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The Universal Healthcare Of Thailand And What It Can Impart To The World

Universal healthcare is now the goal of every country in the world. Not everyone is able to do so and the prospect remains as one of their goals. A number of them, however, have already started applying the coverage scheme of the universal healthcare system. We all know the importance of health insurance in Thailand and everywhere in the world because of the rising costs in medical expenses. This is why many countries are pushing for universal healthcare. Let us look at Thailand for example. The leaders are currently at the top of their game as they have implemented the healthcare reform that wanted without spending too much.

According to a data back in 2000, about one-fourth of the total population of Thailand are not under any insurance coverage while others have existing policies that does not cover full protection. Because of this, the country experienced a crisis in the healthcare department. Over 170,000 children that are aged five years and below passed away that same year ad about two-thirds of that number is caused by infectious diseases that could have been prevented. Around 20 per cent of the household in Thailand that are poor fell into deeper state of poverty because they have to pay for their healthcare expenses out of their own pockets.

It was the following year that Thailand launched the UCS or Universal Coverage Scheme. This was referred to as one of the most ambitious reforms to happen in healthcare that was implemented in a developing nation. Under the UCS, citizens will have access to outpatient, emergency and inpatient care depending on what they need.

The reform was implemented to all the provinces of Thailand a year after it was launched. As of 2011, around 98 per cent of the total population or 48 million citizens are already covered by UCS. This is why it has been tagged that the country has one of the best systems when it comes to health insurance in Thailand despite the fact that it is only a developing country. There are many factors that contributed to its success such as the support system and the wide reach of the scheme.

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Taronga Zoo Receiving Heat After Using 1080 Poison To Eliminate Pest Foxes

Taronga Zoo is now being targeted by animal rights groups because they are found to have been using a type of poison that is quite controversial. The poison is used to eliminate pest foxes that are roaming around the grounds of the zoo. There are many methods used in pest control in Sydney but using the 1080 poison is quite a controversial issue since many countries have already put a ban on the product. The poison is given to the pest through CPE or Canid Pest Ejector equipment which is responsible for spraying the poison inside the mouth of the animal.

There are a number of animal rights groups that are opposed to the method including the Animal Liberation NSW and the RSPCA Australia. According to them, the poison administered slow death which can be very painful and it does not target specific pests alone. It can be mistakenly sprayed on wild animals, cats or dogs in the area.

Despite the complaints, Taronga Zoo is adamant that they are using the chemical in a way that is not only safe but responsible as well. As with dogs and cats being at risk, the management said that the chance is quite negligible.

A representative of the zoo said that they are not willing to risk the safety of their animals since there have been numerous cases wherein foxes are involved. They have killed 3 quokkas and 12 baby penguins already which started in the late 90s.

The spokesperson also said that they use pest-control methods that inflict low suffering as much as possible and baiting is only done as a last option. When it comes to foxes, they have to act fast and other methods have already been proven to be ineffective considering the fact that they pose a direct threat to the zoo animals.

The zoo stands their ground in their choice of pest control in Sydney since the Local Land Services experts are the ones who recommended the 1080 to be the best bait for their case. Taronga Zoo guarantees that the use of the pesticide in public places is done responsibly to minimize potential risk to the community.

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Ways Technology Has Helped Recruitment In Healthcare

Technology has done quite a bit for the modern world. Like many other fields, healthcare has benefited greatly from advancements in technology. Not only has technology allowed healthcare to perform more efficiently, it has also allowed healthcare to accomplish feats once though impossible.

Likewise, the connected field of Healthcare Recruitment, which seeks out staff qualified to meet the rigors of healthcare, has also benefited a great deal from advancements in technology. As the demands for healthcare increase, so do the healthcare system’s need for more staff, which has lead some healthcare providers to go to professional recruitment firms for help.

Here are some ways Healthcare Recruitment had benefited from technology.

  • Global reach.
    • Technology has allowed healthcare recruiters to find their candidates from all across the globe. With technology making communication easier, recruitment efforts now have a wider scope to work with, all with the effort required to find an internet job board and type a few paragraphs. Additionally, some jobs can be done from home, which is convenient for providers, who can pay employees decent wages that fit their environment without too much cost due to differences in the foreign exchange rate, and employees, who are able to earn a living without the issues that are associated with commuting or transport.
  • Bias reduction.
    • A diverse workforce is quite the benefit in many fields, and healthcare is no exception, as such, providers aim for diversity whenever possible. Technology allows the use of software that filters out certain variables for recruitment purposes, allowing for blind recruitment, which omits personal info and leaves only skill as qualifications during recruitment, which allows for a diverse, but talented workforce in the field.
    • Besides the obvious answer of equipment, technology has also provided useful software for the Healthcare and Healthcare Recruitment industry. Information is archived and accessed with far greater ease, and recruits can be found and hired with less fuss. Apps have become a useful part of modern processes, and recruitment is no different, with candidates and providers finding one another through information found on apps.

