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Thai Hotels Still A Hot Investment

Despite the number of existing hotels in Thailand such as the modern hotel in Rayong, the industry is still getting overwhelmed. In fact, last year was found to be a record year because the country has witnessed the highest number of hotel transactions. A total of 17 billion baht has been spent by investors for high-profile transactions in the hotel industry.

Based on the estimates of JLL, a property consultant firm, the volume of transactions for 2018 will not be as high as the previous year despite the fact that there is still a high level of interest among investors. This is because of the only limited number of hotels will be available in the market that is investment worthy.

According to the data provided by Hotels and Hospitality Group of JLL, there are 12 hotels that were put up in the market in 2017 and the total value of these hotels amounted to 17 billion baht. This number is higher by 70 per cent compared to the recorded figures in 2016. The number is also higher compared to the yearly average volume calculated for five years from 2012 until 2016 which is about 12.2 billion baht.

When looking at the value, Bangkok is the leading city when it comes to activities related to investment because there were six hotels, with a total value of 14 billion baht, listed on the market that is worth investing in. These six hotels already comprised almost 80 per cent of the entire market volume for 2017.

The six hotels are Edition Hotel, former Premier Inn, Somerset Lake Point, Swissotel Nai Lert Park, a serviced apartment located in Thonglor and a partially complete building with 34-storey. There are also high profile transactions outside of Bangkok including Dusit Island Resort Premier Inn Pattaya and Pilanta Resort.

Last year was also a big year for foreign investments with over 50 per cent of transactions coming from these investors. There is a higher competition for modern hotel in Rayong but it is also a good boost for the economy of Thailand. Foreign investments are mostly from United States, Japan and Singapore.

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Which Hotel Near Night life In Bangkok Can You Stay?

Vacationers who love to party can find an affordable hotel near nightlife in Bangkok as there are guest friendly hotels with clean modern rooms. They can choose from a variety of hotels where they can spend their hard-earned cash to suit their budget.

There are travelers who prefer to spend their nightlife in the red light districts of Nana, Patpong and Soi Cowboy. Staying at a hotel near any of the three nightlife districts in Bangkok will save them a bit of money just to pay for taxis and train fares to get them there. Also in these areas, are plenty of places to eat, shop, drink and go partying. Since these areas mostly cater to foreigners, it will be a lot easier to communicate as most of the Thais working here speak basic English.

At Nana through Sukhumvit 4, you find here a high quality hotel near nightlife in Bangkok like the Boss Suites. It’s a popular hotel opened in early 2010, with modern rooms and the friendliest guest services. Room rates cost 1100 baht per night, which is not bad as guests can use the swimming pool and a small gym.

There is also the Woraburi Sukhumvit Hotel and Resort, which makes you feel you are in a concrete jungle in Bangkok. The standard rooms are really basic and small but always kept clean. However, there is no room for complaints as room rates cost you around 800baht.

Just a bit further away on Sukhumvit 4 and closer to the Nana Entertainment Plaza are the Royal Ivory and Heaven@4 hotels. Both hotels are great options for you stay, especially the Royal Ivory Hotel where the rooms are bigger and has a swimming pool.

The last recommended hotel near nightlife in Bangkok is the Manhattan Hotel, located at the edge of the Nana red light district. The hotel is surrounded by popular clubs and bars, which makes it easy to move around the area. It’s actually a huge property and very popular among travellers as room rates can go as low as 1300baht especially during low season.

There are still more budget hotels to try near the Nana red light district. You may need to search thoroughly especially that you want your Bangkok vacation organized and planned well.

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Top Reasons For Families To Visit Pattaya

Pattaya is a major tourist destination in Thailand. The town has attractions for all types of visitors like families, solo visitors, honeymooning couples or group travellers. The city has a wide variety of activities ranging from water sports to luxurious Thai treatments at the modern spas and wellness centres of the famous beach resorts.

There are a wide range of hotels in Pattaya ranging from budget hotels to premium beach resorts. The hotels offer exclusive deals for special room promotion in Pattaya, making it a favourite destination for travellers on a budget.

Apart from relaxing by the beach and indulge in adventurous water sports, tourists should not miss visiting these lovely places in Pattaya

Sacred places – Thailand is famous for its religion and spirituality. Pattaya has a lot of Wats and religious places that showcase the local culture and way of living. Visitors should not miss visiting places like the Big Buddha, Sanctuary of Truth and wat Yansangwararam, to see the Thai style architecture with intricate wooden carvings.

Museums and Galleries – There are a number of museums and galleries like the Ripley’s museums, Louis Tussaud’s wax museum, and a host of other art galleries that showcase interesting artefacts from around the world.

Elephant shows and rides – The most exciting part in the trip to Pattaya. Majority of the parks have elephant shows and you can ride elephants. Families with kids should not miss these shows.

Floating market – The floating market is an interesting site seeing place in Pattaya. The market is built on a lake and the sellers place their wares on boats. This is an interesting experience for tourists who are bored with glitzy shopping malls. The floating market also gives an opportunity to relish authentic Thai food.

Food – Thailand is famous for its delicious cuisine. The authentic Thai food made using the freshest ingredients and coconut, and the famous seafood, attracts a lot of visitors. The recipes are handed down from generations, which preserve the authenticity.

With so many interesting places to visit, authentic food to relish and hotels offering special room promotion in Pattaya, the city is slowly gaining popularity as a family destination.

