Hawaii Experienced Heavy Rainfall Resulting To Downtown Flooding


If you are struggling with clogged drainage and piping systems, you better call the professionals at Pro Jet Plumbing & Drainage or suffer the consequences. As the wet season is starting to let its presence be known in Hawaii and in other tropical nations, it is very important to keep the drainage systems free of debris and other materials that might clog it up. If these are not kept clean, this may result in severe flooding.

The flooding situation in Honolulu

In Hawaii, downtown Ala Moana and Honolulu are experiencing flooding for the second time in just a week. Parking garages are teemed with water as thunderstorms continue to bring heavy rains throughout Wednesday.

The flooding conditions in the city have residents wondering whether the drainage system in Honolulu is failing to do its part. In an official report released by the city officials, they contend that the storm drainage of the city is performing well. They further explained that the storm drainage system of Honolulu was not able to sustain its capacity for the heavy rain in the past days not because it was not in perfect working condition but instead because of the weather patterns lately that have become very unusual.

The storm drain cannot handle all storm situations but most of the time; it has been able to handle the storm related water in the city. It is just unfortunate that this time the level of rainwater dropped in the city has been so high and that the drain system was not designed to handle this amount of water.
When experts were asked for their opinions, they agreed with the city officials. A meteorologist also said that the intense of rain water in the city is something that city receives within 10 to 15 year storms.

On Monday, the models of the meteorologist center indicated that four and a half inches of rainwater fell over the Marketplace at Aloha Tower within just 3 hours. During the same time, two inches of rain were dumped on the area on Wednesday which led to an overflowing storm drain and where geysers exploded from manhole covers all over downtown Honolulu.

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Court Dismisses Argentine President’s Allegations

The Argentine President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner has escaped verdict when an Argentine appeals court dismissed the controversial case against her. The president was accused of covering the tracks of the alleged involvement of Iranian officials in bombing a Jewish center in Buenos Aires last 1994. The attack claimed the lives of 85 people and no one has been convicted to answer the heinous crime.

Prosecutors have been charging her of the cover up and said that the President’s interest in partnering with the oil rich nation, Iran, spurred her into letting the Iranians off the hook.

Two out of the three judges in the trial voted against the appeal of the prosecutors. They concluded that no evidence of crime was committed by the president.

Throughout the years President Cristina Fernandez has always denied the accusations.
“No concrete evidence’

The judges made their decision after examining a report that was prepared by special prosecutor Alberto Nisman. Nisman tragically died in January which also roused the suspicious Argentines into believing that the president might be behind Nisman’s death.

Last Thursday, the Argentine justice ministry announced that the chamber of federal appeals ratifies the decision made by Judge Daniel Rafecas which rejected the allegations of the special prosecutor.

The court of appeals also agreed with the judge’s conclusion that indeed there was no substantial evidence pinning Ms Fernandez for covering the schemes of Iranian officials.

The Argentine newspapers have frequently headlined the unexplained death of the special prosecutor Alberto Nisman and the impending case against the Argentine President. On January 18 this year, the prosecutor was found dead inside his own apartment. There was a bullet wound on his head and a pistol was laid by his side.

The alleged suicide happened only hours before he was to testify in Congress against Ms Fernandez and Hector Timerman, the Foreign Minister of Argentina. Many say that his death was not a suicide and early this March, the family of Nisman claimed that independent investigations showed that he was mercilessly murdered.

The government has always stated that it had no role in Nisman’s death. It also pronounced to the public that Nisman was fed with untruth allegations from a rogue agent that is seeking to discredit and undermine the current leadership.

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