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Some Important Features Of Reputed Schools In Bangkok Which Follow British Curriculum

A major concern for expats in Bangkok is to find a good school for their children. They want a good international school which offers educations at all levels, such as nursery, primary and secondary. The quality of education offered by the school plays an important role in the overall development of the child. Hence finding a right school for the kids is a high priority task for most of the parents.

There are reputed schools which follow the framework of National Curriculum for England and Wales, and can be considered as British Secondary School in Bangkok. These schools are recognized by many external institutions like IBO, IGCSC, WASC and CIS. They offer high quality international education which equals the British standards.

Students study a wide range of subjects in these schools. They are given opportunities to take part in various cultural activities and showcase their talents.  The reputed British Secondary School in Bangkok provide a range of extracurricular activities like, sports, cultural activities, academic clubs and residential trips. These activities help to nurture the young minds. The students are also provided chances for inter cultural learning by inviting speakers from outside, celebrating local and international festivals and participating in residential trips.

The famous British Secondary School in Bangkok follows the pastoral support system for the emotional and personal development of the student. Each student has a dedicated tutor, who meets the student at regular intervals to discuss about academic and other issues related to the students. The tutor acts as a mediator between the subject teachers, students, parents and the secondary head teacher.

The school follows the IGCSE curriculum for years 10 and 11. The curriculum is internationally accepted as the leading curriculum for British Secondary School in Bangkok. The school takes regular assessment of the students in two models – formative and summative assessments. The formative assessment is a on-going process, which includes projects and presentations, class tests and teacher observations. The summative assessments are the formal examinations taken at the end of the course to test the understanding of the students in various subjects.  The students received a report card with detailed grades for their performance.

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Industrial Boilers Must Meet Requirements By M CPD

With the development of the MCPD or Medium Combustion Plant Directive into a European law, it is important that operators should improve their current boiler plant. They must check for industrial boiler corrosion and do something about it. Calor’s industrial and commercial specialist, Kevin Houlden, has advises to give.

Before the year ended, December 19 to be exact, the MCPD was transformed into one of the laws in Europe. Based on the MCPD, there is required ELVs or emissions limit values in order to lessen the amount of nitrogen oxides, particulates and sulphur dioxide released by the exhaust gases. The rating is 1 MW and for thermal input the limit is 50 MW which is applicable to all kinds of combustion plant.

If new plants started their operation a day after the new law was implemented, they are required to register at the Competent Authority and make sure they follow the new ELVs that were set for December 19.

There are a total of 43 Air Quality Zones all over the United Kingdom. The problem is that only five of them follow the level required for the amount of NOx. According to forecast, slow progress is to be expected in the coming two decades. The MCPD rules give the Competent Authority the capacity to alter the limits due to the low level of air quality depending on their prerogative. Therefore, the final regulation in the United Kingdom is not set on stone especially to areas that is not following the level of air quality which is a requirement.

For example, boilers with heavy fuel oil will not be able to meet the demand of the ELVs due to the fuel source. At the end of the day, operators must consider the type of upgrade they will perform or if they are going to switch their boiler plant just to meet the requirement set by MCPD. Eventually, there are long-term consequences that must be considered in the event that the ELVs are lowered than it already is. Aside from the industrial boiler corrosion which they have to provide solution to, this is another thing operators have to worry about from now on.

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$51M NYC Mansion To Be The Place For 2018 Kips Bay Decorator Show

For any home decoration company like BD Decorators, it’s a great honor to be called to decorate any popular home or to be called to display their work in a home decoration show.

For this year’s Kips Bay Decorator Show, an affluent mansion, located in the Big Apple’s Upper East Side, will act as the canvas for the decoration expo’s chosen decorators.

The mansion is located at 110 East 76th Street, NYC and is valued at $51 million. It was listed by developer Joseph Chetrit, back in 2017, one of three large and affluent townhouses on East 76th Street. All three mansions were made via combining six brownstones into a few, but large megamansions, with the price tags appropriate for their scale. The smallest is 13,000ft2, the largest is 15,000ft2, with the cheapest at $39 million. The home to be used for the Decorator Show is the most expensive of the three.

Over 20 interior designers were chosen for the event, and will decorate one of the many, many, rooms of the mansion as part of the show, which happens at May 2018.

Organized and handled by the Kips Bay Boys & Girls Club, the event has attracted the attention of decorators like BD Decorators, as the best and most notable of interior events in the Big Apple, with designers like Victoria Hagan and Thom Filicia having participated in the past.

This new canvas will have plenty of space for the designers to work their magic, as the 15,000ft2 home has a staggering eight bedrooms, with a master suite so big, it’s larger than most of New York’s apartments. Additionally, the mansion features 10 bathrooms, a fully-landscaped backyard with a roof terrace, and other myriad features, perfect for the decorators hoping to flex their creative muscles.

The East 76th Street townhouse continues the show’s tradition of using affluent and on-the-market townhouse as the canvas for its decorators. Back in 2017, China Institute’s former Upper East Side HQ was used as the backdrop for the show, while Extell’s Carlton House mansion and the Arthur Sachs mansion on East 66th Street were the backdrops for 2016 and 2015, respectively.

