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Kevin Grangier Hires Ex-Wolfgang Puck Chef

A soon-to-open Louisville restaurant will be getting an international chef, once a worker in a Los Angeles Best Rehab facility, to handle its kitchen operations.

Former Wolfgang Puck chef Robert Rice, a Le Cordon Bleu graduate, has been hired by Kevin Grangier to act as the executive chef for his new Louisville restaurant concept, the Grassa Gramma Italian Restaurant. This new eatery will open at 2201 Holiday Manor Center, located in the 7,000 ft2 space that once held the Emperor of China restaurant for three decades. The restaurant has been under development, with the space being renovated since 2017, and is expected to open sometime in Summer of 2018.

Rice grew up in Maryland’s Chesapeake Bay, and first got into cuisine from his grandmother, herself a hotel manager and cook, who showed Rice how to cook with whatever ingredients were on hand, a trait that he put to use throughout his career, which he’ll be bringing to the new Louisville eatery.

Rice spent time working as a prep cook in one of Wolfgang Puck’s cafes, helping the worldwide cuisine icon open new branches at the age of 26, in countries like Canada and Kuwait, before he graduated from the Le Cordon Bleu in Pasadena, California. He was then promoted to sous chef for the company, before becoming executive chef for the brand’s flagship training store.

Rice then acted as consultant for popular brands, like Cobra & Matadors, Cha Cha’s Latin Cuisine, and Alma Noveand Wahlberg’s fine dining Italian Eatery at Boston.

Then, in 2012, he left corporate cuisine, becoming the director of food service and executive chef for the Los Angeles’ Midnight Mission, Southern California’s largest homeless and Los Angeles Best Rehab facility.

Rice and Grangier met when the former was brought to Louisville thanks to his fiancé. Grangier says that they are working together to finalize the team for Grassa Gramma kitchen team, with which they hope to create a love letter to Italian-American cuisine that they expect to take the Louisville community by storm.

The Grassa Gramma restaurant will be offering authentic Northern and Southern Italian cuisine, including house-made pasta, sauces, pizzas, and others. Dinner entree prices will cost from $15-$27, whilst lunch entrees will cost from $12-$16.

This new restaurant will be the fourth concept by Grangier’s Belle Noble Entertainment Group LLC, which also owns and operates the Le Moo Fine Steak House, The Village Anchor/The Sea Hag Pub and Kevin’s Picnic.

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Jackson Drug And Alcohol Rehab Center Relocates


Late in May, one of Mississippi’s local drug and alcohol rehab centers relocated to a new site in the city, reportedly to allow for greater access to addiction treatment services, as well as to cut down on the stigma currently associated with substance use disorders.

The Pathway Healthcare, with its Best Outpatient Rehab operations, officially moved to the Baptist Medical Center on the 29th of May, Tuesday. Several key political figures were present at the opening ceremony, with Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant and former Senator Rick Santorum witnessing the ribbon-cutting that marked the official relocation of the facility.

Pathway’s Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Brent Boyett, says that the move is an important move because it will reduce the stigma present in the local community, an outlook that keeps a lot of people suffering from substance use disorders from heading for their nearest Best Outpatient Rehab facility and seeking professional help.

Pathway Healthcare CEO Scott Olson expressed his support of Boyett’s statement, saying that the relocation of the facility to a hospital setting will also help with getting addiction treatment into the mainstream healthcare field, which will be good for the people suffering from addiction, as it’ll make them more comfortable with seeking help.

A report from the Mississippi State Department of Health released on April, revealed that the state of Mississippi, not only the city of Jackson, was in need of easier access to addiction treatment and assistance. The state’s Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) says that there’s about 121,000 people in the state that who are in need of addiction treatment services. The problem is that the state only has about 665 beds across 39 inpatient and outpatient facilities with certification from the Mississippi Department of Mental Health. SAMHSA says that Mississippians are in need of more beds for substance abuse treatment as, currently, they are forced to wait months before being assigned an open bed.

Representatives from Pathway Healthcare says that they have taken note of this report, and that they will be working  to increase the availability of addiction treatment services, not only for Mississippi, but for the whole of America.

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Enjoy Life To The Fullest With Dental Implants

A few decades ago, the best solution for persons with missing teeth was partial or full dentures. Today, dental implants are considered as the best substitute for missing teeth because it looks and functions like the real ones. If you are still undecided about dental implants, Franklin dental clinic infographic will help you make a confident decision.

For many people, summer means grilling steaks and corn on a cob in the backyard. However, how will you enjoy the summer treats when you have missing teeth? It certainly hurts to chew the food. The best solution to your missing teeth is dental implants that resemble and function like the real thing.

Dental implants are made from medical-grade titanium that is designed to encourage the formation of bone. Dental implants are also used to support tooth restorations and a number of dental prosthetics like crowns, implant-supported bridges and dentures. Dental implants have changed the way that dentistry is being performed today. However, there is lots of inaccurate information that make people wary of dental implants.

A significant amount of research was completed to enhance the way dental implants are used. If compared to all dental procedures and oral care treatments, dental implants have the highest rates of success at 94%. The first titanium dental implant that was made on a patient in 1965 is still functioning today.

The success of dental implants is based on being able to gather accurate information and diagnosis of existing structure where the implants will be placed. The dentists also analyses bone quality and quantity and anatomic hurdles where the implants will be placed. The hurdles include the nerve in the lower jaw that runs through the mandible on both sides. The best source of information to determine the hurdles is dental CAT scan that will produce a fully interactive 3-D view of the patient’s jaw, bones, sinuses, nasal airway and lower airway.

