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YAANA To Hold 2nd Operation Smile Fundraiser In Chiang Mai

With the world embracing environmental best practices, organizations and companies across the world have been embracing green operations, cutting down on wastes, looking into renewable energy, that sort of thing. For those that take the bus to Chiang Mai from Bangkok, they’ll be seeing quite a few bike riders on the roads this September.

The 2nd YAANA Corporate Challenge 2018 will be held in Chiang Mai, from the 21 to 23 September, set to attract business people who are interested in environmental best practices, and/or charity events. Proceeds of the two-day/three-night event will be given to a charity, whilst participants get the soak in the views of Northern Thailand with the wind in their hair and without the smell of exhaust, unlike when taking the bus to Chiang Mai from Bangkok, while the night will see social activities.

The social activities happening as part of the event at night will be held in Chiang Mai, and will include a cocktail reception and a dinner with a guest speaker. The end of the event at the 23rd of September, Sunday, will be marked by a closing dinner at an iconic Chiang Mai location, which has yet to be revealed.

All proceeds will go towards funding Operation Smile in Thailand, which will pay for the operation to fix the debilitating deformities of Thai children across the country.

This iteration of the event will only be its second run. The YAANA Corporate Challenge is the brainchild of YAANA Ventures, an investment firm with a history of focusing on responsible tourism efforts.  The event’s logistics will be handled by Khiri Travel and bicycle travel specialists, Grasshopper Adventures. YAANA itself will take the helm with regards to the handling of registration and the fundraising.

YAANA Ventures CFO, Mark Remijan says that the event isn’t a bicycle race, far from it, in fact. The idea behind the event, he says, is corporate networking and fundraising, with a focus on sustainability and environmental conservation. It’s also about promoting good health, and enjoying wonderful scenery, all while raising funding that’ll improve the lives of youth across Thailand.

The event itself isn’t too strenuous, with options to travel for 140km or 100km over two days, complete with full support, like a “sweeper” van offering drinks throughout the length of the route.

Last year’s event managed to raise a total of US$25,000 dollars, and this year’s event is aiming for at least US$40,000. The inaugural event was held in coastal central Vietnam back in September of 2017.

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Choosing The Right Sydney Furniture Removals

Moving furniture will need to be done the smartest ways. The Sydney furniture removals can deliver the job in the most professional and complete ways. Hence they need to meet the needs and expectations of their customers.

Knowing the Needs

A furniture removalist should be able to handle their various customers with various needs. They need to assure their customers that they can do business the right way. To do the job, they need the right equipment and vehicle to transport the furniture house to house or office to office. They can also send the right people to help in the moving out, especially when fragile objects are included. They can also provide the right storage facilities in case of emergencies and more. So it’s important that the Sydney furniture removals know what they are moving, so they can reach the destination safe and sound.

The relocation of the belongings should also entail necessary tools and measurable costs. A furniture removalist must consider the size of the van to accommodate all furniture. They also need to consider the trips to complete the relocating of the furniture. Also considered are the number of boxes required and the people to handle the job. If the detail of the job is carefully handled and managed, a removalist can expect profitability of their business and transparency to their customer. They definitely want to please their customers, so they can keep business ongoing.

Reputable and reliable Sydney furniture removals should have their customer needs attainable. They need to deliver the goods safely and securely given a specific time and men working for this purpose. They need to assure their customers that their furniture can be delivered exactly on what they want. They need to keep their promise so that the customer can trust their business.

The Sydney furniture removals must also comply with the schedule allocated by the Management and their customers. They need a schedule to follow so customers can expect a timely delivery. They should prioritise the things that need to be moved first. Following the schedule will ensure their customers are happy and satisfied with their services.

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Bangkok Motor Show For 2018 Did Not Disappoint

Motorcycle enthusiasts might have been waiting for this show for months and finally it happened. The good thing about the event is that the automotive released are mostly based on the region but still it has a high following. During the motor show, many new models are introduced and manufactured by big brands including Kawasaki motorcycles, Harley, Honda, BMW Motorrad, Yamaha, KTM, Suzuki and Ducati. Of course, local brand GPX which hailed in Thailand was also present during the event and it surprisingly was able to level with the big brands that are known internationally. Below are a few new models that were introduced during the 2018 Bangkok Motor Show.

Ducati. This is considered to be the most eye-catching of all the new models that were displayed on the show floor. The model that tops the list from the brand is the Scrambler 1100 which is introduced to have more power compared to the other models under the same popular line of motorcycles. The fuel tank has been improved to be bigger and the Spartan speedometer was boosted to carry additional features. Other new models from Ducati were Monster 821 and the Multistrada 1260 Pikes Peak.

Honda. The Japan-based company introduced new models during the motor show. They have something new to offer in almost every category including cruisers, scooters, naked streets and sport bikes. The model that caught the audiences’ attention the most is the Forza which is a city scooter with medium built. There is also the sport bike model CBR1000RR SP and the naked bike model CB1000R.

KTM. This brand came from Austria but it is taking roots in Asian countries. Out of all their new models, the shiniest is the 1290 Super Duke R which is a naked sport bike. It is lightweight and employed with the latest technology in riding like keyless ignition, monitoring system for the tyre pressure, drift mode and, last but not the least, is the cruise control.

Kawasaki. This brand is known internationally because of the Kawasaki motorcycles seen all over the world. For 2018, the focus is given to models under the Ninja line. The ones that got the most attention are H2s and the most recent one which is the ZX10Rs. The company also brought a number of cruisers and street bikes to the event stage.

