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Insurer Sues Freezer Manufacturer Over Fire

The California commercial refrigeration company, True Manufacturing, received a lawsuit regarding a flawed product last March 7 from, ironically enough, from an insurance company, normally the ones they would call as a countermeasure against such a scenario, with their accountant professional indemnity insurance services.

The Philadelphia Indemnity Insurance Co. went to California’s federal court with a claim against the refrigeration company, stating that a flaw from one of the manufacturer’s freezers was behind a fire that damage a Jewish Temple in Orange County, which led to said temple being temporarily closed for repairs, and Philadelphia paying for a $3.74 M insurance claim. According to the insurance firm, a faulty power cord on a freezer from True Manufacturing was the root cause of the fire, which not only damaged the Temple Beth Sholom, but also the French American School that teaches there, both of which the insurance firm represents.

In the notice of removal for the suit, True Manufacturing says that the case was handed over to the California Superior Court because Philadelphia is a Pennsylvania based company, whilst the manufacturer is Missouri based.

According to the official complaint, the freezer was not up to par with consumer expectations due to defects from design and manufacturing and that the manufacturer allegedly failed to provide apt warning regarding the product was how the fire started and the True Manufacturing should be held liable.

The lawsuit was filed on the 27th of Jan, against True Manufacturing and 50 additional doe defendants who took part in any activity correlated to the freezer. It was filed with the following claims against the defendants:

  • negligence
  • strict liability, and
  • breach of warranty

The fire, which broke out 3 years ago, on the 15th of February, started when a 2011 model Freezer, the True T49F Double Door, located in the Temple Beth Sholom’s kitchen allegedly malfunctioned, resulting in damage to the structure, and its contents, including Torahs, and even an artifact; a 275-year-old scroll that was found during World War II in a Nazi warehouse.

The lawsuit, which will no doubt involve the accountant professional indemnity insurance plan either company possesses, has yet to be resolved.

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Extraordinary Photographs By Burk Uzzle, Famous NC Photographer

Burk Uzzle, a photographer known to have made waves internationally, went back to his hometown in North Carolina in order to explore where he started. He is currently busy on his latest project. After returning back to North Carolina, he decided to open his very own studio which is 18,000 square foot and inside a building that is already a century old. His studio is located in downtown Wilson. He is now busy with a chronicle he is creating with African-American culture as his subject. This society is what he grew up with when he was still living in Harnett County. The chronicle is made possible with the use of his camera.

His latest work is currently being displayed at first time exhibit held at Greenville Museum of Art. The exhibit is entitled “Perceptions and Recognitions: African Americans of Eastern North Carolina. The subjects of his recent work are his neighbors when he was still residing at Coastal Plain. These are composed of church ladies garbed with their finest Sunday clothes, a member of the gang whose body is occupied with lavish tattoos as well as a group of black mimes. The exhibit is able to show how ordinary folks are reincarnated in an extraordinary fashion.

The theme of his recent work might not be too common but it is a familiar one. The lighting used and how the photographs are composed is almost like seeing a fine art made on canvas. Uzzle shared that he is currently busy learning more about painting rather than photography because of his desire to capture the extraordinary lines as well as the flow followed by the great masters of the past and present. During a tour inside his studio, he enumerated the influences he has when it comes to the world of arts and it includes Gustav Courbet, Rembrandt, Matisse, masters of Renaissance who are Flemish and Dutch, Paul Klee and Caravaggio.

The photographs of Uzzle are greatly displayed at the N.C. Museum of Art located in Raleigh but he is always there not for his works but in order to study the work of these masters. He admitted that he can spend almost half of his day just looking at the art and this, to him, is the proper way to learn about composition. His photographs are exquisite that they are ideal to be used on split canvas prints.

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Silver State’s Lithium Mine To Support The Growing Demand From Tesla And Panasonic

The Silver State’s economy is partly dependent on mining which started about a century and a half ago. 15% of the country’s mineral needs are being provided by Nevada; however, there is one mineral the state produces which can only be found in a few places across the world.

Nevada is the only state in America that operates a lithium mine. The Silver Peak mine used to be old silver mine operation from 1864 to the early part of the 20th century. In 1966, several miners discovered that the waters contained lithium. Half a century after, the lithium mining operations continue on going stronger.

Tesla and Panasonic are the major consumers of lithium and it expected that the demand will continue for a very long time. Lithium is one of the components of batteries and with Tesla’s electric cars, massive amounts of batteries will be required in the coming days. According to Dana Bennett, the president of Nevada Mining Association, Silver Peak mines will get bigger because it has to support the demand.

The Silver Peak mine located southwest of Tonopah does not look like it is a mine. Lithium which can be found in the underground waters is pumped into large pools for the evaporation process. After waiting for 12 to 18 months, the brine contained by the ponds are concentrated enough before it is factory-processed into lithium carbonate.

With the growth of battery technology and battery storage, lithium will become an important component of daily life. North Carolina-based Albermarie’s Vice-President David Klanecky says that if the mine is expanded it can produce 50% more to meet any future demands for lithium.

