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Digital Savvy Customers Forcing Insurance Providers To Use Technology

Technology users could mean an upgrade in the insurance industry in the near future.

Nowadays, more and more people are relying heavily in the use of computers, tablets, and smartphones. They use these things for work, research, communication, and even for shopping. Millennials for one expect to be able to shop for products and services and have these delivered in their inbox or front door in an instant. With these changes, different retail providers, including insurance providers, may be forced to use technology to a greater extent if they wanted to remain competitive in their respective markets.

And insurance providers may have more to gain from these too. Industry experts are now claiming that when this is partnered with micro insurance products, insurance providers may be able to reach a wider audience that will now include the low-income individuals.

Is this a viable idea? According to a 2016 US insurance auto shopping study, 75% use insurer websites when trying to get quotes or researching for additional information on a product. This type of behavior is not only exclusive to auto insurance products. This is also true for other products or services where people are now using the power of the Internet to research about the product of service that they want to avail.

The buying behavior of people has already changed since the introduction of the Internet. Insurance providers should seize this opportunity to improve their services and consider increasing their revenue by allowing people access to their products or services with the use of an online portal where people could easily compare or purchase online products like those of chartered accountant liabilility insurance, life insurance, or auto insurance.

Today, these tools are simply dubbed as InsurTech (Insurance Technology) products. There are now companies that are specifically creating these. These are now claiming that they could provide better stability for underwriters in the world of insurance that is often threatened by disruptive changes.

According to the Insurance Regulatory Authority in Kenya, InsurTech providers are now providing ways for insurance companies to promote and sell their products and services through the tools that they provide. With the new technological tools, insurance companies are also hoping to be able to come up with new products to meet the changing needs of their potential clients.

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Health Benefits Of Danang Spa Resort

There may be some point in your life where you can say that you are badly in need of rest and relaxation. You can go to a massage parlour or you can opt to book for plane tickets and at a luxurious Danang spa resort for an overall treatment to get rid of all the stresses and worries in life. There’s nothing like getting into a traditional therapeutic massage in a place where authentic traditional massage is offered. Here are some of the health benefits that you can get out of booking in a spa resort.

  • Peace of mind and isolation from the causes of your stress. When you book in a spa resort, you can enrol to a basic yoga class, get into daily health regimen aromatic therapy and other health and wellness techniques that eases the tensions of the mind and body. With the right massage approaches, your blood circulation increases including the flow of oxygen in your body. Apart from that, proper massage delivers the right nutrients to the different parts of the body and its cells.
  • Another advantage of booking in a Danang spa resort is that you can easily schedule for a wellness and treatment session that stimulates the lymphatic system. Ample stimulation of lymphatic system helps in removing toxins in the body thereby making your cells healthier. It will also promote anti-aging reactions on your cells.
  • Getting into a spa resort allows you to gain treatments that could get rid of your muscle pains and other bodily pains such as spasms in the muscles, arthritis and sciatica. A therapeutic massage is suitable for those who are physically stressed with urban activities and badly needs for the muscles to rest and rejuvenate.
  • With spa treatment including sauna allows your cells to breathe thereby giving you a glowing skin that will make you radiate.

A Danang spa resort can be in demand so it would be best to place your booking in advance especially during peak seasons. Booking in advance also allows you to gain discounts for room accommodations and other hotel services.

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Phuket’s Elephant Sanctuary: Promoting Novatel In Patong And Tourism

Elephants are considerably loveable and cute creatures. Despite their gigantic size, some elephants in the right now are used and some, even abused by both legal and illegal logging corporations and trekking industries. Nowadays, there are hundreds of animal sanctuaries in which majority of these sanctuaries are currently under fire by the public for display an unacceptable behaviour towards, mainly elephants and some, even abusing them or not giving them the proper care that these creatures deserve. Fortunately, there’s an elephant sanctuary in the island of Phuket in the Kingdom of Thailand. Phuket Elephant Sanctuary is considered as a revolution to the animal tourism because of its philosophy to help elephants around the world to have a place to retire, and have a home which will rehabilitate them. If you are planning to visit the sanctuary any time soon you should consider staying at Novatel in Patong because it’s one of the best 4-star hotels in the town of Patong and you can even take advantage of the hotel’s location because it’s extremely close to the shopping district and there’s plenty of transportation choices if you want to visit the elephant sanctuary.

The Phuket Elephant Sanctuary has been attracting the attention of some of the Hollywood celebrities such as Leonardo di Carprio, Aaron Paul and even the members of the band Coldplay, who have learned about the sanctuary and eventually visited it. These celebrities have nothing but praise especially to the management of the sanctuary owing to the fact that they don’t make the elephants do some funny tricks or carrying people as they ride up the mountains. In fact, the sanctuary and its management are making sure that these elephants will be well taken care of and are comfortable while they are in their natural habitat. It’s also the goal of the sanctuary to give these elephants some dignity and the freedom to be themselves at the comfort of their natural habitat. If you are staying at Novatel in Patong Town and you are to visit the sanctuary, you will have to pay 117 US Dollars for a day visit which includes the chance to elephants do what happy elephants usually do such as: bathing themselves, scavenging for tropical fruits, tramping through the thick mud and others.

