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NBN’s Increased Speeds Cause Job Growth In AU eSports

For gamers in the AU wondering what’s on in Sutherland Shire and across the country, the recent boom in Esports broadcasting, as well as the competitive video gaming industry across the country has been nothing but good news. A boom that was brought upon by the by recent upgrades made by the National Broadband Network.

There have been some criticisms regarding the network’s power, rollout and costs, but general consensus seems to be that many across the country see it as an improvement. Even the Australia eSports Association (AEA) say the same, with President Darren Kwan saying that the new, faster network speeds were a huge help for eSports, saying that, thanks to the NBN’s improvements, eSports has had a more level playing field, with players able to equalize their connection speeds, critical in competitions where matches are decided by split-second decisions.

Mr. Kwan says that the rollout has also strengthened the AU’s eSports economy, allowing for even bigger prize pools due to more players being able to train and compete online.

Back in May, the Intel Extreme Master (IEM) Sydney 2018 became one of the largest eSports events in AU history, with 16 teams competing for a $310,000 prize pool in Counter Strike:Global Offensive. Mr. Kwan says that salaries and wages have gone up, not only for players, but also their support staff, coaches and managers.

More than just the players feeling the benefits, the NBN network rollout has also been a boon to the broadcasting side of eSports. For gamers wondering what’s on in Sutherland Shire and across the country, there are now more options for watching their eSportevent of choice, whilst live-streamers have had a more stable business to work on.

Live-streaming demands high performance in networks, moreso than what online players need thanks to the rigors of broadcasting a live-stream.

Micheal Roberts, a live-streamer and commentator for the Heroes Global Championship ANZ, the AU’s premier league for Heroes of the Storm, one of the biggest eSports in the world, says that the new network rollouts by the NBN made his dream job a reality.

The NBN, meanwhile, has been less than happy with what the eSports industry’s been up to, thanks to gaming’s heavy toll on network bandwidth, with NBN Chief Executive Bill Morrow telling a parliamentary committee back in June that online gamers and live-streamers were bottlenecking their networks. Morrow has suggested that a fair use policy, which will cap data usage for gamers, could help deal with the congestion issue.

Mr. Kwan replied that gamers were just using the services that the NBN were providing, same as everyone else, and that the consolidated internet speeds had bolstered the AU’s interest in the gig economy.

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History Of Hellfire Pass: Thailand’s Best Museum

TripAdvisor recently awarded Hellfire Pass Memorial Museum the top ranking as Thailand’s best museum while it is included in the top five of all museums that are located within Asia. the travel website recommends the tour museum in Kanchanaburi to all tourists because it is not only a haunting site but it represents all the torture, slavery, starvation and most especially the death of thousands of civilians as well as prisoners of war during WWII.

Hellfire Pass is known to be the Death Railway which was constructed under the Japanese forces who wanted to invade Burma. The museum is now the best place for people to learn about its history, the memories that haunt the survivors and those who remember as well as the misery of those who can never forget.

It is located 75 miles from the western part of Bangkok and close to the Thailand-Myanmar border. Hellfire Pass is located in a town called Kanchanaburi where every year ceremonies are taking place between November 28 and December 7. These are commemorations to remember the bombing that happened in the area on the 28th of November 1944.

There are many events held in the area including cultural performances as well as sound and light show that depicts Death Railway’s history. The site is the burial ground of over 16,000 prisoners of war including Americans, Australians, British and Dutch. There are also over 90,000 Asian civilians forced into working who perished because of diseases and lack of food.

It all started in an agreement signed by the prime minister of Thailand in August of 1942, Field Marshal PhibunSongkhram. The agreement is that Japan is given permission to construct a railway going to Burma, known now as Myanmar, which was used to be a British colony.

The constructed railway reached 415 kilometres but aerial bombing by the Allied destroyed most of it including the Hellfire Pass. It was in 1980s when survivors from Australia decided to petition the site to be a memorial. It is now a part of the tour museum in Kanchanaburi but there are tourists who prefer to visit the site as backpackers.

