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$51M NYC Mansion To Be The Place For 2018 Kips Bay Decorator Show

For any home decoration company like BD Decorators, it’s a great honor to be called to decorate any popular home or to be called to display their work in a home decoration show.

For this year’s Kips Bay Decorator Show, an affluent mansion, located in the Big Apple’s Upper East Side, will act as the canvas for the decoration expo’s chosen decorators.

The mansion is located at 110 East 76th Street, NYC and is valued at $51 million. It was listed by developer Joseph Chetrit, back in 2017, one of three large and affluent townhouses on East 76th Street. All three mansions were made via combining six brownstones into a few, but large megamansions, with the price tags appropriate for their scale. The smallest is 13,000ft2, the largest is 15,000ft2, with the cheapest at $39 million. The home to be used for the Decorator Show is the most expensive of the three.

Over 20 interior designers were chosen for the event, and will decorate one of the many, many, rooms of the mansion as part of the show, which happens at May 2018.

Organized and handled by the Kips Bay Boys & Girls Club, the event has attracted the attention of decorators like BD Decorators, as the best and most notable of interior events in the Big Apple, with designers like Victoria Hagan and Thom Filicia having participated in the past.

This new canvas will have plenty of space for the designers to work their magic, as the 15,000ft2 home has a staggering eight bedrooms, with a master suite so big, it’s larger than most of New York’s apartments. Additionally, the mansion features 10 bathrooms, a fully-landscaped backyard with a roof terrace, and other myriad features, perfect for the decorators hoping to flex their creative muscles.

The East 76th Street townhouse continues the show’s tradition of using affluent and on-the-market townhouse as the canvas for its decorators. Back in 2017, China Institute’s former Upper East Side HQ was used as the backdrop for the show, while Extell’s Carlton House mansion and the Arthur Sachs mansion on East 66th Street were the backdrops for 2016 and 2015, respectively.

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The Growing Trend For LED Outdoor Strip Lighting

There are many ways to improve the curb appeal of a home. One option is through LED outdoor strip lighting in Australia that is well coated to ensure water resistance. The LED strip lights usually come with adhesive backing to make installation more efficient. Not only will the lights bring new life to the home; it will add the necessary illumination when you have outdoor parties.

According to Ken Rutkowski, president of Encore Landscape Lighting, LED is becoming a big trend in outdoor lighting. LED landscape lights are available in a variety of styles that can illuminate steps, walkways and pathways. There are also up and down lights, wall washers, in-ground lights, hard-scape lights, step and deck lights, wall scones and underwater lights.

Michigan has the more popular lights at around 3000 Kelvins thatcan provide a brighter, more natural light. Kelvin is a unit of measurement for light hue. The higher the Kelvin value, the closer the light colour will be to natural sunlight.

Aside from the standard light types, a homeowner also has a choice from red, green, blue and white colours that are rapidly gaining popularity in Smartphone apps that control light colours. Installers of LED lights are also seeing a trend among homeowners for both LED lights and more muted outdoor lighting systems. Almost of all the projects associated to lighting almost always include LED lights.

Homeowners usually go for subtle soft-wash lighting for the house including the trees. Instead of the old style large pathway lights, homeowners prefer new lights that are 21 to 22 inches high but smaller in diameter because they are less intrusive and provide the same amount of illumination. For accent lighting, many prefer LED rope lights or LED strip lights that can be installed along the fence or the deck railings.

If you are looking for a trendy and cost effective way to put some accents outside the home, your best option is LED outdoor strip lighting in Australia that is extremely versatile. You can use the single colour LED strand or the multicolour that displays red, blue, green or white hues. Colours can be manipulated through a Smartphone app.

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Cape Town To Become The First City To Run Out Of Water

One of the common issues faced by a household is low water pressure even if the pipes are newly installed. There are several possible causes and helpful tips to improve water pressure before you buy a water booster. Sometimes, the reason for low water pressure is clogged pipes which can easily be fixed by a plumber. It is also possible that the city is delivering water at low pressure or less than 40 psi.

Cape Town is one of the world’s popular tourist destinations but it will soon be known as the first city in the world to run out of water. Based on the most recent projections, water could run out as early as March because for the past three years there was very low rainfall which cannot sustain the growing demand from the population. The solution being undertaken by the government is desalination plants to make sea water drinkable. There are also groundwater collection projects and programs for water recycling.

Meanwhile the residents of Cape Town are required to conserve water with usage not exceeding 87 liters or 19 gallons a day. Car washing and filling up of swimming pools are also banned. Even the visiting cricket Indian team was affected by water shortage because they were required to limit their post-match showers to only 2 minutes.

Water-related problems are experienced all over the world and yet many people still waste the valuable resource. Up to 80% of water is wasted from leaking pipes while 50% trickles away from ageing infrastructure.

A growing number of technology companies are working towards water management or the application of smart solutions to fix water issues efficiently. One example is CityTaps, a French company that hopes to streamline water access in urban homes through smart water meters that are connected to an internet-based management system.

On the other hand, it is important for households to be properly informed on tips to improve water pressure because better water management can reduce electricity and chemicals used. Individuals can pave the way for innovative solutions and adopt them quicker than water utilities that are sometimes restricted by regulatory constraints.

