US National Guard Arrested for Scheming to Join ISIS

The Department of Justice announced that a US soldier along with his cousin have been arrested and are currently facing charges in conspiring to support the terrorist group Islamic State or ISIS.

The 22 year old US National Guard soldier and his cousin are allegedly found to be discussing on how to attack a military facility in Illinois. They discussed these plots while in the army uniforms. The soldier also expressed his plans to travel to the Middle East in order to fight alongside with the Islamic State.

The prosecutors were successful in their case and the felons were charged with trying to give support to the condemned terrorist group.

On Wednesday, the Federal Bureau of Investigation arrested the 22 year old at the Chicago Midway International Airport. It was reported that he was attempting to fly out of the country heading for Cairo, Egypt. His 29 year old cousin was also arrested the same day in his suburban home.

Both have been charged with one count of scheming to provide material resources and support to a terrorist organization. When found guilty they will face 15 years of imprisonment and a fine worth $250,000.

The National Guard Army Specialist Hasan Edmonds first came under the radar of the FBI last year. This information was relayed by the Justice Department. Seasoned investigators have hard evidence to prove that Edmonds and his cousin were plotting to travel to the Middle East in hopes of joining the ISIS.

Both men have also been conspiring to attack a military outpost in northern Illinois. This was the military facility where Hasan Edmonds was training. The cousins spilled their plans to an undercover FBI agent. They said that they would use the military uniform of Hasan to access the military facility.

They were determined to carry out their plan in that Hasan Edmonds already booked tickets that would depart from Chicago on Wednesday. He would have arrived in Egypt the following day after connecting flights in Detroit and Netherlands.

This news is no surprise for the Western nations. As the ISIS fight has become increasingly popular, many Westerners are enticed to leave behind the comforts of home and fight alongside the terrorists.

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Orange County, Filling Up With New Swimming Pool Even On A Drought

There may be a drought in the entire state of California but that isn’t stopping Orange County from building backyard pools or infinity pools. One particular homeowner, David Mickey, did not let the drought get in the way of his plans to build a pool in his backyard.

In fact, he has even said that his pool is actually going to help him save water. The landscaping of the pool area would include an artificial turf, cement decking, plants that are tolerant to the drought and a computer controlled system that would help adjust the watering depending on the season as well as monitor the pool water levels.

Mickey described his system as a water conserver because through it, he says that he will be able to know how much water he is using and he can control it with the use of his phone.

It is no secret that the state of California and the local water agencies are all working together to put restrictions in the water use in Orange County to as much as 35 percent, the construction of pools in the Orange County appears to be booming and blooming.

Since 2010, Orange County homeowners have installed about 4,500 new swimming pools in their backyards. 829 were built in 2014 alone and this year, the number is expected to be at 900.

Mike Brunning, the president of Orange County Pools, said that the business is skyrocketing and that they are all booked up this year.

The reason for this apparent boom in pools is due to the economic recovery that the country is experiencing.

In defense to the pool industry, they said that pools save more water than lawns and conventional landscaping. The local water agencies had confirmed of its validity but they have also said that would only work for a couple of years.

With the state imposing various restrictions on water use, many agencies have questioned the refilling and filling of swimming pools. Bans are being placed in several cities but even with these restrictions, it would seem that the people’s desire to build pools could not be hindered.

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7 Companies Like Paper Mart To Serve Consumers’ Packaging Needs

Paper Mart had definitely made many changes in people’s lives today. Once, people have to result to buying paper bags that are industrially made etc., however, with the advent of Paper Mart, they could indulge themselves with hand-crafted, eco-friendly products that would look beautiful and stay beautiful for quite a long time. The company has already been serving the industry for 94 years and they are still continuing to show the world how they value nature and its customers at the same time.

Paper Mart has always been improving even if it is already considered one of the best in the industry. They put generous and endless discounts almost every time – giving their customers more purchasing power in order to quench their packaging needs – may it be for paper bags, baskets, bubble wraps or even food containers.

Truly, the company has become an icon as it has helped many with their dilemmas and needs, however, what if they are not available in your location?
Thankfully, the steps of Paper Mart have inspired many. Now, there are other companies that could give the same service to you which will surely be helpful if ever you find yourself in a predicament where you can’t reach out for the company.