Whilst there are some difficulties related to finding the right person to fill a job vacancy that may never be alleviated in some way, technology has done a great deal to optimize the recruitment process.

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Health Benefits Of Danang Spa Resort

There may be some point in your life where you can say that you are badly in need of rest and relaxation. You can go to a massage parlour or you can opt to book for plane tickets and at a luxurious Danang spa resort for an overall treatment to get rid of all the stresses and worries in life. There’s nothing like getting into a traditional therapeutic massage in a place where authentic traditional massage is offered. Here are some of the health benefits that you can get out of booking in a spa resort.

  • Peace of mind and isolation from the causes of your stress. When you book in a spa resort, you can enrol to a basic yoga class, get into daily health regimen aromatic therapy and other health and wellness techniques that eases the tensions of the mind and body. With the right massage approaches, your blood circulation increases including the flow of oxygen in your body. Apart from that, proper massage delivers the right nutrients to the different parts of the body and its cells.
  • Another advantage of booking in a Danang spa resort is that you can easily schedule for a wellness and treatment session that stimulates the lymphatic system. Ample stimulation of lymphatic system helps in removing toxins in the body thereby making your cells healthier. It will also promote anti-aging reactions on your cells.
  • Getting into a spa resort allows you to gain treatments that could get rid of your muscle pains and other bodily pains such as spasms in the muscles, arthritis and sciatica. A therapeutic massage is suitable for those who are physically stressed with urban activities and badly needs for the muscles to rest and rejuvenate.
  • With spa treatment including sauna allows your cells to breathe thereby giving you a glowing skin that will make you radiate.

A Danang spa resort can be in demand so it would be best to place your booking in advance especially during peak seasons. Booking in advance also allows you to gain discounts for room accommodations and other hotel services.

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How Do Funeral Directors Face The Sadness In Their Profession?

Being a funeral director is a difficult job because of the need to face sadness every time there is death. Doctors, paramedics, fire-fighters and the police also face death in their jobs but it is different because there are many instances when their quick response saves a life and turns a situation into a happy ending.

Come to think of it, how do funeral directors explain the different types of funeral services to a grieving family that lost a child or a husband to violence? Even if the loved one simply slipped away peacefully after a long bout of sickness, acceptance is still difficult for a family. Compassion is certainly an important part of a funeral director’s job but so with composure. How do the funeral directors facilitate the intersections of life and death several times in a day?

In an interview with, Bruce Humphrey of Humphrey Funeral Home said that they do not have to say anything except, sorry. They do not shake the hands of the bereaved family or make the effort to hug them. The presence of a funeral director is often enough because it shows that there is someone who will support them during the times of grief. Humphrey further said that it is wrong to say that he knows what the family is feeling because he does not have a real idea on what the family is feeling at the moment.

According to David Garvie of Ogden Funeral Homes, it is important to be calm in the face of an emotionally-charged situation. When confronted with death, a family experiences a traumatic situation so that the funeral director must strive to be the pillar of stability and compassion. When emotions are too high, Humphrey says it is better to give them space and be patient.

Facing death can be extremely stressful but you can gain support and compassion from the funeral directors in Perth. Making a decision on the funeral services can be tough but planning can be facilitated by the funeral director. He will discuss the more affordable option and whether you prefer cremation or the traditional burial at your chosen location.

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Workplace Safety Shifts In This Digital Age

Many things are changing in this digital age, from the way things are done in homes to the way things are done at work. In terms of work, workplace safety is definitely one that is undergoing changes.

Fortunately, many of the past issues workers used to worry about are starting to lessen due to how companies have updated the ways workers to stay safe while at the workplace. Here are some manifestations of the changes happening in this digital age to workplace safety.

Improved metal detectors

Many companies have installed walk-through metal detectors to make sure that no one is carrying knives, guns or any other hazardous weapons to the workplace. For someone walking through these metal detectors carrying prohibited items, the detector surely finds it.

This is the initial step in protecting a workplace. Today, it is rare to get past detectors due to these being improved compared to before and are now able to detect even the tiniest pieces of metal.

Bulletproof glass

Many financial institutions like banks have bulletproof glass windows. The bulletproof glass protects bank tellers and workers serving the public.

Increased security

Aside from the usual security guards, increasingly, companies now have digital security cameras. Another security feature of this digital age are motion lights. They protect the workplace outside in. If ever it happens that burglars get past the security guards or motion lights, they still get recorded in the security cameras.

3D visualization technology

This helps one see possible threats before they happen. This technology helps prepare for issues one didn’t see coming.


In sum, it is always best for companies to be prepared for any accident or crime. These tools do not only help workers feel safe while they are working, but these can also increase their productivity especially that they are confident of their safety. Still, this is just the start. More importantly, companies must have programs, services and rules designed to prevent injuries and accidents in their job. And as a result, if a health and safety audit in NZ is conducted, there will be no issues with a company’s health and safety standards.

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