This technology helps prepare for issues one didn’t see coming.


In sum, it is always best for companies to be prepared for any accident or crime. These tools do not only help workers feel safe while they are working, but these can also increase their productivity especially that they are confident of their safety. Still, this is just the start. More importantly, companies must have programs, services and rules designed to prevent injuries and accidents in their job. And as a result, if a health and safety audit in NZ is conducted, there will be no issues with a company’s health and safety standards.

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New Attraction For Divers: Liveaboard On A Traditional Ship From China

If you are planning of going to Thailand for a diving holiday, make the trip more memorable by including in your diving itinerary a liveaboard experience the renowned Chinese sailing ship that was restored for cruising.

The Chinese ship is called The Junk but its formal name was June Hong Chian Lee. It used to be a Chinese vessel made of teak wood but recently restored in order to give divers a unique experience when they travel to Thailand. The same ship was used in the famous James Bond movie back in 1974 entitled The Man With The Golden Gun.

It was in 2014 when The Junk was included as one of the Worldwide Dive and Sail, many guests have already boarded the ship in order to get to diving sites located in the Islands of Similan and Surin.

In a recent news, Similan National Park was temporary closed for divers thus the management at WWDAS decided to open other diving trips in alternative locations such as Hing Daeng, Phi Phi Islands, Hin Muang and Koh Haa. With the diving trips, guests have options to avail either a two days and one night cruise or a three days and two nights cruise package.

According to Mark Shandur, the general manager of the company, the part of the Andaman Sea where they are cruising to is perfect for divers of various levels. He also added that it is the pleasure of the staff to welcome the guests aboard a boat that has full of charm and history.

The ship is 33 meters tall and 108 foot long with three masts. It is able to accommodate a maximum of 18 divers with its six cabins that are all air conditioned. The Junk have options for cabins that can accommodate two persons, three persons as well as four persons. Each cabin has their own bathrooms and provided with hot showers.

For those who are planning to dive, the company has available trips from the month of May until September for those who wants to visit Phi Phi National Marine Park as well as the islands located at Koh Haa. If you are looking for other options then you may visit Thailand Dive and Sail online portal.


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The Office Innovations Of The Future

Natural ventilation, efficient use of space and materials, a cozy ambiance and timber construction are a few of the innovations shaping up Australia’s office spaces.


Timber construction for offices

The managing director of Architectus, Ray Brown says that office innovations are focused around materials.

A good example is Lendlease’s CLT building in Barangaroo, Sydney. The structure which is 6 storeys was constructed using glue- and cross-laminated timber providing 6850 square meters of space.


Natural ventilation and efficient use of space and materials for offices

Siren Design’s chief executive officer, Mia Feasey says they are doing work with sustainability. They are working on WELL Building Standard accreditation. She adds that it is more than just paints having low toxicity but also about air quality and well-being.

Feasey also says the efficient use of materials is a top priority.

When Siren moved locations, they made use of their existing fixtures and furniture. They just replaced some table tops and did some reupholstering. For Feasey, reusing is more rewarding.

Their designers are urged to take the environment into consideration when giving advices to clients.


The office space influences

For Brown who has designed a number of innovation hubs and co-working spaces, he has seen a lot of influences that changed how people work.

For him, there is a convergence affecting design and architecture where sectors are influencing each other. For example, the travel industry affects the office design; the informal learning spaces have a big influence on office design; office design is also influencing universities and how postgraduates and PhDs are dealt with – no one is just in the office exclusively.


Cozy ambiance for offices

According to Feasey who works with tech sector companies like Facebook and Google, every sector has different needs for an office space. It is also now easier to achieve this with help from an Office Furniture Store in Sydney.

For Feasey, companies initially wanted offices which are professional in a way but now, it is welcoming and homely. She adds how offices are now “home away from home”.

She adds that kitchens which are fully stocked are also getting popular since companies want to feed their staff too. So, they are also doing many kitchens for offices.


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The Failure In Improving The English Language

It can be remembered back in 2013 when a newspaper published a major headline regarding Thailand and how it has only two years left in order to improve its standard when it comes to the English language in order to compete with others in the Asean Community. The Asean community is now almost celebrating is first anniversary and according to majority of reports, it has shown to be a modest success. The headline that was published three years ago could still be published once more. This is in line with the recent announcement by the Ministry of Education regarding its new plans in an attempt to upgrade the proficiency of the students in both elementary and high school when it comes to the English language.

It is only right that the new plan which was announced three years after the publishing of the headline that served as a warning for the government will be more focused on the administrations as well as the educators. This means that the ministry will launch different reforms that will change how the English language is taught in school. This time the focus will not be on the students who are the ones expected to raise the standard of the English language. This is considered an odd method in solving a known and long standing issue that has kept on failing to teach students the English language for a number of decades.

It is known by many what the causes of the failure in the existing system. The first one is that how rote learning is adapted. The best they can do most of the time is to give students repetitive words which make it possible for them to write these words in English. This does not mean that they have learned English though. The trick into learning the English language is for students to be able to connect words together and form sentences whether in oral or written form. Writing and speaking English should be based on grammatically correct sentences which are not only right but is the only useful way to learn the language.

For aspiring teachers who wants to help solve this long standing issue, enroll now at Entrust TEFL and become an English teacher in Thailand.

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From Concrete To Cash

Bill Sandbrook is known to be the man responsible in making a defunct company manufacturing concrete into something that is more like a market leader. He replaced the management of the U.S concrete back in 2011 and at that time the decision might seem unreasonable. During that time, he was with a Georgia company that has reach in other countries while receiving a revenue stream worth $5 billion. It was not clear why he should exchange it for a company worth only $400 million and already on its way to being bankrupt. The company has to be fixed from the bottom to the top.

U.S. Concrete is a known supplier of concrete that is ready-mixed which is used in various projects such as commercial, public works and residential. It was Sandbrook who figured out that there needs to be a few tweaking when it comes to the strategy and it could result to a niche that will be employed in the materials. The idea he developed was quite simple, target markets in the real estate sector that are fast developing and then hold on to them. He targeted various markets including North Texas, San Francisco Bay Area and New York City.

In order to reduce the costs, he decided to relocate the corporate headquarters which was originally in Houston and consolidated it with another existing field location in Euless. This is where things started to go the right way but his main focus is to earn the trust of all his employees with a total number of 2,700 workers. He shared that when he came into the company, the stocks of the employees are all been reduced to zero. He admitted that he knew how the employees must be feeling and thought that they have already decided not to put their trust in the company that have already screwed them that one time.

One of Sandbrook’s skills is managing and motivating people which he has a lot of training while in the military. One he had graduated from West Point, he decided to join the Army and became an officer. He was the leader in the engineering projects conducted in Germany. He was able to get the trust of his workers and they are make U.S. concrete a success once more.

For those who are finding it hard to repair concrete, there is a high quality concrete saw designed to do the job.

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