From this small list of 7 companies that may give you products like from Paper Mart, we could already see how big the industry has become. This only adds up to the points of Paper Mart as it definitely contributed a lot into these changes.
Companies are now thinking more about the nature and are introducing eco-friendly products one after another whilst without a compromised quality. With users and nature being the lead on the inspiration list of companies today, it is definitely delightful to know that the quality of service has become more top-notch.

With these plethora of sites to choose from with Paper mart as the top of your list, you’ve just obtained an emergency button that will surely help you with your packaging needs in the future. With their wide array of available and gorgeous designs and eco-friendly materials, you’ll definitely find something that would suit what you’re looking for.

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Your Favorite Real Housewives Will Tell A Lot About You

Being a fan of Real Housewives says so much about your personality. Being a “real” housewife is a full time job and you are not a stranger to managing conflicts. When you diligently watch the reality show, you start to be familiar with its changing cast members, scandals in the gossip column and their latest alliances.

Keeping up with all the 7 franchises of Real Housewives is bound to break even the most dedicated fan. Each of the series packs their own unique punch. What you pick from among the Real Housewives series will tell a lot about your personality.

If you prefer Real Housewives of Orange County, your appreciation for the Orange County housewives means you are a loyal friend who likes to see things through.
You don’t just jump on the latest trends but you stick to your old favorites until the end. You certainly care about your appearance but you likely do it the healthy way. You love everything that is organic, fresh and all-natural. You want to have a good time and you wholeheartedly enjoy life even if there are bumps on the way.

If you are a big fan of Real Housewives of New York, you are a type of person that can be called a “wild card”. You are always the first on the dance floor and the first to suggest a round of shots. You follow the motto of “work hard, play hard” but you certainly know how to have a good time. However, you don’t let anything distract you from ambitions. You live hard and work hard and your intensity can be intimidating to others.

If your favorite is Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, you can be described as simple and low maintenance. Your wardrobe consists of an exclusive neutral color palette and you care so much about what people think about you. You certainly have a flair for the romantic but you also need the jaw-dropping insults and constantly evolving feuds to feed your thirst for drama. Your life is all about glitz and glamour but underneath it all, you are courageous and steadfast in your beliefs.

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Multi-Million Dollar Deals Brought To Young Entrepreneur By Homemade Skincare Treatment

Los Angeles, Ca – April 21, 2015 – Various opportunities are opening up for a 25-year old entrepreneur and it is all thanks to his revolutionary creation. Ryan Zamo developed and created certified organic skin care treatment, Banish; Rosacea, and it has brought him multi-million deals as well as instant worldwide success.

Millions of people are suffering from Rosacea. Rosacea is a common, acne-like skin condition experienced by mostly adult Caucasians. It has a worldwide distribution and in the United States alone, it is estimated that about 16 million people are suffering from rosacea, including Ryan Zamo himself. An estimated 45 million people are afflicted with Rosacea all over the world. Symptoms for rosacea often include red or pink facial skin, red bumps which would oftentimes include pus, dilated blood cells, cysts and eyes that show signs of irritation.

The skin condition is long-term and considered incurable but there are many ways to control and suppress it. Most people who suffer from this condition often feel ashamed or embarrassed that is why they seek a lot of methods and ways to control or reduce it.

And now, Ryan Zamo seemed to have finally found an effective treatment for rosacea.
He says that he has suffered from Rosacea all his life and that he has tried every known solution but nothing ever worked for him. That is why he decided to find and create his own solution.

The young entrepreneur admitted that he has been using his product for a long time before it had gained recognition. Zamo said that he didn’t think much of his product and he was only happy that it works. He also considers his ADHD and impatience as both a boon and bane in his life.

Banish; Rosacea has been called a breakthrough in the organic skincare industry and it has paved a new ways and opportunities. Many top corporations seemed too eager to get a piece of the action. Zamo is now in the middle of a multi-million bidding war between top corporations who want to purchase the product from him.

Unfortunately for these corporations, Zamo has no intention of selling his product because he considers it his baby and it has helped a number of people already. Add in also the fact that he doesn’t know what other corporations might do with his product.

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