Your best source of information to help you decide on a dental procedure is Franklin dental clinic info graph that explains oral health in the simplest way possible. Do not allow fear to affect your judgment because a beautiful smile can enhance your self esteem and confidence.

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Shortage Of Podiatrists In Proper Treatment Of Type 2 Diabetes

The foot is one of the important parts of the body that works so hard that they need some care and attention. When the foot is injured due to sports or other physical activities, the podiatrist in Bankstown will treat the cause of the problem, not only the symptoms. Therapy for sports injuries can include foot massage, stretching and straightening exercises.

Diabetics suffer the serious consequences of the disease like extreme pain on the feet, depression and poor quality of life. Proper care and prevention of diabetic feet is important to prevent limb amputation, disability and death.

According to Auditor General, Kieran Donnelly, the lack of podiatrists to treat people suffering from Type 2 diabetes in the Western Trust must be the focus of the Department of Health’s workforce plan for 2019. Donnelly further said that the shortfall is affecting the local sufferers of the disease. At least 6% of adults in the North have Type 2 diabetes.

The newly published “Type 2 diabetes prevention and care” pointed to the fact that as far back as 2003, a joint diabetes taskforce has already identified a significant shortfall in key medical disciplines to deliver diabetes care. This includes the shortage of podiatrists who are critical in the proper treatment of Type 2 diabetes. Potential foot symptoms can be missed often leading to extreme cases that will require amputation.

In 2003, it was estimated that at least 76 podiatrists will be needed to meet the demand in the North. There were only 36 podiatrists, a shortfall of 40. Mr. Donnelly’s report also shows that in the last 5 years, there were considerable investments but workforce planning remains to the biggest problem. The workforce plan that is being developed for 2019 has identified the shortfall in the number of dieticians, podiatrists, diabetes-specialized nurses, psychologists and consultants for diabetes care.

Remember that experiencing pain on the feet is not normal. To make sure that you do not have a serious health condition, consult with podiatrist in Bankstown for an in-depth assessment. It is not only sports and physical activities that can cause injuries on the feet. It can be a dermatological problem, posture or biomechanics or skin condition.


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The Trend Of Fast Food Merchandise

If you are looking for a corporate merchandise to give away to a company event or conference, you might be surprised to know that there is a variety of fast food merchandise available. They are not your typical merchandise which is usually customized mugs, pens, t-shirts or pins. Here are the latest and weirdest products in the market brought to us by fast food brands.

Flame-Grilled Perfume from Burger King. If you are not a fan of fried chicken but is addicted to the smell of grilling meat topped with various condiments then this product is for you. The sad news is that it was only a limited edition perfume released in Japan back in 2015. It retailed for $41 and comes with a free Whopper when you buy.

Fried Chicken Sunscreen from KFC. If you are always on the beach with your sunscreen and loves fried chicken, the sunscreen made by KFC is recommended for you. This product was released by the company in 2016 and the sunscreen has SPF 30 which they referred to as the extra crispy factor. The scent is very similar to the popular chicken of the fast food chain. It may sound disgusting to you but the 3,000 bottles manufactured by the company was sold out as soon as it was launched through KFC’s website.

Phone Charger In A Chicken Box From KFC. In this day of smartphone and internet, a portable phone charger is one of the most important discoveries. KFC in India created what they refer to as Watt A Box which is a chicken box that comes with portable phone charger. It comes with a USB as well as a charging dock.

DJ Decks from A Pizza Hut box. If you don’t have the budget for decks and aux-cord is not meeting your standard, Pizza Hut has the solution – a cardboard DJ check that was actually working. It was the same price as the pizza from the company. The fast food chain said that it works by plugging the battery to the deck and connecting the user’s phone through Bluetooth. It can handle any DJ application on the phone.

If you are not impressed with these options, you can order typical corporate merchandise or try future releases to surprise your employees.

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New Vaping Trend Popular With Teenagers

JUUL is the new vaping trend among teenagers because the e-cigarette is so small that it can be hidden inside a closed fist. According to Mil Schooley, a student from Denver who is 18 years old, majority of her friends have already been using JUUL. She estimated that between 50 to 60 per cent of her college friends have taken on the trend which started during the summer. People who are into vaping products such as vape wire might have heard about JUUL.

The trend is now taking over teenagers who are posting on Twitter about their vape pen and how they are able to use them while in class. Researchers have also admitted that there is a considerable increase in vaping especially in young adults and teenagers.

According to Oberlin College’s substance addiction researcher, Meghan Morean, they have seen the product in college campuses as well as high schools. She said that her friend, a teacher in high school, has already reached out to her because of their major problem involving students and their e-cigarettes.

Researchers are still unsure of the long-term effects of e-cigarette to the human body. The liquid used is a composition of flavors, propylene glycol, nicotine/hash oils and vegetable glycerine. They admitted that they are not sure whether the vapor is really harmless since the person vaping will still have to inhale hot chemicals.

Researchers still warn about e-cigarettes that contain nicotine because the drug is known to damage the development of the brain and can be very addictive. Through vaping, nicotine can be taken in high doses and experts are anxious because the new generation are already onboard the vaping trend which could lead to nicotine dependence in the future.

Morean said that the major reason for the popularity of JUUL and other vape pens in the market is that teens will be able to use them indoors because these do not release a stench or gather unwanted attention.

For those unfamiliar, vapes can come in various flavors and accessories such as vape wire for those who are into customization and this is the reason why teenagers have been so fascinated with the trend.

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