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Second Best Boat Charter In Croatia

After the last season has ended, there is a rapid increase in the number of boats that are available for rent in Croatia through the Click&Boat online portal.

Click&Boat is a new startup which is a French online platform that offers boat rental. Data shows that France took the first spot when it comes to the number of booking and Croatia followed on the second spot. This is brought about by the sudden increase in demand for 2017. After the previous season has ended, it can be noted that the number of boats that are available for rent in Croatia has tripled in number as shown in the platform. There are now almost a thousand boats available to be rented. This is according to a report published by before the end of March 2017.

Click&Boat is an online platform accessible all over the globe for users who are interested in boat rental and they are in operation throughout the year. The manager of the digital portal based in Croatia is Dubravka Puljak. According to her, they devoted the winter months in anticipation for the coming tourist season. They have improved the platform so users will have better experience in the technical aspect. They have also been busy receiving feedback from clients as well as accessing new markets.

Every day, there is a notable increase in the number of boats that are available for booking in Croatia via the website of Click&Boat. Puljak added that the thousand boats now posted on the website makes up 10 per cent of the entire number of boats that are available for rent through the platform. Ever since it started, over 10,000 clients have experienced sailing to the Croatian Adriatic with the boats booked through the website. They are expecting that this number will increase 10 times within the next two years.

She also revealed that the increase in popularity of Croatia for chartering boats is the reason why they are predicting a positive impact in the coming years. Data has shown that Croatia took the second spot as the most popular destination. If Europe is not your cup of tea, you can also try Phuket boat charter in Asia.

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3 Advantages Of Renting An Executive Airport Pick-Up In Phuket

Hiring an executive vehicle such as limousine, while travelling in a foreign country provides several advantages. Sure, you can easily hire a car when you arrive at the airport but you can never be sure of your safety especially in a foreign land and that is something that you don’t want to compromise. Thus, getting the services of an executive airport pick-up in Phuket would be a wise decision. Here are some of these advantages:

Gets to your destination on time

If you have an executive car waiting for you at the airport, you can get right to your meeting or destination the moment you arrive at the airport. There’s no need for you to wait on long queue for the next available taxi just to get to your next point. Airports are busy areas and if you would still have to worry about getting your transportation that would be an added inconvenience for you. With an executive airport pick-up in Phuket, you get to your appointment in style and more importantly, relaxed and ready for the event.

Optimum convenience

One of the main advantages of hiring a renting a car that will pick you up at the airport is the comfort it provides. Renting a car is like having your own vehicle abroad with your very own chauffer. Also, with a rented car, you can be sure that you are safe and you will arrive at your hotel or other destination, safely and without the need to outwit individuals who are out to filch money out of you. Car rentals have qualified drivers who know their way out of traffic jams and other road inconveniences around Phuket.

Arrive in style

When you arrive at the venue with an executive airport pick-up in Phuket, you create a positive impression from your business partners or those you are meeting with. Arriving in good fashion means that you give importance to the meeting and the person you are about to meet. That would be a positive point especially if you are meeting with a prospective business partner.

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Recommended Graduation Gifts For This Generation

If you have someone in your life that is graduating, be it in high school or college or getting their long-awaited Ph.D., there are many gift ideas out there. Majority would prefer cash as graduation gifts but if you want something they will be able to use instead of spending on something else, you need to find a gift that you can wrap. The following graduation gift ideas are recommended for the techy students of this generation.

  • Snapchat spectacles. While graduating is a happy event, it is also quite sad because graduates will have to say goodbye to friends they have met and have been with for the last couple of years. Good thing is that we are now in an era where there are dozens of social media platforms to choose from in order to stay connected. The snapchat spectacles worth $129 are ideal for the avid social media user. They can easily share photos they have taken with the glasses wherever they may be. Plus, you get to have a goofy look while wearing them.
  • Wearsafe tag. After graduation, one might land somewhere far as part of their exploration and some of these places are not really safe. With the wearsafe tag, the user’s smartphone can be connected to it through Bluetooth. The panic button can be easily pressed in case of emergencies. Friends will know where you are and the user can send audio of what is happening. They will be able to tell something is wrong and call 911 in your behalf.
  • Incase Icon Backpack. We are now in a digital age and textbooks are no longer commonly seen in students especially in universities. This does not mean that they do not need a sturdy backpack. They still need somewhere they can stash their laptops and gadgets. The bag is worth $199 and each pocket has a dedicated lining to protect gadgets.

If you want something less techy and more personalised gifts, check out other options such as a photo canvas or a canvas of their favorite place or quote. These are memories they can cherish for a lifetime.

