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Positive Feedback On The Use Of Technology For Pest Control

It is very likely that you have heard of artificial intelligence (AI). Artificial intelligence is very prominent in chat bots, virtual assistants and conversational tools that companies use to enhance customer service, productivity and efficiency of operations.

On the other hand, AI is also being used today in sectors like agriculture to produce better crops. For example, one of the tools used by seed retailers applies artificial intelligence to analyse agricultural data and create the best corn crops. Pest control firms are also making use of AI-based image recognition technology for the efficient identification of threats from different types of bugs and vermin.

Geneticists are making use of artificial intelligence to produce the best corn crops; meanwhile, Retokil is using AI for pest control purposes. Most of the companies’ 5,000 technicians are using their Android phones to download a mobile app developed by Accenture to identify bugs. When a technician comes across a new type of bug or rodent, he takes a picture of the pest for identification through PestID app. The app works through Google’s image classification and machine learning software that sifts through pest images to properly identify the pest.

Once positive identification has been made, the app will immediately recommend an appropriate solution that has been pre-populated to assist the technician on the right treatment plan including the necessary chemicals to be used and recommendations to homeowners to avoid the recurrence of pest infestation.

According to technicians, Accenture’s PestID app is very crucial to pest control because different pests require a specific chemical for treatment. Every time that a technician takes a picture of a pest, it enhances the recognition and classification capabilities of ML algorithms.

Technicians in North America that are using the Accenture app are sending very positive feedback regarding their pest control experiences because they are able to work with new technology.

If you notice that the pest population in your home or office can no longer be controlled through over-the-counter solutions, call pest control in Perth for immediate assistance. Only the right eco-friendly solutions will be used to ensure that the home and workplace is safe and free from pests.

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Top Tips In Choosing Contractors For Building Inspections In Gold Coast

Pests around your property are not only unsightly; they can also harm your health, your family and even your pets. To ensure that you will effectively get rid of those hazardous pests, hire reputable contractor that specialize in building inspections in Gold Coast. A few search on the internet will give you numerous pest controllers but to find the right one, you need to be more meticulous. Here are some ideas.

Ask for contractor’s license

One of the important aspects that you should check from a pest contractor is the company’s license. The company should be able to meet the safety standards required by the Health Department that allows them to conduct building inspections in Gold Coast. Aside from the license, make sure that the company that you are going to hire comes with insurance. This will give you the assurance that any damage incurred on your property during the extermination process will be properly compensated.

Offers site inspection for free

Home owners and building managers are not experts when it comes to pest control and extermination so it would be better to leave the job to the experts. The contractors know how to the right techniques in exterminating pests including ways to prevent them from coming back. Choose a pest controller that offers free building inspection to minimize the costs.

Customize service

Every property or building has a unique pest problem. Therefore, the extermination approach should be tailored to the issue and not utilized with a generic approach. The building inspections in Gold Coast should be done thoroughly in order to provide the right solutions to particular pest problems. Pest control differs depending on the type of parasites or insects including where they are dwelling. There are specific solutions for ticks, termites, mosquitoes, rodents etc. choose a pest controller that uses safe, water-base and environment-friendly solutions or products to get rid of pests. Gather the necessary information and call expert service providers to do the building inspections around your premises. This way, you can eliminate those harmful pests in your property.

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4 Common Signs Of Blocked Drains

Drain issues need to resolve right away. Otherwise, you will be inconvenienced and a neglected plumbing issue may even cause further damage on your piping system. This is the reason why it is important for you to determine regular blocked drains that can be resolved by DIY methods or when it’s time to call for a professional plumbing engineer for solutions. Here are unmistakable signs that there is something wrong with your drain.

Slow draining

When you noticed that water no longer runs smoothly on your drain, this could possibly mean that something is blocking its way. For toilet or bathroom drains, soap scum and hair is the usual culprit while food particles and hardened used oil are the usual causes of blocked sink drain. You can try resolving the issue with DIY solutions such as pouring hot water on the drain but if this doesn’t work, call a professional plumber for solutions.

Sulphurous smell from the drain

Another reason to call for a qualified plumber is when you notice foul stench emanating from the drain. This occurrence usually connote that there’s a rotting rodent or trapped elements in your piping system. This cannot be resolved by DIY solutions. Call a qualified plumber to solve the issue.

Overflowing sink and toilets

You can also tell that you have blocked drains when your toilet or sink is overflowing. This needs to be resolved immediately since you run the risk of flooding your house which could damage your carpets, appliances and other items in the house. Drying your things would also a great inconvenience especially when this happens at night. Do not use the toilet or sink temporarily when this happens.

Gurgling sound

A gurgling sound is a sure indication something is blocking your drain pipes. You can mix 1/3 cup of baking and 1/3 cup of vinegar and pour it into blocked drains. Leave it for an hour or overnight then pour boiling water into the drain to eliminate gunk, silt and other elements that prevent the smooth running of water along the drain and pipes.

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