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The Trend Of Fast Food Merchandise

If you are looking for a corporate merchandise to give away to a company event or conference, you might be surprised to know that there is a variety of fast food merchandise available. They are not your typical merchandise which is usually customized mugs, pens, t-shirts or pins. Here are the latest and weirdest products in the market brought to us by fast food brands.

Flame-Grilled Perfume from Burger King. If you are not a fan of fried chicken but is addicted to the smell of grilling meat topped with various condiments then this product is for you. The sad news is that it was only a limited edition perfume released in Japan back in 2015. It retailed for $41 and comes with a free Whopper when you buy.

Fried Chicken Sunscreen from KFC. If you are always on the beach with your sunscreen and loves fried chicken, the sunscreen made by KFC is recommended for you. This product was released by the company in 2016 and the sunscreen has SPF 30 which they referred to as the extra crispy factor. The scent is very similar to the popular chicken of the fast food chain. It may sound disgusting to you but the 3,000 bottles manufactured by the company was sold out as soon as it was launched through KFC’s website.

Phone Charger In A Chicken Box From KFC. In this day of smartphone and internet, a portable phone charger is one of the most important discoveries. KFC in India created what they refer to as Watt A Box which is a chicken box that comes with portable phone charger. It comes with a USB as well as a charging dock.

DJ Decks from A Pizza Hut box. If you don’t have the budget for decks and aux-cord is not meeting your standard, Pizza Hut has the solution – a cardboard DJ check that was actually working. It was the same price as the pizza from the company. The fast food chain said that it works by plugging the battery to the deck and connecting the user’s phone through Bluetooth. It can handle any DJ application on the phone.

If you are not impressed with these options, you can order typical corporate merchandise or try future releases to surprise your employees.

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New Vaping Trend Popular With Teenagers

JUUL is the new vaping trend among teenagers because the e-cigarette is so small that it can be hidden inside a closed fist. According to Mil Schooley, a student from Denver who is 18 years old, majority of her friends have already been using JUUL. She estimated that between 50 to 60 per cent of her college friends have taken on the trend which started during the summer. People who are into vaping products such as vape wire might have heard about JUUL.

The trend is now taking over teenagers who are posting on Twitter about their vape pen and how they are able to use them while in class. Researchers have also admitted that there is a considerable increase in vaping especially in young adults and teenagers.

According to Oberlin College’s substance addiction researcher, Meghan Morean, they have seen the product in college campuses as well as high schools. She said that her friend, a teacher in high school, has already reached out to her because of their major problem involving students and their e-cigarettes.

Researchers are still unsure of the long-term effects of e-cigarette to the human body. The liquid used is a composition of flavors, propylene glycol, nicotine/hash oils and vegetable glycerine. They admitted that they are not sure whether the vapor is really harmless since the person vaping will still have to inhale hot chemicals.

Researchers still warn about e-cigarettes that contain nicotine because the drug is known to damage the development of the brain and can be very addictive. Through vaping, nicotine can be taken in high doses and experts are anxious because the new generation are already onboard the vaping trend which could lead to nicotine dependence in the future.

Morean said that the major reason for the popularity of JUUL and other vape pens in the market is that teens will be able to use them indoors because these do not release a stench or gather unwanted attention.

For those unfamiliar, vapes can come in various flavors and accessories such as vape wire for those who are into customization and this is the reason why teenagers have been so fascinated with the trend.

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When To Get Into A Rehab Facility In California

Today is the perfect day to get into a Rehab facility in California if you are addicted to drugs or harmful substance. The earlier you seek help, the faster you can get out on the pit of self-destruction. Drug and substance abuse should not be taken lightly. A person hooked to drugs or alcohol should immediately seek help to prevent his/her condition from worsening. However, there are a number of factors that should be considered to avoid relapse and ensure successful treatment from a facility. Here are someideas to help you decide.

When you have arrived at a decision

Even if the people around you are willing to helpbut you are not ready to accept it, there is a good chance that the rehabilitation process would not be successful and the efforts might just go to waste. Admitting into a rehabilitation centre requires personal decision, commitment and personal willingness.When getting into a facility is a personal decision, its success rate is higher especially if there is support from the patient’s loved ones and family.

When you are physically ready

Physical preparedness is also important before you get into a Rehab facility in California. Even if the person is interested to get clean, there are circumstances that might prevent the person from getting admitted into a facility. For instance, persons with medical conditions including pregnant women might be advised to forego the heavy detoxification process and get treated or deliver first before they are medically treated against addiction. Although a professional doctor would assess if the person can get into a detox process even if he has other medical conditions, withdrawal syndrome can be difficult.

Financial considerations

Practically speaking, a Rehab facility in California can be expensive especially if you would choose a centre with world-class facilities and gourmet dishes.To lower your expenses, you might want to check your insurance coverage to determine if you can use it against your expenses. You can also consult your family or loved ones for ideas and you can also talk with your management to see if you have rehabilitation programs in your office.

