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Couple Transformed Shipping Containers Into Outdoor Pools

Many have been dreaming of having their own outdoor spa in Sydney but this couple from Abbotsford, British Colombia took matters into their own hands. After their first creation, they have created a buzz in the industry and many are interested in the shipping containers they are converting into outdoor pools.

The couple, Paul Rathnam and his wife Denise, started their company called Modpools. The business was launched in the BC Home and Garden Show that was held in Vancouver in the beginning of this year. After which, the idea has become quite popular that they are receiving orders from various states such as Florida, Texas, Nevada and California.

According to Paul Rathnam, majority of their clients love the fact that they are making use of old shipping containers. People rallied behind the idea especially those who view the traditional pool as a waste of resources and a cause for homeowners to spend too much. Their backyard pool made out of shipping containers is not only modern but modest in design as well. Instead of sending the shipping containers for recycling, they are using it for another purpose. The advantages is that it can be resold to other people and it can be moved into a new location if need be.

Every Modpool in considered as a custom order and the client has to wait around eight weeks until completion. The standard size is 8ft by 20 ft in length while the deepness is a just a little more than five feet. Ordering in Canada can cost $35,000 which does not include the taxes.

Mr. Rathnam said that waiting time is much faster compared to building a concrete pool which can be constructed in a maximum of two years. A traditional pool can set them back between $80,000 and $150,000 in British Colombia.

Majority of their clients are willing to pay for their Modpool because it is much cheaper.

In Australia, homeowners who wish to stay cool during the hot days can also purchase an outdoor spa in Sydney. The only difference with Modpools is that the size can be customized as well as the windows on the shipping containers and it comes with a hot tub compartment.

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Is Relocating Really A Good Idea?

Whether it’s good or not, there are many people who choose to relocate just the same. In Australia for example, removals in Sydney get calls from people wanting to relocate, where citizens in here are said to change location at an average of 13 times over the course of their lives. The data comes from a study conducted by the Origin Energy. In comparison, findings from a 2016 Roy Morgan research revealed that 40.7% of Australians above 14 years have lived in the same house for 10 or more years. The same study also shows that there are also those who chose to live a mobile lifestyle and lived in their address for less than two years.

What could be the reason that people move places, giving removals in Sydney a reason to continue doing business? Is it because the grass is greener in the new place?

According to the founder of the Mental Health Recovery Institute in Australia, Pedro Diaz, people have their own reasons for moving, ranging from boredom to escaping abuse. He says that relocating is all a part of wanting to experience a better life.

ABS data on the other hand says that some of the reasons why people choose to live in another location are finding a better housing, study, employment, and family conflicts like divorce. The mobile lifestyle on the other hand is commonly observed by younger age group, young families, those who rent, and the rich.

For Soren Reichelt, a 31-year-old IT strategist, he likes the idea of adventure and vigor that the mobile lifestyle offers. He began embracing this lifestyle since he was 17 years old. Reichelt has already lived in 15 different houses, where he claims that he changes residence on the average of one year. The longest stay he had was two years at a house in Kew, Victoria. While he says that the thought of moving is horrible, he nevertheless finds living in a new environment very attractive.

An Origin Energy study says that relocating will require time and resources. It is said that this will take 16 working days. When multiplied by 13 which is the average number that an Australian moves, this is equivalent to half a year.

On another note, a research conducted by the Cardiff University and University of Hampshire showed that moving can promote positive change, help boost memory, and break ingrained habits.

Is it a good idea to move or not and how many are desirable? Diaz says that it’s actually just a matter of preference.

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Digital Savvy Customers Forcing Insurance Providers To Use Technology

Technology users could mean an upgrade in the insurance industry in the near future.

Nowadays, more and more people are relying heavily in the use of computers, tablets, and smartphones. They use these things for work, research, communication, and even for shopping. Millennials for one expect to be able to shop for products and services and have these delivered in their inbox or front door in an instant. With these changes, different retail providers, including insurance providers, may be forced to use technology to a greater extent if they wanted to remain competitive in their respective markets.

And insurance providers may have more to gain from these too. Industry experts are now claiming that when this is partnered with micro insurance products, insurance providers may be able to reach a wider audience that will now include the low-income individuals.

Is this a viable idea? According to a 2016 US insurance auto shopping study, 75% use insurer websites when trying to get quotes or researching for additional information on a product. This type of behavior is not only exclusive to auto insurance products. This is also true for other products or services where people are now using the power of the Internet to research about the product of service that they want to avail.

The buying behavior of people has already changed since the introduction of the Internet. Insurance providers should seize this opportunity to improve their services and consider increasing their revenue by allowing people access to their products or services with the use of an online portal where people could easily compare or purchase online products like those of chartered accountant liabilility insurance, life insurance, or auto insurance.

Today, these tools are simply dubbed as InsurTech (Insurance Technology) products. There are now companies that are specifically creating these. These are now claiming that they could provide better stability for underwriters in the world of insurance that is often threatened by disruptive changes.

According to the Insurance Regulatory Authority in Kenya, InsurTech providers are now providing ways for insurance companies to promote and sell their products and services through the tools that they provide. With the new technological tools, insurance companies are also hoping to be able to come up with new products to meet the changing needs of their potential clients.

