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Estate Agents Hemel Hempstead Introduces The Beacon

The Beacon in Hemel Hempstead offers no energy bills for dwellers as it is the world’s most sustainable residential tower, as introduced by Estate Agents Hemel Hempstead.

An innovative residential tower being constructed in Hemel Hempstead provides maintainable and reasonable luxury living without having energy bills.

According to Estate Agents Hemel Hempstead, prices for a starter home to a penthouse range from £218,000 to £1 million respectively in this 17-storey tower. You will find in this building 272 studio, one-bedroom, two-bedroom and three-bedroom balconied penthouses and apartments.

Advertised as the “world’s most sustainable construction” by Lumiere Developments, the eco-credentials of tower, which will open to the public in 2018, are not only magnificent, but assures buyers free energy for life.

Electricity will run through embedded solar panels in every floor level, making it the largest density solar farm in the world. Hot water shall be supplied by ground source heat pumps and rainwater will be reaped for toilet flushing as well as irrigation of the UK’s tallest indoor botanical garden, which should provide internal fresh air. It’s actually a good property market for Estate Agents Hemel Hempstead.

The apartments are triple or quadruple glassed and hot water is supplied through ground source heat pumps, which gets its heat from the building basement, while air source heat pumps get its heat from the courtyard.

“We have sustainability as the perspective in anything we do,” said commercial director of Lumiere Developments Ambi Singh. “It’s about human life with the inclusion of climate change. I don’t need to be a tree hugger, and don’t want to make selections between sustainability and luxury.”

The residential tower will have an internal botanical garden, cinema room, bar, café, club lounge, plus a gym where membership included within the yearly management fees.

There will also be a communal roof sky garden, and electric cars and bikes for residents. These can be interesting amenities that Estate Agents Hemel Hempstead can offer and introduce to prospective clients.

The tower will be bordered by 400-acres of greenbelt land, and Hemel Hempstead station, with direct links to Euston within 30-minutes, is within walking distance.

For further information, feel free to approach any Estate Agents Hemel Hempstead nearby.

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Advantages Of Buying Koh Samui Property

Koh Samui is one of the most popular islands in Thailand. With its crystal clear waters and rich, marine life, there is no reason why you would not opt for a Koh Samui property. There are several properties in the area that you can buy or rent. To help you with the process, you can ask for the professional service of a real estate property agent or you can also ask your lawyer to do the negotiation or transaction for you. But before any of that, you should start by choosing the right property for you to buy. Although you can rent properties in Koh Samui, there are considerable benefits if you would buy the property instead. Here are some of those benefits.

A regular place for the holidays

During summers, holidays or whenever you can have some time off in the office, you can always have a place to go to. The good thing about having a place of your own in a seemingly paradise is that you don’t have to worry about peak seasons when tourists flock the island. You also do not have to worry about the sky-rocketing prices during holiday season because you have a villa of your own. Whenever you need a breather or a place to meditate and recollect your thoughts, you will always have a place to run to.

Cheaper in the long run

In a nutshell, buying a Koh Samui property may seem expensive and with a breathtaking property in a paradise island, you can bet that properties in Koh Samui do not come cheap. However, if you would count all your accommodation expenses during your visits to Koh Samui plus the hassles of searching for hotels to book from, you would realize that having your own property in the island is more practical.

Private place to stay in 

One of the best benefits of buying a Koh Samui property is you can enjoy your privacy while having a holiday. No nosy tourists or other hotel guests that can be rowdy or people sharing common areas with you. You can do what you want you want in your villa and no one would call your attention.

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