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CSIRO Taken To Tribunal Over Alarm Data

The recent data by the Australia’s Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation regarding smoke alarms has not gone over will with companies handling alarm repairs Bunbury and across the country, so much so that they’re being taken to the administrative appeals tribunal.

The country’s chief scientific research body is being taken to the tribunal by critics as part of a campaign for data on home alarms. The critics claim that the test data from CSIRO allege that releasing their data, which says that ionisation smoke alarms, the most common alarm types, are too slow to trigger during smouldering fires, will have serious ramifications for the alarm industry, affecting not only manufacturers, but suppliers and alarm repairs Bunbury and across the country.

Mr. Isaac, a member of the Australia Standards committee on smoke alarms, says that he saw the data from CSIRO, which he says show that ionisation smoke alarm don’t trigger until the obscuration or smoke level in the room is four times than the level allowed for a photoelectric alarm to meet standards.

There are two main kinds of smoke alarms; photoelectric and ionisation. The former is mandated by the Australian Building Code in all hospitals and hotels, whilst the latter is used in about 90% of all Aussie homes. Ionisation alarms have responded well to the more common, fast-flaming blazes like kitchen fires, but fire experts claim that those are less dangerous.

In the CSIRO’s tests, Mr. Isaac pointed out that the photoelectric alarm triggered at around the 7 minute mark, whilst the ionisation alarm triggered at around the 16 minute mark, but it was not deemed a failure. This is due to the fact that the CSIRO was, in fact, not testing it for smoke detection, but for sub-micron particles; invisible combustible fumes akin to a heat haze.

The problem, Mr. Isaac says, is that these fast-smouldering fires were the ones that, statistically, kill more people. With such fires, if the fire hits the flaming stage, residents only have 3 minutes to vacate the premises, or odds are good that they’ll probably never get out.

Many are saying that ionisation alarms are outright dangerous, with the CSIRO’s report taking a lot of heat from critics, not only Mr. Isaac but also the World Fire Safety Foundation, who claims that their methodology was severely flawed and that the CSIRO did not understand the tech behind it.

They say that the actual test data from the CSIRO could put the matter to rest, but the CSIRO declined to reveal that info, or entertain interviews ahead of the hearing in the Freedom of Information Division of the Administrative Appeals Tribunal, to be held in July.


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Provide Privateness In Your Home Or Office With Privacy Window Film In Sydney

One must be concerned with the well-being and safety of their family. Some will also want some privacy for their home. To provide a solution for all your security concerns, you need a privacy window film in Sydney for protection. They can be applied mainly on glass surfaces like doors and windows so the UV rays of the sun won’t come in. As the tint will come with a shade, you have an added benefit of blocking visibility. The privacy window film will protect and provide privacy to your home.

Although privacy window film in Sydney will block visibility, it still allows some sunlight to pass through. The tint can be mirrored towards the outside so people can’t see what’s going inside the home or office. There are also those options to completely block the visibility. This is great to use if you don’t want spying eyes through but will let sunlight get in. The privacy window films are great especially during violent weather as it protects the glass from breaking. The plastic film will also protect the glass from scratching.

The privacy window film in Sydney are best used in homes specifically the bathroom. They can be used to cover the shower doors or the windows. You can also use it for your office door and even your own car. The privacy window film is an excellent choice if you prefer some privacy around.

The privacy window films may be purchased from your local hardware. For added convenience, you can search for them online, choose to order online, and have it delivered at your desired location. It comes in many variety of designs and you can even ask for discounted rates. Once you receive your order, ensure you have everything done right. Most retailers provide a warranty ensuring that what they offer is right for your needs.

Installation of the privacy film is really easy. They come with instructions so you can install them at your windows and doors. If you don’t like to do it, you can always opt for a professional service. The privacy window film in Sydney is so easy to clean with simple sponge, soap and water. This will make you confident that you have your work or home safe from intruders.

