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A Quiet And Festival Celebration Of Songkran

If you want to experience a different kind of adventure, visit Phuket during the Songkran Festival. It is guaranteed that you will be wet and happy for a few days as crowds of people throw water on each other. You can book for a room or suite at a beachfront luxury resort in Karon where you can take advantage of the magnificent view of the Andaman Sea.

The annual Thai New Year or Songkran Festival takes place from April 12 to 16 with the main event held every April 13 from 9 in the morning onwards. Most of the islanders and tourists will be busy with water battles but those in Phuket Historical Park will be paying homage to the cultural heritage of Thailand. A quiet and peaceful Songkran Festival aims for the preservation of Thai traditions and to ensure that they will be handed down to the future generation.

Peaceful celebrations at Phuket Historical Park will start with the pouring of scented water on the hands of the elderly followed by the offerings to monks and food sharing among the people. There are no water guns and buckets of water to drench the crowd. Traditional bowls with scented water and jasmine flowers will be used in the true spirit of Songkran. People who want to join the quiet festival will be wearing traditional Thai costumes.

Early this year, Phuket Governor Norraphat Plodthong launched Songkran “Seven Days of Danger” road campaign to reduce the number of fatalities and injuries in road and marine accidents. Deaths and injuries frequently happen when people drive at high speed, drive recklessly or overlook the use of helmets. This year a special plan was launched to prevent and reduce the number of road and marine incidents. The safety of the people must be protected not only during the festival but every day.

Travellers are welcome at the beachfront luxury resort in Karon at any time of the year to enjoy the pristine waters of Karon Beach and water sports like snorkelling, diving, jet skiing and swimming. Lifeguards are present to ensure that visitors are safe while enjoying the waters.

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Have Your Vision Examined By Eye Exam In Jannali For Reliable Prescriptions

Various health information are now just few taps away on your smartphone, from the number of steps you take daily, to how well you sleep at night. But what if you have to use your computer and phone to test your vision? One company is doing that; and for some reasons, eye care specialists are somehow concerned about this technique. There are also few states banning it. If you live in Southern Sydney, it may be great to visit and have an eye exam in Jannali for good vision.

Opternative, a Chicago-based company is doing this type of test. The site will ask you few questions about your overall health and your eyesight. It even asks for your shoe size to know the right distance from the computer monitor. You hold your smartphone and utilize the Web browser to respond to questions about what you see on the computer screen.

Like a conventional eye test, you read and determine letters, lines and shapes for about 30 minutes.

According to Opternative CEO Aaron Dallek, “We try to determine how bad your vision is, so we’re testing your vision to failure.”

Partnered with an optometrist, Dallek co-founded the company while searching for ways to provide eye exams on the Internet.

Dallek says they have 65,000 signing up for the tests. It’s absolutely free but you need to pay $40 for a doctor to review the online results, while he sends an email for a prescription of glasses or contacts.

However, there are some eye care professionals questioning the tests. Atlanta optometrist Minty Nguyen said there’s no better way than to have the eye checked by a licensed medical practitioner.

For an eye exam in Jannali, the health exams will try to search for possible problems like cataracts and glaucoma.

Opternativecan be accessed in at least 34 states. However, the company is being scrutinized for its test program. In Michigan, Indiana and Georgia, the tests have been considered illegitimate.

According to the American Academy of Ophthalmology, the tests may be appropriate for adults aged 18 to 39 wanting an update for their prescription. However, they still need regular visits to an eye doctor.

The agency has asked FDA to pull Opternative out of the market. So if in Sydney, have an eye exam in Jannali for a guaranteed prescription.

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Tourists Flock To Thailand To Enjoy Sporting Events

Sporting events play a big role in Thailand’s tourism industry. Marine events usually attract affluent tourists who are willing to spend big bucks to participate or watch regattas. For example, many tourists prefer to stay at Koh Tao villas when they want to enjoy scuba diving in the island. Luxury travellers have high expectations so that the best type of accommodations is offered with panoramic views of mountains and waters.

Apart from scuba diving in Koh Tao, tourists will enjoy different sporting events in Phuket. Every year, thousands of tourists flock to the island to witness regattas hosted by Phuket. The island is becoming a premier destination for sports enthusiasts who want to swim, bike, run, play golf or sail. However, the most popular sporting events that attract a lot of tourists include regattas ad yachting.

Over the years, Phuket managed to establish a name as a popular destination for sailors and spectators. Thailand has a long history of sailing. Thailand hosts various events that include Phuket King’s Cup Regatta, Kata Rocks Superyacht Rendezvous and Cape Panwa Hotel Phuket Raceweek.  Aside from the contributions to the economy, sailing events help local communities. Marine events attract a lot of wealthy tourists who keep on coming back to the islands to enjoy their passion.

There is a lot of growth potential for sports tourism. According to a research made by Infinity Communications & Consultants, a marketing communications agency in Thailand, at least 40 million Baht is spent by tourists on food and drink alone during the week of Phuket King’s Cup Regatta. The estimated amount does not include spending for travel, entertainment, entry tickets and boat maintenance.

When there is a regatta, a large number of guests are received at hotels and restaurants. Aside from the regatta, tourists also enjoy the warm hospitality, natural environment, good connectivity and world-class facilities.

The highest expectations of guests are fulfilled at Koh Tao villas where a stay will be filled with memorable experiences. Luxury travellers will enjoy natural wilderness with amazing views of the landscape and beautiful waters. Guests will feel like they are at home because of privacy and relaxing ambiance.