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Introducing: An Entrepreneurial Time Management System

People nowadays are keen on complaining about how busy they are and most of the time, you will hear or see them complaining the fact that they still have tons of things left to do. And let’s face it, almost everyone goes through this kind of problem that left us saying the line, “So many things to do. So little time,” Everyone needs to properly manage their time and choose the things they will prioritize and delegate from doing things that will hamper your progress towards achieving a specific goal for the day. Now, for aspiring entrepreneurs who are worried about the things they will need to do as owners of small businesses, experts in time management, one being Dan Sullivan, has devised a new entrepreneurial time management system which aims to lessen the time that is wasted away by starting entrepreneurs and to help them lessen the mistakes they commit.

In this new entrepreneurial time management system, your work week will be broken down into 3 main parts: “Focus Days”, “Buffer Days” and “Free Days”. Below are the more information on how each part should be practiced:

  • Focus Days- At the very least, you will need to spend 80% of your total time operating in your main areas of expertise. For example, you are good at conducting seminars, conducting research works or writing reports. In these days, you must also handle your weekly training activities and creating ideas for your marketing team. This means you must prioritize on these things and put other non-essentials on hold or delegate them until you are done for the day. These are the days when you need your utmost focus, dedication and attention. Focus Days can also be spent by chatting with your clients and writing new blog posts.
  • Buffer Days- These days will be spent for preparing for either your next Focus Day or Free Day. You can spend these days by learning something new, training your support team and assigning projects and other tasks to others. You can also spend your Buffer Day by responding to emails sent by clients or by completing other work-related tasks that are less important. Usually, Buffer Days are set two days which can be also used for checking the social media, updating your business’ Facebook account and scheduling future meetings.
  • Free Days- Generally speaking, these are the days when you are free not to think about any work-related matter. These are the days when you cannot check your work email inbox. You can spend these days by enjoying the company of your family by the beach. These days are best spent by doing things that relax you. For some, these days are considered the cheat days because you get to do things that you can’t do during the rest of the week.

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The Importance Of A Licensed Engineers To Oversee Boiler Operation In Schools

A plan by Minneapolis Public Schools to reorganize the Plant Operations Department will result in the demotion of dozens of building engineers with corresponding pay cuts. Building engineers have many responsibilities from cleaning schools to the operation and maintenance of boilers. However, employees who are temporarily assigned for the task are not qualified for the position because they are not licensed for boiler work.

According to MPS Chief of Operations Officer, Karen DeVet, their plan is to ensure that employees who perform boiler work will have the proper licenses. It will also allow more custodial support in schools and save them money to overcome the challenge of a $28 million budget gap. The proposal is a version of the original plan that was presented to the School Board last 2012 where the engineer-in-charge position will be eliminated to be replaced a smaller number of team leader positions.

According to School Board chair, Rebecca Gagnon, there will be fewer licensed engineers but more custodians. On the other hand, both the engineers and teachers contend that a licensed boiler operator is critical in every building to ensure that someone will be onsite if something wrong happens with the boiler.

Since the buildings are rather old, it is critical to have constant attention from trained professionals. If something wrong happens with a commercial boiler, like a water leak or even worse, the problem has to be addressed immediately and not wait for the district office to send a professional technician to fix the problem.

In a statement issued by Minneapolis Schools Association of Custodians and Engineers, the members strongly believe that the budget for Plant Operations Department must be increased to allow for licensed positions to oversee the boilers. Schools have absolute need for a head engineer with a boiler’s license to be responsible for boiler operation.

Boilers must be regularly inspected for defects at least annually or according to manufacturer’s recommendations. If there are issues with the components, Boilers repairs must be undertaken by licensed heating engineers for safety. Regular servicing ensures that the boiler is operating properly without any risks of fires or explosions.

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Tips When Receiving Nolensville Home Services

If you are having issues with your plumbing system, the next best step to do is schedule Nolensville home services. Unless it is an emergency situation, have the maintenance check or repair on a weekday for lower rates. When you have already set a schedule for the maintenance check or repair, you can do the following ideas in order for a safe and effective plumbing job in your property.

  • Always ask for proper identification before you allow the plumber to enter your premises. Aside from asking for identification, you might also want to call the plumbing company to validate the identity of the plumber on your doorstep.
  • Guide the plumber to where the issue is. Do not allow the plumber to wander on his own for security purposes and also for him to be able to start right away.
  • If the problem is located in the basement, laundry area or in other parts of the house, make sure that the plumber would have free access to it. Remove obstructions and things along the work area to prevent them from getting wet.
  • Keep valuable items such as gadgets, wallets, watches and jewelleries in a locked room or where they are not seen in plain sight.
  • Allow the plumber from Nolensville home services to work by avoiding unnecessary chats that might distract the plumber. Plumbing works require concentration and the plumber may not be able to work in peace if you keep distracting him.
  • Make sure that somebody is in the house when you schedule the plumbing work in your property. It would also be best if you would stay where you can easily be seen by the plumber so he can easily approach you if he has some concerns. At the same time, keep your distance so for the plumber to concentrate on his work.
  • Before you schedule for the maintenance or Nolensville home services in your house, call the plumber and find out what needs to be done in preparation of the job. You might also want to ask if there are materials that you need to prepare or come up for the job.
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