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Top Reasons For Families To Visit Pattaya

Pattaya is a major tourist destination in Thailand. The town has attractions for all types of visitors like families, solo visitors, honeymooning couples or group travellers. The city has a wide variety of activities ranging from water sports to luxurious Thai treatments at the modern spas and wellness centres of the famous beach resorts.

There are a wide range of hotels in Pattaya ranging from budget hotels to premium beach resorts. The hotels offer exclusive deals for special room promotion in Pattaya, making it a favourite destination for travellers on a budget.

Apart from relaxing by the beach and indulge in adventurous water sports, tourists should not miss visiting these lovely places in Pattaya

Sacred places – Thailand is famous for its religion and spirituality. Pattaya has a lot of Wats and religious places that showcase the local culture and way of living. Visitors should not miss visiting places like the Big Buddha, Sanctuary of Truth and wat Yansangwararam, to see the Thai style architecture with intricate wooden carvings.

Museums and Galleries – There are a number of museums and galleries like the Ripley’s museums, Louis Tussaud’s wax museum, and a host of other art galleries that showcase interesting artefacts from around the world.

Elephant shows and rides – The most exciting part in the trip to Pattaya. Majority of the parks have elephant shows and you can ride elephants. Families with kids should not miss these shows.

Floating market – The floating market is an interesting site seeing place in Pattaya. The market is built on a lake and the sellers place their wares on boats. This is an interesting experience for tourists who are bored with glitzy shopping malls. The floating market also gives an opportunity to relish authentic Thai food.

Food – Thailand is famous for its delicious cuisine. The authentic Thai food made using the freshest ingredients and coconut, and the famous seafood, attracts a lot of visitors. The recipes are handed down from generations, which preserve the authenticity.

With so many interesting places to visit, authentic food to relish and hotels offering special room promotion in Pattaya, the city is slowly gaining popularity as a family destination.

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Tourists Flock To Thailand To Enjoy Sporting Events

Sporting events play a big role in Thailand’s tourism industry. Marine events usually attract affluent tourists who are willing to spend big bucks to participate or watch regattas. For example, many tourists prefer to stay at Koh Tao villas when they want to enjoy scuba diving in the island. Luxury travellers have high expectations so that the best type of accommodations is offered with panoramic views of mountains and waters.

Apart from scuba diving in Koh Tao, tourists will enjoy different sporting events in Phuket. Every year, thousands of tourists flock to the island to witness regattas hosted by Phuket. The island is becoming a premier destination for sports enthusiasts who want to swim, bike, run, play golf or sail. However, the most popular sporting events that attract a lot of tourists include regattas ad yachting.

Over the years, Phuket managed to establish a name as a popular destination for sailors and spectators. Thailand has a long history of sailing. Thailand hosts various events that include Phuket King’s Cup Regatta, Kata Rocks Superyacht Rendezvous and Cape Panwa Hotel Phuket Raceweek.  Aside from the contributions to the economy, sailing events help local communities. Marine events attract a lot of wealthy tourists who keep on coming back to the islands to enjoy their passion.

There is a lot of growth potential for sports tourism. According to a research made by Infinity Communications & Consultants, a marketing communications agency in Thailand, at least 40 million Baht is spent by tourists on food and drink alone during the week of Phuket King’s Cup Regatta. The estimated amount does not include spending for travel, entertainment, entry tickets and boat maintenance.

When there is a regatta, a large number of guests are received at hotels and restaurants. Aside from the regatta, tourists also enjoy the warm hospitality, natural environment, good connectivity and world-class facilities.

The highest expectations of guests are fulfilled at Koh Tao villas where a stay will be filled with memorable experiences. Luxury travellers will enjoy natural wilderness with amazing views of the landscape and beautiful waters. Guests will feel like they are at home because of privacy and relaxing ambiance.

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3 Ways To Find The Perfect Villa Koh Samui

Thailand is known for its powdery white sand beaches and crystal clear waters. If you love waters and beaches, the numerous holiday islands of Thailand will not disappoint you. Tointensify your Thailand experience, book in a Villa Koh Samui with first-class amenities and exemplary hospitality service. The only thing you have to do is search on the internet to find the type of beach resort that will meet your needs and your budget. To have an idea on what you can expect from the beach resort, visit the website’s gallery. When you check the official website of the hotel, you will also find current deals and promos that will help reduce your expenses. To book at the perfect hotel for you, take a look at these ideas.

Read reviews and testimonials

The good thing about reading reviews and testimonials is that you will get an idea what other customers have to say about the resort. Come up with a shortlist of at least three of five beach resorts and compare customer feedback. You can also check on independent or third party review sites to help you decide on the Villa Koh Samui that you are going to place your reservations from. You can find testimonials or feedback at the official website of the resort or from third party hotel review sites.

Choose a multi-awarded resort

You can also tell if the beach resort has excellent service when they are provided with awards and citations or recommendations by award-giving bodies in Thailand or even by international organizations. One of the most sought-after awardin the tourism and hospitality industry is the Certificate of Excellence awarded by TripAdvisor. Find out if the beach resort that you are considering has this award or if the hotel is considered as among the top 10% performing hotels in the industry. The recognition is based on the ratings given by customers on specific beach resorts.

Ask for referrals

If you know a friend who may have recently travelled to Thailand and booked in a Villa Koh Samui, ask for feedback especially on the hotel’s service.