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Top Reasons For Families To Visit Pattaya

Pattaya is a major tourist destination in Thailand. The town has attractions for all types of visitors like families, solo visitors, honeymooning couples or group travellers. The city has a wide variety of activities ranging from water sports to luxurious Thai treatments at the modern spas and wellness centres of the famous beach resorts.

There are a wide range of hotels in Pattaya ranging from budget hotels to premium beach resorts. The hotels offer exclusive deals for special room promotion in Pattaya, making it a favourite destination for travellers on a budget.

Apart from relaxing by the beach and indulge in adventurous water sports, tourists should not miss visiting these lovely places in Pattaya

Sacred places – Thailand is famous for its religion and spirituality. Pattaya has a lot of Wats and religious places that showcase the local culture and way of living. Visitors should not miss visiting places like the Big Buddha, Sanctuary of Truth and wat Yansangwararam, to see the Thai style architecture with intricate wooden carvings.

Museums and Galleries – There are a number of museums and galleries like the Ripley’s museums, Louis Tussaud’s wax museum, and a host of other art galleries that showcase interesting artefacts from around the world.

Elephant shows and rides – The most exciting part in the trip to Pattaya. Majority of the parks have elephant shows and you can ride elephants. Families with kids should not miss these shows.

Floating market – The floating market is an interesting site seeing place in Pattaya. The market is built on a lake and the sellers place their wares on boats. This is an interesting experience for tourists who are bored with glitzy shopping malls. The floating market also gives an opportunity to relish authentic Thai food.

Food – Thailand is famous for its delicious cuisine. The authentic Thai food made using the freshest ingredients and coconut, and the famous seafood, attracts a lot of visitors. The recipes are handed down from generations, which preserve the authenticity.

With so many interesting places to visit, authentic food to relish and hotels offering special room promotion in Pattaya, the city is slowly gaining popularity as a family destination.

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Benefits Offered By The Sophisticated Courier Tracking System

One of the biggest advantages of using a tracking system is being able to track the exact location of your parcel in the network. Most of the big brands offer this tracking service but the type of tracking may vary from one company to other. Generally, many of the companies offer a collection and delivery scan while others allow you to check the parcel on tracks, arrival and departure at different points in the network like sorting centres and offices.

Tracking courier online is a sophisticated technology and is offered by most of the reputed delivery companies. The benefits of this tracking system are

  • The company provides a unique tracking number for your parcels. With the help of that unique number you will be able to track your courier online. The system shows how far your parcel has reached and the estimated time to reach the destination. This offers peace of mind as you will have an exact idea of the whereabouts of your shipment.
  • This tracking system enables better customer services for online selling business. The ability to check and know the exact location of the parcel from time to time helps the managers of these businesses to handle the customer queries of their orders.
  • Since the tracking system allows the customer to track the location of courier, the delivery companies are more accountable and strive to maintain the promised delivery times. The customer gets proper service for the price charged by the courier company.
  • The customer need not wait for the confirmation from the recipient. This saves time and money, as the sender is spared from making multiple calls to enquire about the parcel. Instead the sender can just check online using the unique tracking number provided at the time of booking the parcel.
  • The tracking system enables the sender to see the signature of the recipient of the parcel online. It reduces fraud and unnecessary trouble, as the sender has more evidence regarding the parcels delivery.

The ability to track courier online is very beneficial for the customers of courier companies. They are no longer in the dark regarding the whereabouts of the parcel and this advanced tracking system fixes the responsibility of the courier companies.

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The Trend Of Fast Food Merchandise

If you are looking for a corporate merchandise to give away to a company event or conference, you might be surprised to know that there is a variety of fast food merchandise available. They are not your typical merchandise which is usually customized mugs, pens, t-shirts or pins. Here are the latest and weirdest products in the market brought to us by fast food brands.

Flame-Grilled Perfume from Burger King. If you are not a fan of fried chicken but is addicted to the smell of grilling meat topped with various condiments then this product is for you. The sad news is that it was only a limited edition perfume released in Japan back in 2015. It retailed for $41 and comes with a free Whopper when you buy.

Fried Chicken Sunscreen from KFC. If you are always on the beach with your sunscreen and loves fried chicken, the sunscreen made by KFC is recommended for you. This product was released by the company in 2016 and the sunscreen has SPF 30 which they referred to as the extra crispy factor. The scent is very similar to the popular chicken of the fast food chain. It may sound disgusting to you but the 3,000 bottles manufactured by the company was sold out as soon as it was launched through KFC’s website.

Phone Charger In A Chicken Box From KFC. In this day of smartphone and internet, a portable phone charger is one of the most important discoveries. KFC in India created what they refer to as Watt A Box which is a chicken box that comes with portable phone charger. It comes with a USB as well as a charging dock.

DJ Decks from A Pizza Hut box. If you don’t have the budget for decks and aux-cord is not meeting your standard, Pizza Hut has the solution – a cardboard DJ check that was actually working. It was the same price as the pizza from the company. The fast food chain said that it works by plugging the battery to the deck and connecting the user’s phone through Bluetooth. It can handle any DJ application on the phone.

If you are not impressed with these options, you can order typical corporate merchandise or try future releases to surprise your employees.

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