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Discouraging Adolescent Girls To Become Latin Brides At Aged 15 To 18

Over the past years, world leaders and professionals acknowledged the practice of child marriage as derailing stability and development. It’s especially true for regions which include sub-Saharan Africa, where they claim the highest rate of child marriage globally, and South Asia, with India as an example of having child brides. Despite the highest regions in Latin America, they are also known to practice child marriage. Most Latin women aged 20 to 24 years old are known to have married at the age of 15 or 18.

These are harsh figures where in Brazil, it is noted to be the hotspot for child marriage. This country is often missing during policy discussions and national research. One reason could have led to the size of the population, which is actually the fifth largest in the world. Aside from that, cohabitation or informal unions also happen here and many other nations in Latin America. This then triggers the problem especially that these unions are not regarded as legal marriage.

In Central America, the practice of child marriage has been unnoted, where obscure laws, poverty, racism and lack of opportunities are fueled in rural communities. For instance, in 2010 in Mexico, 12% of teenage girls were married through formal or informal unions, and around 54% of these girls already have kids. In Guatemala, around 30% of teenage girls were married by 18 yo, and in rural communities, it nearly doubled to 53%.

There has been an effort to battle the widespread belief among the indigenous, rural and poor communities that child marriage is not the answer to poverty. Selected NGOs are now working with these Latin women to divert norms and make a safe space for teenage girls. “AbriendoOportunidades”, a community based program, is now working with indigenous girls to help them earn income, build self-esteem, promote reproductive and sexual health, and talk about topics like marriage. The program has helped these girls become responsible and venture into other options than early marriage. Those who participated in the program remainedsingle throughout the duration.

Latin America and the Caribbean governments are working to target the end of child marriage by 2030, incorporating sad experiences that teenage girls are suffering. To achieve its goals, they need to be visible in regions where child marriage is rampant. Providing information to Latin women on how they can improve their way of life has been a critical issue as it tries to end the harmful practice.

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Couple Spent Only €1000 For Their Wedding Day

It is very rare these days to hear of couple’s marrying in Sydney with just a thousand bucks in their pocket. There are many things to book and items to buy for the big day including finding someone who will do the wedding photography in Sydney because lasting memories through photographs is considered a treasure for many couples. This is not the case for Emilyrose Fitzpatrick who used to live in Sydney. The bride was already residing in Glasgow when she got engaged. It was only last year that she, along with husband Rory, celebrated their marriage.

The most surprising detail is that they were planning to elope at first but changed their mind as soon as the bride’s parents told her that they are coming to visit her. This is when she started planning for her wedding day, not even four months into the exact date they have chosen.

According to Emilyrose, they are not planning to spend a lot for their wedding day because they know they will be able to enjoy the celebration without having to empty their pockets. In the end, the bride managed to spend only £1000 for their wedding day or approximately equal to €1,140.

The bride did not have much time on her hands and she had to do the planning alone most of the time because her husband was working as restaurant manager. She admitted that it was a challenge for her to plan everything with such a small budget but they are determined not to go over it.

She gushed that her wedding day was the perfect day of all and she will not trade it for anything.

Many would be asking by now? How did she manage to pull it off? Not to mention the fact that they invited 100 guests to their wedding ceremony.

As for her dress, though she was looking for something affordable, she was very happy that she was able to spend her wedding day in a dress that she loved which costs her only £60. Affordable bridal brands are the rage nowadays and one can find anything trendy these days without having to spend thousands.

As for her flowers, she did not go to a professional florist but rather bought everything on her own and made her own decorations. She made the bouquet, headpiece as well as two corsages.

A bride in Australia might have hire a full time individual to do the wedding photography in Sydney but it is not the case with Emilyrose as they decided to hire the photographer for two hours only during the ceremony and every guest was freely able to photograph during the reception using their own cameras and smartphones.

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