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The Growing Trend For LED Outdoor Strip Lighting

There are many ways to improve the curb appeal of a home. One option is through LED outdoor strip lighting in Australia that is well coated to ensure water resistance. The LED strip lights usually come with adhesive backing to make installation more efficient. Not only will the lights bring new life to the home; it will add the necessary illumination when you have outdoor parties.

According to Ken Rutkowski, president of Encore Landscape Lighting, LED is becoming a big trend in outdoor lighting. LED landscape lights are available in a variety of styles that can illuminate steps, walkways and pathways. There are also up and down lights, wall washers, in-ground lights, hard-scape lights, step and deck lights, wall scones and underwater lights.

Michigan has the more popular lights at around 3000 Kelvins thatcan provide a brighter, more natural light. Kelvin is a unit of measurement for light hue. The higher the Kelvin value, the closer the light colour will be to natural sunlight.

Aside from the standard light types, a homeowner also has a choice from red, green, blue and white colours that are rapidly gaining popularity in Smartphone apps that control light colours. Installers of LED lights are also seeing a trend among homeowners for both LED lights and more muted outdoor lighting systems. Almost of all the projects associated to lighting almost always include LED lights.

Homeowners usually go for subtle soft-wash lighting for the house including the trees. Instead of the old style large pathway lights, homeowners prefer new lights that are 21 to 22 inches high but smaller in diameter because they are less intrusive and provide the same amount of illumination. For accent lighting, many prefer LED rope lights or LED strip lights that can be installed along the fence or the deck railings.

If you are looking for a trendy and cost effective way to put some accents outside the home, your best option is LED outdoor strip lighting in Australia that is extremely versatile. You can use the single colour LED strand or the multicolour that displays red, blue, green or white hues. Colours can be manipulated through a Smartphone app.

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Residents Of Edmond Could Face Higher Cemetery Fees

The city officials of Edmond are planning to expand the Gracelawn Cemetery and to ensure that its future will be sustainable. With these proposals, it is expected that the current rates of the cemetery might double. It will add to the funeral cost aside from purchasing casket or cremation urns for infants and adults.

The higher rate was one of the topics discussed during the council meeting and all of the members are in favor of the proposal. The final decision will be determined in a voting this month during the next council meeting.

Steve Commons, the assistant city manager, this is only the beginning as they are planning further to improve the system. In fact, the cemetery suffers an average loss of $91,534 annually. The city is paying for it using the money from the taxpayers.

Commons said that they are doing this in order to stop the subsidy from increasing.

Currently, there are 360 adult plots left in Gracelawn. The city officials are proposing for a cemetery expansion to handle growth in the future. Commons added that without resources they would not be able to push the expansion forward.

The expansion will be conducted at the northern part of the existing area because the land on the north of Gracelawn is already owned by the city. However, the city does not own the small parcel located at the fore of Covell Road.

One the city council gives its approval the rates will be effective immediately. Commons said that the new rates are almost the same as those imposed in the neighboring cities such as Moore and Yukon.

The current rate for an adult burial plot is $700 and the proposed plan will increase it to $1,400. Cremation plots, on the other hand, will become $700 while the cost of infant plots will still be $350.

For infants, opening and closing costs for cremation will become double but the date of the event will be the determining factor. It will be an additional burden aside from buying cremation urns for infants but it will still be cheaper compared to traditional burial.

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“Go Local” Campaign To Boost Tourism In Secondary Destinations

Is it your first time to visit Bangkok? If so, it is worth spending a few minutes to check the type of hotel and whether the neighbourhood is good. If you prefer a trendy place with fine restaurants serving local and international cuisine, your best option is Sathorn Hotel that is two minutes walk away from MRT Lumpini Station.

In 2017, Thailand managed to attract 35.5 million tourists; however, the country is not yet satisfied. There is challenge still to be overcome. Tourists must be spread all over the country and not concentrated on the capital city of Bangkok and a handful of beach resorts.

According to TanesPetsuwan, deputy governor of marketing communications of Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT), the focus of the organization is to highlight 55 provinces and their tourism assets. These secondary provinces can be an alternative destination of 10 million tourists annually.

Of the 35 million plus tourists that visited Thailand last year, more than 20 million stayed in Bangkok. The rest headed to popular beach resorts in Phuket, Krabi, Samui Island and Pattaya on Thailand’s eastern seaboard. Based on estimates, only 3 to 4 million tourists visited North and Northeast Thailand.

In order to boost tourism beyond Bangkok and beach destinations, Tanes said their priority is to create MOU’s with international airlines so that will add more flights. MOU’s have been concluded with Ethad, Emirates and Qatar Airways, three of the airlines that will link Thailand to source markets in Europe. Last year, TAT was also able to sign an MOU with Turkish Airlines that will provide budget support for promotions, travel agencies and media familiarization trips from key countries in Europe.

A grassroots initiative called “go local” is a campaign that will drive tourism to 55 secondary destinations to boost domestic earnings to $300 million. The “go local” will target tourists looking for distinctive Thai experience.

If the target destination is Bangkok, you can book accommodations at Sathorn Hotel where you will experience a productive and memorable stay. Sathorn is home to luxury experiences from abundant fine dining choices to simple gourmet options. At the end of the day, you can relax at the Lumpini Park, a garden oasis in the city.

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