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How Do Funeral Directors Face The Sadness In Their Profession?

Being a funeral director is a difficult job because of the need to face sadness every time there is death. Doctors, paramedics, fire-fighters and the police also face death in their jobs but it is different because there are many instances when their quick response saves a life and turns a situation into a happy ending.

Come to think of it, how do funeral directors explain the different types of funeral services to a grieving family that lost a child or a husband to violence? Even if the loved one simply slipped away peacefully after a long bout of sickness, acceptance is still difficult for a family. Compassion is certainly an important part of a funeral director’s job but so with composure. How do the funeral directors facilitate the intersections of life and death several times in a day?

In an interview with, Bruce Humphrey of Humphrey Funeral Home said that they do not have to say anything except, sorry. They do not shake the hands of the bereaved family or make the effort to hug them. The presence of a funeral director is often enough because it shows that there is someone who will support them during the times of grief. Humphrey further said that it is wrong to say that he knows what the family is feeling because he does not have a real idea on what the family is feeling at the moment.

According to David Garvie of Ogden Funeral Homes, it is important to be calm in the face of an emotionally-charged situation. When confronted with death, a family experiences a traumatic situation so that the funeral director must strive to be the pillar of stability and compassion. When emotions are too high, Humphrey says it is better to give them space and be patient.

Facing death can be extremely stressful but you can gain support and compassion from the funeral directors in Perth. Making a decision on the funeral services can be tough but planning can be facilitated by the funeral director. He will discuss the more affordable option and whether you prefer cremation or the traditional burial at your chosen location.

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Introducing: An Entrepreneurial Time Management System

People nowadays are keen on complaining about how busy they are and most of the time, you will hear or see them complaining the fact that they still have tons of things left to do. And let’s face it, almost everyone goes through this kind of problem that left us saying the line, “So many things to do. So little time,” Everyone needs to properly manage their time and choose the things they will prioritize and delegate from doing things that will hamper your progress towards achieving a specific goal for the day. Now, for aspiring entrepreneurs who are worried about the things they will need to do as owners of small businesses, experts in time management, one being Dan Sullivan, has devised a new entrepreneurial time management system which aims to lessen the time that is wasted away by starting entrepreneurs and to help them lessen the mistakes they commit.

In this new entrepreneurial time management system, your work week will be broken down into 3 main parts: “Focus Days”, “Buffer Days” and “Free Days”. Below are the more information on how each part should be practiced:

  • Focus Days- At the very least, you will need to spend 80% of your total time operating in your main areas of expertise. For example, you are good at conducting seminars, conducting research works or writing reports. In these days, you must also handle your weekly training activities and creating ideas for your marketing team. This means you must prioritize on these things and put other non-essentials on hold or delegate them until you are done for the day. These are the days when you need your utmost focus, dedication and attention. Focus Days can also be spent by chatting with your clients and writing new blog posts.
  • Buffer Days- These days will be spent for preparing for either your next Focus Day or Free Day. You can spend these days by learning something new, training your support team and assigning projects and other tasks to others. You can also spend your Buffer Day by responding to emails sent by clients or by completing other work-related tasks that are less important. Usually, Buffer Days are set two days which can be also used for checking the social media, updating your business’ Facebook account and scheduling future meetings.
  • Free Days- Generally speaking, these are the days when you are free not to think about any work-related matter. These are the days when you cannot check your work email inbox. You can spend these days by enjoying the company of your family by the beach. These days are best spent by doing things that relax you. For some, these days are considered the cheat days because you get to do things that you can’t do during the rest of the week.

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How To Achieve Devotions On Thankfulness

Being thankful about everything, even the challenges in life, is a mindset. But being filled with gratitude is not enough; you should learn how to develop devotions on thankfulness. This way, not only will you have that feeling of thankfulness, being thankful becomes your way of life. This deep sense of gratitude will radiate within you and this will be visible to all the people surrounding you. In order to achieve a sense of devotion on thankfulness, you can take the following ideas.

  • The moment you open your eyes in the morning, thank the heavens for the rays of sunlight or the rain that provides life to all living things on this planet. Thank your partner who may be preparing your food as of the moment or the farmers who tilled the land for you to have something to prepare for your family or for yourself if you live on your own. Thank everything around you; those that were devoted with time and energy just to be created and those that are provided by life as though they are made out of magic. To do devotions on thankfulness, allocate a few minutes for this.
  • In order to achieve inner peace and gratitude, do not do things in haste. Pay attention to details, even to your breathing. This will help you to achieve awareness of your surroundings and also, this will help you enhance your focus and sharpen your mental abilities in the process.
  • Make time to stop by and appreciate the little things that you are used to and would therefore take for granted such as the sunset in the horizon, the birds singing by the window, the sight of children playing in the park or even the rain that would normally ruin your day as it slows down your activities.
  • At the end of the day, strengthen your devotions on thankfulness by allocating some time to meditate and clear your mind from all the challenges of the day and impurities that may have entered your mind and body within the day. There are several meditation techniques that you can find online.
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