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Some Important Features Of Reputed Schools In Bangkok Which Follow British Curriculum

A major concern for expats in Bangkok is to find a good school for their children. They want a good international school which offers educations at all levels, such as nursery, primary and secondary. The quality of education offered by the school plays an important role in the overall development of the child. Hence finding a right school for the kids is a high priority task for most of the parents.

There are reputed schools which follow the framework of National Curriculum for England and Wales, and can be considered as British Secondary School in Bangkok. These schools are recognized by many external institutions like IBO, IGCSC, WASC and CIS. They offer high quality international education which equals the British standards.

Students study a wide range of subjects in these schools. They are given opportunities to take part in various cultural activities and showcase their talents.  The reputed British Secondary School in Bangkok provide a range of extracurricular activities like, sports, cultural activities, academic clubs and residential trips. These activities help to nurture the young minds. The students are also provided chances for inter cultural learning by inviting speakers from outside, celebrating local and international festivals and participating in residential trips.

The famous British Secondary School in Bangkok follows the pastoral support system for the emotional and personal development of the student. Each student has a dedicated tutor, who meets the student at regular intervals to discuss about academic and other issues related to the students. The tutor acts as a mediator between the subject teachers, students, parents and the secondary head teacher.

The school follows the IGCSE curriculum for years 10 and 11. The curriculum is internationally accepted as the leading curriculum for British Secondary School in Bangkok. The school takes regular assessment of the students in two models – formative and summative assessments. The formative assessment is a on-going process, which includes projects and presentations, class tests and teacher observations. The summative assessments are the formal examinations taken at the end of the course to test the understanding of the students in various subjects.  The students received a report card with detailed grades for their performance.

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The Decline Of A Once Popular International School

Education institutes in the country should learn from what happened to an international school in Bangkok as it rises as a prestigious school and how its decline came to be.

Twenty years ago, the institution was considered as high ranking with a thousand students under their tutelage. These students are comprised of a majority of Thais and Indians. Nowadays, they only have a hundred students enrolled in their school. There are many factors that contribute to the decline of what is now known as the Thai Sick School. The most common factor in all failed institutions is mismanagement. The school is notorious because of the high number of teachers that quit at very short times teaching in the school because they couldn’t handle the work pressure. The number is staggering that it can be considered a world record.

The adviser of the school is believed to be a great educator but they did not take action on the matter but rather put the blame to the teachers. They held meetings regularly even until the late hours in the evening. The status of the teachers in the school is lower than that of the students and parents as well as other employees in the school. A month was taken from their holidays and if they report one day late there will be salary deductions.

Due to the treatment to the teachers, they were not able to discipline the students in their class for they are treated as lower than them. The management of the school did not do anything to rectify the situation while the headmaster acts like it was business as usual.

Teachers were considered to be laborers by those in the management and their welfare fund is already nonexistent. Their contributions when they decide to end their service are not refunded. They were even charged with a fee of 120 baht for using the phone when they don’t even have a phone at their accommodation.

This should serve as a warning to other international school in Bangkok to take a good look at their management in order to spare their institutions from falling in the same trap.

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More Students Hire Home Tuition for Humanities Subjects

For some, studying can definitely be a big headache which can bang anyone’s head regardless of his age and expertise in chosen career path. You see, education may be an expensive thing to begin with but if you put your heart and mind in it and, you take extra steps that are seems nonsense at first but will be useful especially once you’ve already started on your career, all of your sacrifices, all of those money that your parents had spent for your education will be worth because you will be able to make your dream a reality, whatever that dream may be. In addition to this, you will have the opportunity to go up the corporate ladder especially if you have certain educational attainments such as a master’s degree or even, a PH.D. The list of perks you will enjoy upon completion of your education is limitless and so are things which you can achieve. Nowadays, more and more people are enjoying the benefits of hiring a tutor who can provide home tuition especially for students who are miserably struggling to even reach the   passing marks to say the least.

In a report which was released last December of 2016, there was a great number of students in Singapore who were receiving home tuition for specifically difficult subjects such as Humanities subjects for those who are completing Bachelor’s degree courses in college.  In fact, the number of tuition centers in Singapore that are specializing in assisting students in this specific subjects have sprung up during the past few years. The significant growth in the demand for tuition for Humanities subjects can be associated with the changes in the syllabus which require students to have greater analytical skills. To those who are not aware, a good grade in Humanities subjects is essential to any student regardless of the course he is currently taking at the moment, because it’s needed for the student to be able to qualify for popular polytechnic courses. In addition to this, those who are about to enter junior college in Singapore will need to use the grade of at least one of the Humanities subjects.

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Enter Grad School With The Aid Of Prep Courses

If you are not a native English speaker who is hoping to enter a graduate school in a country where English is the native language then one of the requirements is that you have to pass a score that with either an IELTS or TOEFL test. If you are in Thailand and want to pass the exam with flying colors, it is recommended to enroll in a tutoring class such as one provided by Smart 1 Business. IELTS or International English Language Testing System and TOEFL or Test of English as a Foreign Language has been used by many schools for a long time in English speaking country in determining the level of language proficiency of a person who is not native English speaker.