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Why Bangkok Japanese Restaurants Serve Delicious Authentic Japanese Foods

There are so many Bangkok Japanese restaurants but those that are keen to details, genuine surroundings and great value are not so common. Kisso Japanese Restaurant on the Westin Grand Sukhumvit is one of those Japanese restaurants that has all these features. It comes with great service and high quality ingredients, a must for high-end Japanese restaurant, Kisso offers its guests a scrumptious meal to fill in their gastronomy.

In Bangkok, there are so many Japanese restaurants to try but there is none that tastes better than Kisso. It’s a tasteful place that so elegant and creates a peaceful and serene atmosphere. The main dining room has a formal ambiance that other Bangkok Japanese restaurants don’t have. They have teppanyaki grill tables and sushi bar seating, with the two teppanyaki rooms and the sushi bar separated as well. They also provide private rooms with traditional tatami seating setups.

They include a large menu of ala carte items, set lunches and dinners, and special all-you-can-eat lunch buffet which is gaining popularity. You can try so many items which may be new to you like the soft-shell crab tempura. It’s cooked with high heat to obtain the right crispness which the chef did perfectly. There are also the salmon and scallops from the teppanyaki grill, sushi California roll set and miso soup.

Aside from those mentioned above, there are also set lunches offering a variety of Japanese cuisines which include sukiyaki, tempura, teppanyaki, grilled fish and other traditional Japanese Bento box lunch on the menu. The prices of these food are so reasonable that you should come and try it.

For dinner, few set menus have been covered by various specialties like the yakiniku, yakizakana and teppanyakiwith Kobe beef. It also serves a large option of ala carte items of cuisine styles mentioned above. Basically, Kisso is the right choice if you want to visit Bangkok Japanese restaurants to dine in.

Bangkok has many choices of Japanese food to try when you come visit Bangkok Japanese restaurants. But you should remember that Kisso offers high quality food with a genuine setting and prices that are really of great value.

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How School Cleaners In Sydney Should Maintain Cleanliness In Schools

School cleaning is a combination of commercial janitorial services and medical cleaning. Each school district need to concern themselves with proper school cleaning. The areas where children are must be properly cleaned always to avoid the spread of infectious diseases and to provide a safe environment for them. This is why school cleaners in Sydney are needed for the school’s cleanliness and good maintenance.

What a School Cleaning Service Must Include?

For school cleaners, they need to ensure that:

  • All waste receptacles within the building are properly emptied on a regular basis. The waste containers need to be washed and disinfected. Children may throw away pieces of garbage and when left unattended for a certain period of time, it can infiltrate pests.


  • The school cleaners in Sydney must provide school cleaning packages that include the floor care services. The cleaners need to sweep all floors of the building and mop it with disinfecting cleaners. The carpeted areas must be vacuumed to get rid of debris. There must be a regular schedule for carpet cleaning. If children have to sit on the carpets, cleaners need to spray disinfectants on the carpets for a regular basis. This will ensure the safety and protection of the kids especially when seated on the carpets.


  • All furniture like cabinets, desks, tabletops and seating areas must be wiped with a sanitising solution to prevent the spread of bacteria.


  • Windows must be cleaned frequently especially that kids leave fingerprints on the glass surfaces.


  • Toilets, sinks and bathroom walls must be cleaned thoroughly with a sanitising solution especially during school sessions.


  • Walls in the hallway must be cleaned by the school cleaners in Sydneyespecially that kids can have their hands on the walls as they walk in it.


  • Staff offices, desks, chairs and blinds must be cleaned and dusted always. Trash bins must be emptied. Apply sanitising solutions as frequently as possible to ensure everyone’s safety when entering the office.

In some instances, schools can have outbreaks of lice, scabies and other related infections. When it happens, the school cleaners in Sydney must apply appropriate disinfectants to cure the widespread of germs.

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