Last year, the global demand for lithium was 185,000 metric tons and it expected that the demand will double by 2020. However, to sustain the growth of lithium mining, it is important to allow Nevada mining industry to explore all options.

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Landslide at Jade Mine In Myanmar: Nine Dead

This Valentine’s day, people are looking for that perfect surprise for that significant someone; a box of chocolates, candlelit dinner, maybe taking advantage of the romantic mood of the holiday by proposing with one of those designer engagement rings inset with a precious gemstone. However, the romantic mood, as well as the good fortune generally associated with gemstones, is undercut in Hpakant township in Kachin state, located in the northern region of Myanmar.

Nine dead, with another one injured due to a collapsing slag heap at the township mine, which occurred last Saturday. In a fit of irony, the mine owner was among those confirmed dead, according to the township’s administrator, Kyaw Zwa Aung. Additionally, administrator Aung has state that the remains of the deceased men were taken to the Hpakant township hospital.

In the township jade mine, 200,000 migrant workers sift through dangerous mountains made of rubble, tailings for any pieces of the valuable gemstone that mining operations left unnoticed and unclaimed.

The Hpakant township, 640 kms north of the Myanmar capital of Nay Pyi Daw, is the centre of the country’s jade mining industry, due to producing extremely high-quality gemstones, which are either legally exported or smuggled into countries where it is in demand like China.

This sort of tragedy has struck the country in the past, and incidents similar to this are widespread enough to lead to the minister of natural resources and environmental conservation; Ohn Win, promised in August last year to regulate the industry by keeping migrant workers away from the dangerous jade mine sites following several lethal accidents involving scavengers in the township.

This pledge was preceded by an accident in May of the same year in which, at least, 13 people perished.

He stated that that government would take steps to prevent such disasters from repeating themselves, starting by ensuring that mining areas would be free of illegal migrant workers who scavenge mining areas, endangering themselves for a profit in an industry that was, at that point, largely uncontrolled and unregulated.

It is a tragedy that will be felt by the township for years to come, and a stark reminder of the true price of our fancy necklaces and designer engagement rings.

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Solar Energy For Heating And Cooling Of Buildings In Jordan

The most common source of power for air conditioning is electricity generated through natural gas or fossil fuels. However, in Jordan, they utilize solar energy for heating and cooling of buildings. According to Yaseen Khayyat, the Minister of Environment, Jordan is the first developing country that utilizes solar energy for cooling systems.

Four sites in Jordan have been equipped with units that can turn the energy from the sun to electricity to provide power to cooling units. This was made possible through €4.3 million programme that was funded by a German international cooperation agency (GIZ) that introduced thermal cooling technology to Jordan. The four sites that benefit from solar energy include German Jordanian University, Petra Guest House, Irbid Chamber of Commerce and the Royal Cultural Centre.

The technology that uses solar energy for the heating and cooling of buildings is considered a milestone in the search for environmentally friendly technologies for the power sector. It was specifically mentioned by the minister that there was a 40% reduction in the power consumption of the four locations after the installations of the thermal cooling systems.

The state-of-the-art system provides other benefits aside from the significant reduction in energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. It encourages the use of renewable energy resources and it has served as a basis of reference for researchers and experts in other developing countries all over world.

The four locations have become a model for sustainable air conditioning in Jordan. The project that was implemented by Millennium Energy Industries has made Jordan as the regional hub for solar thermal cooling technology. In a kingdom that enjoys 330 days of sunlight every year, the solar cooling unit will cut down electricity bills. At least 75% of the income from programmes and functions at the Royal Cultural Centre goes to their electric bills.

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Reviving The Struggling Coal Industry In The US Is Not As Easy As It Seems

Even if the new president-elect wants to revive the struggling coal industry in the United States, the promise might not be easily accomplished. In the past three weeks, an announcement was made by the owners of the two largest coal-fired power plants regarding their plans to shut down the plants. One of largest coal-fired facility is located in Arizona and this potentially means hundreds of workers losing their jobs.

Even with the efforts of the new administration to roll back the Obama energy regulations, local coal jobs cannot be recovered because of economic realities. The decision that was made this week by the utilities that own Navajo Generating Station in Arizona to decommission the plant at the end of 2019 came earlier than expected.

The 2,250-megawatt plant faces the challenge of record-low natural gas prices. This poses a financial pressure on the owners because it has become more expensive to produce electricity at their facility than buy it from cheaper sources. According to Mike Hummel, deputy general of the Salt River Project that operated the plant and several utility companies, the decision was not easy.

Navajo Generating Station has an obligation to provide its 1 million consumers in the state of Arizona and Phoenix Metropolitan area with low cost service. Since NGS operates at a higher cost, it will be passed down to the consumers.

NGS is one of the reasons why the area has thrived but on the other hand, environmental activists welcome the closure of the plant because it is number three in the 2014 Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) list of major carbon-emitting facilities.

The closure will deal a severe economic blow to Arizona and nearby areas because nearly 800 workers will lose their jobs. Members of the Navajo and Hopi tribes are receiving royalties from the plant. The owners have announced that the tribes can step in and operate the facility beyond 2019.

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