During the application process, the score of a student is very important since there are many graduate engineering programs based in the United States who set a specific standard when it comes to scores in IELTS or TOEFL before admission.

When taking any kind of test, it is recommended that students should take a preparatory course in order to improve their skills in writing and speaking the English language. Tutoring institutions such as Smart 1 Business will help them attain the highest score possible in order to enroll as a graduate student.

Prep courses are now available through various outlets. There are universities and schools that offer preparatory courses and private institutions. Courses are also available online for those who want to learn at home.

According to Eliot Friesen who is a curriculum manager for IELTS, if one is aiming for a bigger objective like getting a job in an English speaking country or enrolling in a graduate school abroad, IELTS is another step they must take to reach it. IELTS, he added, is a vital tool for students who want to reach their goals.

The cost varies depending on the service provider but with companies such as Smart 1 Business, they have attractive packages for students and professionals alike. You can also find free courses online but there is no guarantee that these are legit and the resources are not vouched for.

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Introducing: An Entrepreneurial Time Management System

People nowadays are keen on complaining about how busy they are and most of the time, you will hear or see them complaining the fact that they still have tons of things left to do. And let’s face it, almost everyone goes through this kind of problem that left us saying the line, “So many things to do. So little time,” Everyone needs to properly manage their time and choose the things they will prioritize and delegate from doing things that will hamper your progress towards achieving a specific goal for the day. Now, for aspiring entrepreneurs who are worried about the things they will need to do as owners of small businesses, experts in time management, one being Dan Sullivan, has devised a new entrepreneurial time management system which aims to lessen the time that is wasted away by starting entrepreneurs and to help them lessen the mistakes they commit.

In this new entrepreneurial time management system, your work week will be broken down into 3 main parts: “Focus Days”, “Buffer Days” and “Free Days”. Below are the more information on how each part should be practiced:

  • Focus Days- At the very least, you will need to spend 80% of your total time operating in your main areas of expertise. For example, you are good at conducting seminars, conducting research works or writing reports. In these days, you must also handle your weekly training activities and creating ideas for your marketing team. This means you must prioritize on these things and put other non-essentials on hold or delegate them until you are done for the day. These are the days when you need your utmost focus, dedication and attention. Focus Days can also be spent by chatting with your clients and writing new blog posts.
  • Buffer Days- These days will be spent for preparing for either your next Focus Day or Free Day. You can spend these days by learning something new, training your support team and assigning projects and other tasks to others. You can also spend your Buffer Day by responding to emails sent by clients or by completing other work-related tasks that are less important. Usually, Buffer Days are set two days which can be also used for checking the social media, updating your business’ Facebook account and scheduling future meetings.
  • Free Days- Generally speaking, these are the days when you are free not to think about any work-related matter. These are the days when you cannot check your work email inbox. You can spend these days by enjoying the company of your family by the beach. These days are best spent by doing things that relax you. For some, these days are considered the cheat days because you get to do things that you can’t do during the rest of the week.

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The Importance Of A Licensed Engineers To Oversee Boiler Operation In Schools

A plan by Minneapolis Public Schools to reorganize the Plant Operations Department will result in the demotion of dozens of building engineers with corresponding pay cuts. Building engineers have many responsibilities from cleaning schools to the operation and maintenance of boilers. However, employees who are temporarily assigned for the task are not qualified for the position because they are not licensed for boiler work.

According to MPS Chief of Operations Officer, Karen DeVet, their plan is to ensure that employees who perform boiler work will have the proper licenses. It will also allow more custodial support in schools and save them money to overcome the challenge of a $28 million budget gap. The proposal is a version of the original plan that was presented to the School Board last 2012 where the engineer-in-charge position will be eliminated to be replaced a smaller number of team leader positions.

According to School Board chair, Rebecca Gagnon, there will be fewer licensed engineers but more custodians. On the other hand, both the engineers and teachers contend that a licensed boiler operator is critical in every building to ensure that someone will be onsite if something wrong happens with the boiler.

Since the buildings are rather old, it is critical to have constant attention from trained professionals. If something wrong happens with a commercial boiler, like a water leak or even worse, the problem has to be addressed immediately and not wait for the district office to send a professional technician to fix the problem.

In a statement issued by Minneapolis Schools Association of Custodians and Engineers, the members strongly believe that the budget for Plant Operations Department must be increased to allow for licensed positions to oversee the boilers. Schools have absolute need for a head engineer with a boiler’s license to be responsible for boiler operation.

Boilers must be regularly inspected for defects at least annually or according to manufacturer’s recommendations. If there are issues with the components, Boilers repairs must be undertaken by licensed heating engineers for safety. Regular servicing ensures that the boiler is operating properly without any risks of fires or explosions.

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