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Seven Guidelines To Enjoy Your First Trip To Bangkok

Bangkok is a beautiful city and is popular with tourists around the world for its food, shopping and nightlife. But the first trip to the city of angels can be overwhelming. The busy streets and the diverse culture of the country might be challenging to cope with. Here are a few tips for first time visitors to Bangkok.

  • Choose a proper time to visit Bangkok. Avoid the rainy season. Plan your first visit to Bangkok, between November and February. This period is the best time to visit the city as the weather is pleasant. Plan the travel early and make hotel booking. You can also get deals on booking modern hotel in Sukhumvit, if you plan your travel early and book in advance.
  • Once, you plan your travel dates the next step is to search for hotels. The quality of the hotel plays an important role in determining your holiday experience. Choose the modern hotel in Sukhumvit, which offers great amenities and spacious rooms. There are many hotel-booking sites that help you to compare different hotels and select the best ones. You can also visit the hotel website to know about the services of the hotel and amenities.
  • Get a new sim card. You can buy international calling cards with 3G at the SuvarnaBhoomi International airport or in the city.
  • Get a map of Bangkok to know your way around the city. Map books are available at the airports or at the modern hotel in Sukhumvit, where you stay.
  • Exchange currency outside the airport. There are many banks and currency exchanges in the Sukhumvitarea. You will get a good deal for currency exchange outside the airport.
  • Getting around Bangkok is easier, if you use the mass transit systems or the public transport. Bangkok is well connected through MRT and BTS. You can also use the Public buses to commute between two points. You can also use the taxis but make sure the taxi driver downs the meter before the ride.
  • Sample the food of Bangkok. Bangkok is popular for its food and your trip will not be complete without sampling the local cuisine. Most of the modern hotel in Sukhumvithave their in-house restaurants which service authentic Thai as well as world cuisine. You can also visit the famous street markets to sample the local food.
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Provide Privateness In Your Home Or Office With Privacy Window Film In Sydney

One must be concerned with the well-being and safety of their family. Some will also want some privacy for their home. To provide a solution for all your security concerns, you need a privacy window film in Sydney for protection. They can be applied mainly on glass surfaces like doors and windows so the UV rays of the sun won’t come in. As the tint will come with a shade, you have an added benefit of blocking visibility. The privacy window film will protect and provide privacy to your home.

Although privacy window film in Sydney will block visibility, it still allows some sunlight to pass through. The tint can be mirrored towards the outside so people can’t see what’s going inside the home or office. There are also those options to completely block the visibility. This is great to use if you don’t want spying eyes through but will let sunlight get in. The privacy window films are great especially during violent weather as it protects the glass from breaking. The plastic film will also protect the glass from scratching.

The privacy window film in Sydney are best used in homes specifically the bathroom. They can be used to cover the shower doors or the windows. You can also use it for your office door and even your own car. The privacy window film is an excellent choice if you prefer some privacy around.

The privacy window films may be purchased from your local hardware. For added convenience, you can search for them online, choose to order online, and have it delivered at your desired location. It comes in many variety of designs and you can even ask for discounted rates. Once you receive your order, ensure you have everything done right. Most retailers provide a warranty ensuring that what they offer is right for your needs.

Installation of the privacy film is really easy. They come with instructions so you can install them at your windows and doors. If you don’t like to do it, you can always opt for a professional service. The privacy window film in Sydney is so easy to clean with simple sponge, soap and water. This will make you confident that you have your work or home safe from intruders.

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Why Bangkok Japanese Restaurants Serve Delicious Authentic Japanese Foods

There are so many Bangkok Japanese restaurants but those that are keen to details, genuine surroundings and great value are not so common. Kisso Japanese Restaurant on the Westin Grand Sukhumvit is one of those Japanese restaurants that has all these features. It comes with great service and high quality ingredients, a must for high-end Japanese restaurant, Kisso offers its guests a scrumptious meal to fill in their gastronomy.

In Bangkok, there are so many Japanese restaurants to try but there is none that tastes better than Kisso. It’s a tasteful place that so elegant and creates a peaceful and serene atmosphere. The main dining room has a formal ambiance that other Bangkok Japanese restaurants don’t have. They have teppanyaki grill tables and sushi bar seating, with the two teppanyaki rooms and the sushi bar separated as well. They also provide private rooms with traditional tatami seating setups.

They include a large menu of ala carte items, set lunches and dinners, and special all-you-can-eat lunch buffet which is gaining popularity. You can try so many items which may be new to you like the soft-shell crab tempura. It’s cooked with high heat to obtain the right crispness which the chef did perfectly. There are also the salmon and scallops from the teppanyaki grill, sushi California roll set and miso soup.

Aside from those mentioned above, there are also set lunches offering a variety of Japanese cuisines which include sukiyaki, tempura, teppanyaki, grilled fish and other traditional Japanese Bento box lunch on the menu. The prices of these food are so reasonable that you should come and try it.

For dinner, few set menus have been covered by various specialties like the yakiniku, yakizakana and teppanyakiwith Kobe beef. It also serves a large option of ala carte items of cuisine styles mentioned above. Basically, Kisso is the right choice if you want to visit Bangkok Japanese restaurants to dine in.

Bangkok has many choices of Japanese food to try when you come visit Bangkok Japanese restaurants. But you should remember that Kisso offers high quality food with a genuine setting and prices that are really of great value.

