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Shortage Of Podiatrists In Proper Treatment Of Type 2 Diabetes

The foot is one of the important parts of the body that works so hard that they need some care and attention. When the foot is injured due to sports or other physical activities, the podiatrist in Bankstown will treat the cause of the problem, not only the symptoms. Therapy for sports injuries can include foot massage, stretching and straightening exercises.

Diabetics suffer the serious consequences of the disease like extreme pain on the feet, depression and poor quality of life. Proper care and prevention of diabetic feet is important to prevent limb amputation, disability and death.

According to Auditor General, Kieran Donnelly, the lack of podiatrists to treat people suffering from Type 2 diabetes in the Western Trust must be the focus of the Department of Health’s workforce plan for 2019. Donnelly further said that the shortfall is affecting the local sufferers of the disease. At least 6% of adults in the North have Type 2 diabetes.

The newly published “Type 2 diabetes prevention and care” pointed to the fact that as far back as 2003, a joint diabetes taskforce has already identified a significant shortfall in key medical disciplines to deliver diabetes care. This includes the shortage of podiatrists who are critical in the proper treatment of Type 2 diabetes. Potential foot symptoms can be missed often leading to extreme cases that will require amputation.

In 2003, it was estimated that at least 76 podiatrists will be needed to meet the demand in the North. There were only 36 podiatrists, a shortfall of 40. Mr. Donnelly’s report also shows that in the last 5 years, there were considerable investments but workforce planning remains to the biggest problem. The workforce plan that is being developed for 2019 has identified the shortfall in the number of dieticians, podiatrists, diabetes-specialized nurses, psychologists and consultants for diabetes care.

Remember that experiencing pain on the feet is not normal. To make sure that you do not have a serious health condition, consult with podiatrist in Bankstown for an in-depth assessment. It is not only sports and physical activities that can cause injuries on the feet. It can be a dermatological problem, posture or biomechanics or skin condition.


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