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The Facts About Braces Programs In The Mail

If you are fond of following social media influencers in Instagram, you might have seen some of them showing off their invisible braces or their retainers which comes with a promotional code on the caption. It has taken the world by surprise that the orthodontic accessory is now considered a trend which prompts many to follow with the concept and many are taking interest with the advertisement. It is important to note that recommendations for best method of orthodontics that will suit you should be coming from professionals and should not be influenced by these posts alone.

Smile Direct Club is one of the most popular companies nowadays because of its mail-in program that allows patient to have their aligners in a more convenient manner. The process starts with the company sending a kit to the patient’s house which will be used to create 3D mold of their teeth. The mold is then sent to dental professional that will make the retainer plan and the patient will be sent a preview of hoe their future smile will be. The patient will then go to the dentist for a basic check-up. After which, they will just need to wait for their aligners to be sent through the mail and they are ready to be worn.

Many would ask why people would choose this method compared to the traditional one and the answer would be because it is cheaper. According to the website, the new method is 60 per cent cheaper compared to the traditional one.

This is one of the reasons why there is orthodontics that are not happy with the said services. If the patients are only paying almost half the traditional price, does this mean that their aligners is not as effective as the traditional braces?

If you check the website of Smile Direct, you will be overwhelmed with positive reviews and before and after photos that shows that changes among those who have tried the aligners. This does not mean that there are no negative reviews as there are a handful of reviewers that said their aligners did not work wonders for them. Dental professionals said that aligners can produce positive result but is not always the case for all patients. This is the reason why visiting a professional is recommended because they know the best method of orthodontics that will work for every patient.

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The Universal Healthcare Of Thailand And What It Can Impart To The World

Universal healthcare is now the goal of every country in the world. Not everyone is able to do so and the prospect remains as one of their goals. A number of them, however, have already started applying the coverage scheme of the universal healthcare system. We all know the importance of health insurance in Thailand and everywhere in the world because of the rising costs in medical expenses. This is why many countries are pushing for universal healthcare. Let us look at Thailand for example. The leaders are currently at the top of their game as they have implemented the healthcare reform that wanted without spending too much.

According to a data back in 2000, about one-fourth of the total population of Thailand are not under any insurance coverage while others have existing policies that does not cover full protection. Because of this, the country experienced a crisis in the healthcare department. Over 170,000 children that are aged five years and below passed away that same year ad about two-thirds of that number is caused by infectious diseases that could have been prevented. Around 20 per cent of the household in Thailand that are poor fell into deeper state of poverty because they have to pay for their healthcare expenses out of their own pockets.

It was the following year that Thailand launched the UCS or Universal Coverage Scheme. This was referred to as one of the most ambitious reforms to happen in healthcare that was implemented in a developing nation. Under the UCS, citizens will have access to outpatient, emergency and inpatient care depending on what they need.

The reform was implemented to all the provinces of Thailand a year after it was launched. As of 2011, around 98 per cent of the total population or 48 million citizens are already covered by UCS. This is why it has been tagged that the country has one of the best systems when it comes to health insurance in Thailand despite the fact that it is only a developing country. There are many factors that contributed to its success such as the support system and the wide reach of the scheme.

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Taronga Zoo Receiving Heat After Using 1080 Poison To Eliminate Pest Foxes

Taronga Zoo is now being targeted by animal rights groups because they are found to have been using a type of poison that is quite controversial. The poison is used to eliminate pest foxes that are roaming around the grounds of the zoo. There are many methods used in pest control in Sydney but using the 1080 poison is quite a controversial issue since many countries have already put a ban on the product. The poison is given to the pest through CPE or Canid Pest Ejector equipment which is responsible for spraying the poison inside the mouth of the animal.

There are a number of animal rights groups that are opposed to the method including the Animal Liberation NSW and the RSPCA Australia. According to them, the poison administered slow death which can be very painful and it does not target specific pests alone. It can be mistakenly sprayed on wild animals, cats or dogs in the area.

Despite the complaints, Taronga Zoo is adamant that they are using the chemical in a way that is not only safe but responsible as well. As with dogs and cats being at risk, the management said that the chance is quite negligible.

A representative of the zoo said that they are not willing to risk the safety of their animals since there have been numerous cases wherein foxes are involved. They have killed 3 quokkas and 12 baby penguins already which started in the late 90s.

The spokesperson also said that they use pest-control methods that inflict low suffering as much as possible and baiting is only done as a last option. When it comes to foxes, they have to act fast and other methods have already been proven to be ineffective considering the fact that they pose a direct threat to the zoo animals.

The zoo stands their ground in their choice of pest control in Sydney since the Local Land Services experts are the ones who recommended the 1080 to be the best bait for their case. Taronga Zoo guarantees that the use of the pesticide in public places is done responsibly to minimize potential risk to the community.

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