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The Internet, Gaming, And Rehab

The Internet has changed the way that people live. More and more people especially the younger generation lives in the virtual world. There are times though they live in excess in the virtual world, they tend to stay on the worldwide web for longer times than their stay in the real world. Virtual defeats reality for these people and this could lead to a bigger problem. Internet and gaming addiction has become an under-recognized issue with the invention of Internet and its global spread. The problem is growing so much that a need for rehab has been cropping up and increasing.

There are a lot of cases of gaming and internet use addiction that are cropping up and the number is slowly growing. Due to this the need for a rehab, traditional or luxury rehab, is also growing. Before the internet became so popular, rehabs are just for those with substance addiction such as drug or alcohol. It can even be for behavioral problems or any illness and traumatic experiences. This past couple of years though, it’s scope widened to include the internet and gaming addiction which actually also poses a big problem much like that of substance abuse.

There are luxury rehab centers already created to cater to this kind of addictions. We have The Edge and Solace Sabah, both located in Asia, Thailand for the former and Malaysia for the latter. These luxury rehab centers see a number of patients from other countries as well. They might be pricey than the traditional ones but certainly, it’s worth the bucks. Residential rehab is effective and add the extra benefits that the patient receives from a luxury rehab (e.g. comfortable and peaceful surroundings, one-on-one, group, and family therapies, customized and individualized treatment plan, all-around service, 24/7 support), it may be ensured that the regimen and healing will be effective for seamless transition back to their normal lives.

In this current world full of developing technology, the worldwide web, and online gaming, it may not be avoidable that there is an excess of usage of such by the younger people. Steps should be taken to avoid the addiction but if it does happen, these luxurious rehab centers exist to help them recover.

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Things To Consider Before Calling A Wedding Planner In Sydney

A wedding ceremony calls for countless things to prepare and do. You also have to deal with emotional and physical stress with all the arrangements you have to do. In order to reduce your tasks, hire a   wedding planner in Sydney who will help you arrange and prepare things for you. However, before you call one, it would be best to talk things over with your partner and discuss important matters related to the wedding and hiring a planner. Here are some important things to consider:


One of the things that the wedding planner will ask you is your available budget for the event. You need to be upfront with the wedding planner on how much money you have for the wedding so he can work with it. Find a wedding planner in Sydney who can provide professional advice on how you can minimize your expenses without compromising the quality of the event. There are wedding aspects that you do not have to spend so much on while there are wedding requirements that you should not skimp on.

Number of guests   

Before you schedule a meeting with the wedding planner, you need to be ready with all the necessary details in order not to waste both of your time. Find out how many guests you intend to invite so the wedding planner can estimate some important details such as the number of wedding favours to prepare, the reservation he has to place at the wedding venue, the chairs to rent and such.

Wedding date and details

Wedding date is an important detail that you should be able to provide to the wedding planner. He should know not just the number of items he needs to reserve but more importantly, for when. You need to provide this information right away in order to ensure that you will have your needed venue, food, tables and chairs, crockery and other items that have to be reserved by the wedding planner in Sydney. Ask the planner on aspects that you are not sure of to get the best results.

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Exciting Things To Do In Hotels In Yangon Burma

There are different reasons why people book their reservations at hotels in Yangon Burma. Some people visit the place for business purposes while there are those who go to Myanmar just to unwind and enjoy the place. Whatever your reason may be for travelling to the country, it is best to get an excellent hotel that offers accommodation that is at par with hotels in advanced countries. Myanmar in itself, offers exciting things to do for tourists and while you are booked in a hotel, here are some interesting things that you can do.

Arrange day tours                               

Myanmar is a country in Southeast Asia that will not disappoint you if you want to marvel at gigantic pagodas and ancient temples. You can also do binge shopping in their ever affordable commodities. As a matter of fact, some of the apparels offered by popular brands in US and Europe are made in Myanmar so you can probably check how you can get hold of these ready-to-wear items at a much lower price. Arrange a day tour from the hotel for a hassle-free and convenient shopping and sight-seeing around Myanmar.

Get into their fitness centre

You don’t want to miss your regular health routine even if you travel and booked in one of the hotels in Yangon Burma. Good thing most hotels have an in-house fitness centre that you can get into to maintain a healthy body even while you are away. You can also ask from the hotel if they offer spa or massage services to relax your tired muscles and to help you sleep better after a long day of adventure.

Relax and enjoy the amenities

When you book your room accommodation in a luxury hotel, you will never run out of things to do. There’s always the pool for you to do some morning laps or you can have some drinks or coffee at the hotel’s bar or café. Book from the leading hotels in Yangon Burma for your expectations to be met and book in advance to enhance your experience.

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