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CSIRO Taken To Tribunal Over Alarm Data

The recent data by the Australia’s Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation regarding smoke alarms has not gone over will with companies handling alarm repairs Bunbury and across the country, so much so that they’re being taken to the administrative appeals tribunal.

The country’s chief scientific research body is being taken to the tribunal by critics as part of a campaign for data on home alarms. The critics claim that the test data from CSIRO allege that releasing their data, which says that ionisation smoke alarms, the most common alarm types, are too slow to trigger during smouldering fires, will have serious ramifications for the alarm industry, affecting not only manufacturers, but suppliers and alarm repairs Bunbury and across the country.

Mr. Isaac, a member of the Australia Standards committee on smoke alarms, says that he saw the data from CSIRO, which he says show that ionisation smoke alarm don’t trigger until the obscuration or smoke level in the room is four times than the level allowed for a photoelectric alarm to meet standards.

There are two main kinds of smoke alarms; photoelectric and ionisation. The former is mandated by the Australian Building Code in all hospitals and hotels, whilst the latter is used in about 90% of all Aussie homes. Ionisation alarms have responded well to the more common, fast-flaming blazes like kitchen fires, but fire experts claim that those are less dangerous.

In the CSIRO’s tests, Mr. Isaac pointed out that the photoelectric alarm triggered at around the 7 minute mark, whilst the ionisation alarm triggered at around the 16 minute mark, but it was not deemed a failure. This is due to the fact that the CSIRO was, in fact, not testing it for smoke detection, but for sub-micron particles; invisible combustible fumes akin to a heat haze.

The problem, Mr. Isaac says, is that these fast-smouldering fires were the ones that, statistically, kill more people. With such fires, if the fire hits the flaming stage, residents only have 3 minutes to vacate the premises, or odds are good that they’ll probably never get out.

Many are saying that ionisation alarms are outright dangerous, with the CSIRO’s report taking a lot of heat from critics, not only Mr. Isaac but also the World Fire Safety Foundation, who claims that their methodology was severely flawed and that the CSIRO did not understand the tech behind it.

They say that the actual test data from the CSIRO could put the matter to rest, but the CSIRO declined to reveal that info, or entertain interviews ahead of the hearing in the Freedom of Information Division of the Administrative Appeals Tribunal, to be held in July.


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The Rising Popularity Of E-Sports

Two year ago, the League of Legends held their finals game for the world championship and sixty million people witnessed the battles. Professional game players participated during the event in order to bag the tile for being the best players in the world. Not to mention the prize money that was at stake was $1 million. After the event, a lot of game reviews were posted online to discuss the game strategies.

One might not realize the impact of the e-sports in the current population but if you think about the Oscars ceremony in 2015, 65 million viewers tuned in all over the globe. Now you can compare how big the influence of the competitive video gaming has.

E-sports are now considered to be a global phenomenon because of the number of following. Many are vying to be the best in the world because of the title and the prize money at stake. The highest tournament prize was $25 million. To realize the impact of e-sports, the Luxor Casino which is located in Las Vegas dedicated an arena wherein players can compete. The space is equipped with a 50-foot LED which is attached to on the wall for video streaming and it has a competition stage as well as telescopic seating.

Many are now questioning whether e-sports should really be considered as a sport.The very first tournament of e-sports happened in Stamford University in 1972. The game they are competing against is Spacewar and the winner will get one year of Rolling Stones subscription. The first competition event was in 1980 where 10,000 individuals participated. It was for the championship of the Space Invaders video game.

From then on, video game developers have included high score games in their features. The first video game to be features on the Guinness Book of World Records because of the high score was Twin Galaxies. From 1990s on wards, things escalated because of the internet and the introduction of the World Wide Web. Now there are millions of video games found online, free and paid. There are thousands of game reviews on a single game while video game streaming has also gained popularity.

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Lush Introduces New Payroll Software

Years ago, timekeeping and payroll processing used to be manually performed by Human Resources until the introduction of payroll software that made the task faster and more efficient. Tasks that typically require approval like overtime requests and travel allowances can be processed online making it convenient for both the worker and the HR Department.

Lush the cosmetics retailer is launching new software that will process the company payroll in the United Kingdom and Ireland with plans of implementing the software across all its international business operations.

SD Worx, a payroll and HR services provider will run the payroll operations for 4,500 Lush employees including 102 of the retail stores, manufacturing support and digital teams in UK and Ireland. The cloud-based software will also be used to process the payroll of 300 employees of Lush manufacturing team based in Germany.

SD Worx’ software HRevolution is constantly updated based on changing legislations so that Lush will remain complaint with all the regulations that cover HR functions. It is expected that the HR software will be fully operational in the UK and Ireland by August 2018.

SD Worx’ Accurat HCM is already being implemented in Germany. Protime time and attendance management software will also be put into effect in due course. Once the software is fully operational, manual computations will no longer be necessary because both HRevolution and Protime are completely automated.

Once the payroll software has been successfully implemented, Lush has the option to expand deployment to global markets that are currently reviewing the advantages of using the software. The decision to work with a third party is significant because the UK team of Lush is known for developing most of its systems and software in-house. Lush had to make a change because building and developing a system for a critical function like payroll processing is too complex and risky.

Implementing payroll software is very likely to benefit HR staff because they can focus on the more important aspects of their job. Increased productivity is one of the important benefits that can be gained particularly since the software can be seamlessly integrated with other existing systems.


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