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Homes For Sale Dartmouth Relatively Remain Affordable

The real estate business in Canada is experiencing an inflation of housing prices. It has greatly affected areas of Halifax and Dartmouth in Nova Scotia. The property is now looked at as a precious metal rather than an essential residence for you and your family. What it means is having the homes for sale Dartmouth a luxury over a necessity.

According to franchise owner in HRM, Shannon Gavin, “The average selling price of parts of the HRM is below $250,000. A husband and wife are both earning a minimum wage and have some savings, they can afford to buy the property.

Halifax is pretty much happy compared to other provincial capitals in terms of housing costs, according to real estate figures The Coast taken from CREA’s average price map and website

To buy homes for sale Dartmouth, you need to earn a minimum of $23,634 annually. For Halifax’s renowned south-end homes, it is offered at an average of $503,961. If you are buying this house, you need to make $66,870 annually for affordability.

In British Columbia, all major industries have an average weekly income of $1,072, which is totaled $51,474 annually over the average that Nova Scotians make.

Despite the boundaries, Ms. Gavin doesn’t feel that HRM is wholly in a purchaser’s market yet.

“Certainly, they are in some areas, but specific neighborhoods have unquestionably leaned in to a more stable market, especially with less inventory, however, buyers are getting ready to find that special home, she says.

It is compared to the average household income needed to pay property taxes, mortgage payments, utilities for a condo/single family detached home. The story is actually similar to RBC’s Canadian Housing Affordability index. Toronto and Vancouver, based on last reports, continue to trend away from affordability, while Halifax declined to its most affordable housing levels ever since the mid80s. This is such a big difference although Dartmouth and Halifax’s real estate business remain thriving.

Ms. Gavin doesn’t make any striking forecast about the future of HRM’s real estate business. However, homes for sale Dartmouth is fairly stable to continue the natural flows and ebbs.

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Have Your Vision Examined By Eye Exam In Jannali For Reliable Prescriptions

Various health information are now just few taps away on your smartphone, from the number of steps you take daily, to how well you sleep at night. But what if you have to use your computer and phone to test your vision? One company is doing that; and for some reasons, eye care specialists are somehow concerned about this technique. There are also few states banning it. If you live in Southern Sydney, it may be great to visit and have an eye exam in Jannali for good vision.

Opternative, a Chicago-based company is doing this type of test. The site will ask you few questions about your overall health and your eyesight. It even asks for your shoe size to know the right distance from the computer monitor. You hold your smartphone and utilize the Web browser to respond to questions about what you see on the computer screen.

Like a conventional eye test, you read and determine letters, lines and shapes for about 30 minutes.

According to Opternative CEO Aaron Dallek, “We try to determine how bad your vision is, so we’re testing your vision to failure.”

Partnered with an optometrist, Dallek co-founded the company while searching for ways to provide eye exams on the Internet.

Dallek says they have 65,000 signing up for the tests. It’s absolutely free but you need to pay $40 for a doctor to review the online results, while he sends an email for a prescription of glasses or contacts.

However, there are some eye care professionals questioning the tests. Atlanta optometrist Minty Nguyen said there’s no better way than to have the eye checked by a licensed medical practitioner.

For an eye exam in Jannali, the health exams will try to search for possible problems like cataracts and glaucoma.

Opternativecan be accessed in at least 34 states. However, the company is being scrutinized for its test program. In Michigan, Indiana and Georgia, the tests have been considered illegitimate.

According to the American Academy of Ophthalmology, the tests may be appropriate for adults aged 18 to 39 wanting an update for their prescription. However, they still need regular visits to an eye doctor.

The agency has asked FDA to pull Opternative out of the market. So if in Sydney, have an eye exam in Jannali for a guaranteed prescription.

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PD Drives And Patios Ltd:  Benefits Of Hiring Professionals

You can always opt to clean your driveway, patio and even weed your garden. That would be cost-effective since you will not spend for the services. However, doing the project on your own can be time-consuming and unless you have the expertise yourself, you could have a hard time matching the results which can only be delivered by professionals such as PD Drives and Patios Ltd or the installer of your choice. Here are some of the benefits of hiring a professional installer.

Clean and tidy workmanship

Professional installers are trained and experts in handling jobs so you can be sure that after the project is completed, they will leave the area tidy and mess-free. The workmanship is also exemplary because they have ample experience on the field with over a decade of installing driveways and enhancing gardens and its numerous aspects.


When you hire professional installers such as PD Drives and Patios Ltd, you can be sure that the materials will be managed well, thereby reducing your expenses. Professional installers are also efficient in utilizing time so you can expect for the project to be completed within expected turnaround time. Choose a professional installer that works directly with their customers to ensure that the costs are low.

Equipped with the right tools

Another positive thing about hiring professional service providers is they have the right tools and equipment necessary to deliver an impressive workmanship along with the right set of skills in using the tools. Aside from finishing the project in less time, they get to do the project with precision to help you obtain exactly the type of result that you have in mind.

Trusted by more customers

To find out if the installer such as PD Drives and Patios Ltd is trusted by customers, find time to read reviews and customer testimonials. They are generally found on the installer’s website or you can also find them in forums and independent review sites. You might also want to get direct feedback from former customers of the service provider. Ask for the contact information and talk with the customer for recommendations.

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