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Huge Number Of People Travelling Out Of Bangkok

While tourists are arriving in Bangkok to stay at a convenient hotel in Sukhumvit, a large number of workers are exiting Bangkok because of the upcoming Songkran which is the traditional new year celebrated in Thailand. Majority of these people are going back home to their families outside of Bangkok for a much awaited reunion. In line with this, the state agencies launched a campaign to make sure that the travellers will make it to their hometown safe.

On top of the list of campaigns is the No Drink Driving reminder to make sure that those who are driving will not consume alcohol before or during the drive. The campaign against drunk-driving started two days before the start of the festival holiday. The holiday will lasts for five days from April 12. The campaign was organized in partnership with Transport Company under the state and Don’t Drive Drunk foundation.

Arkom Termpitayapaisith, the minister of transport, said that the aim of the campaign is to increase the awareness of the travellers regarding road safety to decrease the number of accidents due to drunk-driving. If caught, the drivers will be charged a case of drunk-driving and may face prison time of up to a year. On top of that, they have to pay a fine worth 20,000 baht. If the offending driver is working for a public transport, dismissal will be imposed right away.

In the Mo Chit 2 bus terminal, a herd of passengers came a day before the holiday and it will continue to be packed until Friday which is April 13.

Despite the increase in number of passengers, the Transport Company promised that everyone will be able to go home for the Songkran as they have provided enough buses to shuttle all the passengers within the week. Aside from the additional buses, extra services are also opened to cater more passengers.

Tourists who are coming to Bangkok to witness Songkran can stay in a convenient hotel in Sukhumvit to be in the heart of the festivities. There is additional number of flights from the original 850 it is not 880 per day.

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‘Thailand 4.0’ Bringing In MICE Arrivals

The country of Thailand is currently working on implementing its new ‘Thailand 4.0’, a new large-scale government strategy. This new strategy is aimed at improving the country’s infrastructure development model, which is bringing in more arrivals to the many meeting room hotel in Bangkok and across the country.

Part of this new strategy is the construction of several key mega projects across the country, such as a new submarine cable network connecting Thailand to both China and Hong Kong. Locally, Thailand 4.0 will also include the development of a new electric rail system in the capital, as well as the expansion of several of the country’s major airports, including the Chiang Mai International Airport, Don Mueang International Airport, and Suvarnabhumi Airport.

Thanks to all these developments, foreign investors have also taken interest in the country and the surrounding region, with investors from India and Japan looking at Thailand as potential stomping grounds, which will no doubt lead to gains for the MICE industry, with business conferences filling out hoping to get their own meeting room hotel in Bangkok or anywhere else in the country.  The Thailand Convention and Exhibition Bureau (TCEB) is already forecasting the growth of the MICE industry, with hopes that areas outside the capital, such as Hua Hin and Pattaya, to name a few, will also grow as investors take interest in them. TCEB VP for Strategic and Business Development, Supawan Teerarat says that, by developing MICE as a major force for Thailand’s economic growth, they connect the international business community.

Currently, the Suvarnabhumi and Don Mueang airports in the capital are unable to properly handle the sheer number of visitors coming into the country, but the Thailand 4.0 developments will change that, encouraging business travellers to enter the country in the process.

Managing Director Maneerat Naeenin, ThaiMICE, says that many of the capital’s airports are currently overwhelmed by large groups due to the number of visitors.

He also noted that not everyone who comes into the country for business forego pleasure, with many business travellers also heading for Thailand’s tourist destinations, which is good, as the Tourism Authority of Thailand is always looking to endorse new destinations in the country.

Across 2017, Thailand generated over Bt179B/US$5.7B of revenue thanks to around 36M MICE travel.

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The Top Three Luxurious 5 Star Hotel In Sathorn

Undeniably, Bangkok is one of the most laid back and lavish metros around the world. It provides travelers an interesting combination of culture, history and sophisticated grace to delight with. The 5 star hotel in Sathorn come in realistic price ranges, and hence can provide accommodation to anyone. If you want the best accommodation with world-class facilities in Bangkok, here are the best hotels you can choose from:

Banyan Tree Bangkok

The luxurious hotel in Bangkok is situated in the Sathorn and Silom area. It is one of the tallest hotels in the area offering a magnificent panorama of the city. It has seven restaurants offering Thai and international cuisines with three bars, that never run out of delectable meals and drinks. When staying in this hotel, ensure you visit Moon Bar, at the rooftop of this luxurious hotel. It is open daily from 5pm till 1am. The 5 star hotel in Sathorn is nearby the Suvarnabhumi airport, where you can arrange pickup by van or limousine. Despite its luxury, this elegant hotel can provide you reasonable prices without harming your pockets.

Marriott Hotel Bangkok

Marriott Bangkok may be an international chain hotel but has managed to inject a touch of local Thai ambiance to its operation, especially in its lobby area and elegantly furnished lounge bar. Professional, polite and smartly-dressed staff gladly meet their guests with a warm welcome and hospitality. Their amenities include a swimming pool, small gym and an on-site spa. Don’t fail to visit the six restaurants that can likely satisfy your famished stomach. They can serve local Thai and international food depending upon your appetite. Then you can proceed to the luxuriously furnished lounge for some chats or evening meetings.

Como Metropolitan Bangkok

This is a 5 star hotel in Bangkok situated in the central business district of Sathorn. They can offer a shuttle van service to the BTS Skytrain station from 7am until 10pm daily. The hotel is between the Chao Phraya River and the Sukhumvit district. It is just 10-minutes away from the buzzling nightlife of Silom, which you can commute using the MRT train or BTS station networks. It also has restaurants that serve Thai and international cuisines, which can be savory to your mouth.

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