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Reasons To Opt For Fabric Seat Covers

Seat covers are important among car accessories. They influence the aesthetics and comfort of a car’s interior. The seat covers protect the original fabric of the seat and give a makeover to the interiors of a car. Investing in good quality seat covers helps the car owners to maintain the resale value of the vehicle. The choice of seat covers is a very personal decision. The seat covers must be chosen depending on the individual requirements of the car owner and his budget. The seat covers are available in a host of designs and materials to choose from.

There is good news for people staying in countries with warm weather. The fabric seat covers are the best options to keep your car cool and smart. The fabric seat covers are available in a wide variety like neosupreme seat covers, canvas covers and denim covers. These covers are available in a wide array of design and color options. The fabric covers are stylish and offer great comfort. They are easy to clean and fit perfectly to your seats.

The fabric seat covers like towel covers, neoprene and neosupreme seat covers are available in a wide number of looks and designs. The seat covers are custom made in different materials to suit the requirements of vehicle owners. The use of different fabrics allows to achieve versatile looks.

The vehicle owners are spoilt for choice when selecting fabric seat covers. They are available in a wide range with distinct features. You can choose soft velvet seat covers for a luxurious feel or sweat resistant and hundred percent cotton seat covers for comfort. They can also choose neosupreme seat covers to combine both aesthetics and functionality. The fabric seat covers have a lot of design options, which are not possible with leather and other materials.

The fabric seat covers like canvas covers, neoprene and neosupreme seat covers are extremely easy to maintain. They are hygienic and soft on the skin. The fabric covers are sweat repellent and are generally water resistant and stain free. They are easily washable and are non-toxic. All the benefits of using fabric seat covers is a major driving force for more and more customers to opt for these comfortable and durable option.

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Pro-Trump Group Poll Reveals That Nearly Half Of Americans Agree With Democrat Leader

Democrat House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, representing California, recently took the heat from the Republican party after releasing a statement that says that major corporation’s top executives were raking in bonuses thanks to the GOP’s tax revision plan, whilst the average Joe, who goes to get an EIN in Washington and work for the major companies, receives only ‘crumbs’.

But a recent poll from a group supporting the Trump administration has discovered that nearly half of America agrees with Pelosi, despite her getting a lot of flak from the Republicans over the past weeks.

The poll was done by the nonprofit America First Policies, a pro-Trump group that formed shortly after Trump was officially posted in the Oval Office. The CNBC published a report on the 1st of March, 2018, which details the AFP (officially listed as a social welfare organization), and its efforts on extensive polling, a process usually handled by major party committees acting as representatives of the incumbent president.

Shortly following the release of the report, a lot of people clung onto one particular question in the AFP’s most recent poll which asks about Nancy Pelosi’s comment about the bonuses that major companies receive thanks to the recent tax reform. The same comment that called what corporate America is giving to the workers as ‘crumbs’, and which Pelosi describes as “pathetic”.

The poll got the following results from its respondents:

  • 49% agreed
  • 43% disagreed
  • 35% strongly disagreed
  • 31% strongly agreed
  • 18% ‘somewhat agreed’
  • 9% ‘somewhat disagreed’
  • 5% unsure

The poll suggests that all the heat Pelosi received isn’t really sticking, at least not as of the current time. This, in spite of her face being plastered on San Francisco’s skylines, and President Trump comparing the comment to a gaffe by Hillary Clinton.

The poll’s been somewhat hopeful for Pelosi, but it also showed that she’s still unpopular for most Americans. The survey asked respondents on their impression of Pelosi, with 32% having a positive impression, whilst 53 had a negative impression.

The poll had 1,200 respondents, which were surveyed from Feb. 16-20, with a margin of error of 2.83%, according to the America First Policies group.

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Thai Hotels Still A Hot Investment

Despite the number of existing hotels in Thailand such as the modern hotel in Rayong, the industry is still getting overwhelmed. In fact, last year was found to be a record year because the country has witnessed the highest number of hotel transactions. A total of 17 billion baht has been spent by investors for high-profile transactions in the hotel industry.

Based on the estimates of JLL, a property consultant firm, the volume of transactions for 2018 will not be as high as the previous year despite the fact that there is still a high level of interest among investors. This is because of the only limited number of hotels will be available in the market that is investment worthy.

According to the data provided by Hotels and Hospitality Group of JLL, there are 12 hotels that were put up in the market in 2017 and the total value of these hotels amounted to 17 billion baht. This number is higher by 70 per cent compared to the recorded figures in 2016. The number is also higher compared to the yearly average volume calculated for five years from 2012 until 2016 which is about 12.2 billion baht.

When looking at the value, Bangkok is the leading city when it comes to activities related to investment because there were six hotels, with a total value of 14 billion baht, listed on the market that is worth investing in. These six hotels already comprised almost 80 per cent of the entire market volume for 2017.

The six hotels are Edition Hotel, former Premier Inn, Somerset Lake Point, Swissotel Nai Lert Park, a serviced apartment located in Thonglor and a partially complete building with 34-storey. There are also high profile transactions outside of Bangkok including Dusit Island Resort Premier Inn Pattaya and Pilanta Resort.

Last year was also a big year for foreign investments with over 50 per cent of transactions coming from these investors. There is a higher competition for modern hotel in Rayong but it is also a good boost for the economy of Thailand. Foreign investments are mostly from United States, Japan and Singapore.

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