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Galleria 10: The Finest 4-Star Experience Found In The Streets Of Sukhumvit

When one speaks of Sukhumvit, they usually talk about the western part of this magnificent boulevard, consisting of the Sois 1 through 63. Soi is the Thai word for street, and here all the streets that branch off from the main Sukhumvit road are referred to as Sois. The even numbered Sois are found branching off on the South-Western side, and the odd numbered Sois are on the North-Eastern side. These Soisare not frequented by those looking for traditional Thai tourist attractions but rather by those looking for quick shopping and street food. The posh streets of Sukhumvitare generally populated by expats who come to Thailand to settle down, and by Thailand’s more affluent. Also present in the area are a wide range of boutique hotels. These boutique hotels are generally the 4-star or 5-star hotels that generally play host to multinational guests and businesspeople. One among these is Galleria 10 which is considered as the best hotel in Sukhumvit and the neighbouring area, as a 4-star hotel.

The location-specific advantages of staying at Galleria 10 are enormous. It is very close to the Asok BTS Skytrain station, and so is easily connected to a lot of tourist attractions in Bangkok. What’s more, it is also located near the heart of Sukhumvit, so it is at a walkable distance from most of the restaurants and bars that surround the Sukhumvit area. It’s also located just a few minutes away from the world famous Terminal 21 mall in Bangkok. This mall houses more than 600 shops and is a paradise for shoppers. Due to the above reasons and those that are to follow, the honour of the best hotel in Sukhumvit must surely go to the Galleria 10.

The hotel itself has a wide range of rooms, and it has some great offers to help bring guests on board. Its most prestigious rooms include the club rooms, with which a guest can avail many exciting discounts and free coupons, such as a free 15 minute head spa, and free breakfast vouchers. The hotel also has some excellent dining options with some great Thai cuisine. If the guests are not particularly inclined to partake in Thai cuisine, they can visit any one of the nearby themed restaurants that offer all types of intercontinental cuisine.

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Visit AyushxPak- Urged During The Global Wellness Day

Whether we admit it or not, staying healthy is no longer among the priorities of most human being nowadays owing to the fact that staying healthy itself has become equally stressful especially to frequently busy individuals who are stuck at work during the majority of their everyday schedules. In fact, some of us may even find it easier to eat whatever nowadays and simply forget about healthy eating habits rather than to carefully what we take inside our body because it’s a lot easier and less hectic if you keep on eating what you’ve grown to love. And due to the fact that most people have horribly hectic lifestyles, they are neglecting their healthy by not going to the gym or at the very least, take a break from everything else. You see, regardless of how busy you are on a regular basis or what industry you are working for at the moment, you should make it a habit to visit a wellness centre like AyushxPak for your detoxification and relaxation needs. In addition to this, visiting such a centre will enable you to maximize the benefits of employing Ayurveda medication system which can be good in improve your physical and mental well-being in general.


Last June 10, 2017, Global Wellness Day was successfully celebrated at Shangri-La Hotel Bangkok in the capital city of Bangkok, Thailand. The theme of the said celebration was “One Day can Change Your Life”. It encouraged hotel guests, many of them were vacationists, to simply take a pause and reflect on the state of their health. You see, one of the main objectives of the event was to make people realize that if they only make more time for wellness activities such as regularly the Ayurveda-filled AyushxPak centre for various detoxification procedures, they can become fitter and healthier especially for those who are in their senior years. The celebration kicked-off with a morning yoga session at 9’ o’clock in the morning then followed by classes which taught guests about Thai boxing and Aqua Aerobics during the rest of the day. Healthy Thai food were also served to the guests which included chilled lobster, low-fat yogurt, salmon and others.

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More Reasons To Order Bikini Online: Skimpy Bikinis Fit Better

When you are buying anything you will need to wear for an upcoming big event, for example, your best friend’s wedding or someone else’s birthday party, it’s your responsibility that as a decent-looking person to make sure that whatever outfit you are going to buy and wear for the event, it will be appropriate to say the least especially if it’s a formal gathering. Also, consider if that event that you are invited to attend to, has a theme or none so if there’s a theme, be sure to consult the invitee about what the best outfit you should wear to match the theme of the said event. Now if it’s in any fortunate scenario that you are invited by your high school friend to a pool or, even a beach party, then you will be needing your old, trusty swimwear. For men, it’s basically just the proper swimming trunk. For women, it’s complex. You see, women have a wide variety to choose from one-piece bikinis to two-pieces bikinis, all with different designs, shapes and colours. And with the rapid emergence of online stores nowadays, women can just basically sit down, open up their Internet-connected smartphone and order bikini online just by visiting a licensed store’s website.


During the summer season in Australia back in January of 2017, there was a sudden rise in the number of women who were wearing skimpy-looking bikinis especially when they were bathing under the sun or taking a dip by the beach. In fact, bikini experts in Australia had said back then that gone were days when women who were almost naked at the beach that were being body shamed on social media or even at the beach itself. People have learned to accept women who have been wearing skimpy bikinis especially those that almost show a woman’s butt. In addition to this, experts were saying that skimpy bikinis do look better on women compared to the bigger styles of bikinis back in the day. Consequently, there was no surprise to the fact that there was an increase too, in the number of women who order bikini online especially during the summer season.

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