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Galleria 10: The Finest 4-Star Experience Found In The Streets Of Sukhumvit

When one speaks of Sukhumvit, they usually talk about the western part of this magnificent boulevard, consisting of the Sois 1 through 63. Soi is the Thai word for street, and here all the streets that branch off from the main Sukhumvit road are referred to as Sois. The even numbered Sois are found branching off on the South-Western side, and the odd numbered Sois are on the North-Eastern side. These Soisare not frequented by those looking for traditional Thai tourist attractions but rather by those looking for quick shopping and street food. The posh streets of Sukhumvitare generally populated by expats who come to Thailand to settle down, and by Thailand’s more affluent. Also present in the area are a wide range of boutique hotels. These boutique hotels are generally the 4-star or 5-star hotels that generally play host to multinational guests and businesspeople. One among these is Galleria 10 which is considered as the best hotel in Sukhumvit and the neighbouring area, as a 4-star hotel.

The location-specific advantages of staying at Galleria 10 are enormous. It is very close to the Asok BTS Skytrain station, and so is easily connected to a lot of tourist attractions in Bangkok. What’s more, it is also located near the heart of Sukhumvit, so it is at a walkable distance from most of the restaurants and bars that surround the Sukhumvit area. It’s also located just a few minutes away from the world famous Terminal 21 mall in Bangkok. This mall houses more than 600 shops and is a paradise for shoppers. Due to the above reasons and those that are to follow, the honour of the best hotel in Sukhumvit must surely go to the Galleria 10.

The hotel itself has a wide range of rooms, and it has some great offers to help bring guests on board. Its most prestigious rooms include the club rooms, with which a guest can avail many exciting discounts and free coupons, such as a free 15 minute head spa, and free breakfast vouchers. The hotel also has some excellent dining options with some great Thai cuisine. If the guests are not particularly inclined to partake in Thai cuisine, they can visit any one of the nearby themed restaurants that offer all types of intercontinental cuisine.

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Personalized Ambience As The Key To The Success Of Boutique Hotels

The term boutique hotel was coined by Steve Rubel in the 1980’s. He used boutique hotel to describe Morgan’s property on Madison Avenue in Manhattan that has more than 10 rooms. If less than 10 rooms are being offered, a better term to be used is bed & breakfast or inn. In Thailand, boutique hotel in Sukhumvit offers a range of rooms from the comfy, cosy, classy and connecting rooms that make guests feel at home.

Boutique hotels are undoubtedly popular for today’s generation of travellers because of the more personal ambience. The property usually exudes an engaging personality which the target audience finds comfortable. Many of the more affluent travellers express their preference for boutique hotels because of its uniqueness from the uniformed staff, interior décor and food and beverage options. Hotel guests are willing to pay extra for the experience.

Boutique hotels are not quaint or old fashioned. Usually boutique hotels have been the result of renovated structures or traditional historic hotels. Some have been newly built and developed in the past 30 years with standardized features. Some are independently owned and managed while others are a part of a hotel chain. Boutique hotels that have been developed through the franchise system are more standardized with an international/local reservation system and marketing program for brand presence.

The boutique market seized the opportunity when big hotels minimized or eliminated food and beverage service. Boutique hotels developed the amenity into a feature that generated a profitable cash flow. Empty spaces in the hotel roof were transformed into rooftop cocktail bars while the pool side and garden became an exclusive dining venue.

Boutique hotels have sprouted in unattractive locations that are outside the usual tourist zones. As a result, the boutique hotel was able to offer more intimacy with more opportunity for local interaction. Levels of luxury and comfort were also increased to become more distinctive.

The stylish and modern boutique hotel in Sukhumvit is situated in the urban jungle of Bangkok. The hotel has an open concept design to create a light, cool and calming environment that effectively harmonizes with the modern and contemporary ambience of Sukhumvit.

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Pattaya 4 Star Hotel For Practical And Fun-Loving Tourists

If you have enough budget and you want to spend for a luxurious holiday in Thailand, booking in a 5 star hotel is the best way to go. However, if you have the budget but you want to practical with your expenses, a Pattaya 4 star hotel is where you should book your reservations from. One of the reasons is that if you would take a closer look at it, there is not much difference between a 5 star hotel and a 4 star one. Both hotel types have concierge, valet parking, open restaurants and 24-hour room services. However, in a 5 star hotel, these services are automatic and are available 24/7. For a 4 star hotel, guests have to request for these services to be available.

Aside from minimal difference in terms of service availability, a 4 star hotel is also a practical option for those who want to experience optimum luxury in their hotel accommodation without having to pay the price of an exclusive 5 star hotel. You can find Pattaya 4 star hotel that offers luxury suites that are also found in 5 star hotels and both have the same ritzy amenities that its guests can enjoy. The only difference between the two is its service availability. While services in 5 star hotels are automatic and are already included in the rates, services in 4 star hotels are optional and needs to be requested.

When you book in a 4 star hotel, you get to save money on your accommodation without having to compromise the quality of your vacation. You can use the savings in getting into water activities, island hopping and other water-related enjoyment in the island.

You just have to note that 4 star hotels are in demand during peak season.  If you want to stay in a Pattaya 4 star hotel, it would be best to book a room in advance even during low season to save money and at the same time, to ensure that you will have a hotel to stay in during your holiday.

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