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Tips In Renting Stunning Boat Marina In Thailand

If you love cruising oceans and sleepy waters in Thailand, one of the things that you would look for is a Stunning Boat Marina in Thailand for the safe harbour of your boat or yacht. Before you sail to the area, it is best to check where you can dock your boat whether to take a rest or for emergency reasons. To give you an idea on what you should look for in a marina, take a look at the following tips:

Ample storage and wet berth

One of the things that you want to avoid is not having a place to dock your boat when you want or need to just because the marina cannot accommodate a bigger number of boats in the area. Thus, look for a boat marina that prides with its capacity to hold 80 boats and a hardstand that can accommodate up to 100 yachts. Not only that, choose a Stunning Boat Marina in Thailand that provides 24/7 security to boats docked in their premises. This way, you can rest assured that your boat and your personal belongings therein are safe while you are docked.

Excellent facilities

Another point to check is the facilities in the marina. Apart from the basic facilities such as water supply and electricity, the marina should be able to provide all the necessities related to contemporary living such as wireless internet connection, fax facilities, telephone and of course, an in-house fuel dock when you need to refuel for your next adventure. Find a boat marina where you can remain in touch with the world even when you are having a great time in your water adventures.

Additional services

Apart from great facilities, a Stunning Boat Marina in Thailand should also be able to offer additional services such as check and maintenance of your boat or yacht including workshops conducted by professionals on boat maintenance including boat dealership. It would also be great if you would go for a boat marina with boat and yacht supplies that you can purchase when you need to replenish your necessities.

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Asia on a Small Budget: Best Destinations Having Low-Cost Hotels

Agoda, a Singapore-based hotel booking site, gave AFP its professional advice on the best locations to enjoy Southeast Asia’s blue waters without spending too much.


According to Agoda, Da Nang is a great beach destination in Vietnam. In this coastal city, a room at a hotel costs Rs 500 per night. On the other hand, their luxury hotel rooms can go as much as Rs 269,420! The booking experts suggest going to Phu Quoc, a must-see in the country. Travellers can secure hotel rooms lesser than Rs 6700 a night.


After going through a period of isolation, Myanmar is becoming a fashionable destination in Asia. Their beautiful beaches are found in Chaungtha, Ngwe Saung and Ngapali. No doubt, Chaungtha is the cheapest choice for travellers, where Agoda lists hotel room for less than Rs 3000 per night, 50% lesser than the other two destinations.


Cambodia still has well-hidden gems like Koh Rong Samloem and Koh Rong. Koh Rong, the 2nd biggest Cambodian island, is set to be a famous tourist destination in the next couple of years, according to Agoda. There is no better time to visit especially since a hotel room now costs less than Rs 3000 a night on average.


Travellers need not pay higher rates to stay near the country’s famous beaches. Penang, Langkawi and Tioman Island, Malyasia’s three desired beach destinations, all have fairly priced accommodations, with hotel rooms costing not greater than Rs 4700 per night on average.


Travellers can surely count on paying about Rs 6700 a night in one of the beachside destinations in Indonesia. Lower prices are offered in Bangka and Banyuwangi, with rooms under Rs 2600 per night. For an all-inclusive accommodation, with sea view and breakfast, Raja Ampat islands have rooms under Rs 8700 a night.


To find the cheapest prices in Thailand, travellers must avoid its frequented tourist hotspots. Holidaymakers can get rooms costing Rs 3000 a night on average at a beach resort in Chanthaburi, located in the east. This town is 240 km (143 miles) away from Bangkok. Agoda suggests Koh Kood, Koh Mak, Koh Tao or Kamala beach for those that prefer staying near the beaten track.

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Foreign Weddings In Thai Destinations

Weddings and honeymoons comprise the billion-dollar earners in the tourism industry of Asia. Furthermore, Thailand is a top spot in the region for weddings.

The “Amazing Thailand Romance Trade Meets” event

There were 73 buyers coming from 15 countries that met with about 116 local operators in Thailand, promoting the wedding business with an aim of making the country part of the best international destinations for this sector.

The Tourism Authority of Thailand organised the “Amazing Thailand Romance Trade Meets” events last May in Bangkok and Krabi. They aimed to advocate the country as a major wedding and honeymoon destination for couples, according to TAT’s deputy governor for International Marketing Juthaporn Rerngronasa. According to her, the country is already at the 6th place for this market and also the most desired destination in Asia, and an upcoming destination for the African and Middle Eastern markets.

She added that there is a solid record from markets like the United States, Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Canada, the United Arab Emirates, France, Australia, Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, South Korea, Japan, Indonesia and Malaysia.

The representatives from these countries joined business and networking sessions alongside 64 local sellers at the event in Bangkok, representing destination management companies, event planners, resorts and hotels based in the country.

At the event held in Krabi, they met with local Thai sellers coming from 52 companies – primarily resorts from the South. The operators that focused on the Indian market were not in attendance at the events since they had other agendas and plans, according to Juthaporn.

Wedding business in Thailand

As mentioned by TAT, the wedding business in the world values at $298 billion, $80 million comes from the overseas weddings.

Amnart Laosirimongkol, Nakamanda Resort and Spa Krabi’s director of operations said that their property was developed specifically to serve weddings and honeymoons.


This event was just the start. The TAT’s efforts will surely attract couples to either a wedding hotel in Bangkok or a honeymoon resort in Krabi. As a result, the country will evolve to be a top destination in the world for weddings and honeymoons.


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Optimist World Championship To Be Hosted By Thailand Next Year

The RVYC or Royal Varuna Yacht Club which is located in Chon Buri is honored to be the event venue in the coming Optimist World Championship 2017 because this event is a prestigious ceremony. Thailand was the one who came home with the first ever national championship when it was held more than half a century has passed. It is also not the first time that the club will be hosting a big event such as the international regatta. Roya Varuna Yacht Club has garnered the highest vote among the best sailing venues all over the world. The votes were casted by delegates from all over the world and it comes out victorious to be the venue for the IODA World Optimist event next year. The event, The Optimist World Championship, is known all over the globe and it set to take place from July 11 to 21 of next year.
The RVYC is a secluded cove that is situated between Pattaya and Jomtien. It is expected that the races will be exhilarating as well as fun filled since there is an ongoing presence of the winds from the south-western part of the country which will make the race more exciting. The international teams that will be participating together with their young skilled sailors will be able to enjoy the clear blue water and the prevailing sunshine in the region.
According to the commodore of RVYC, Tom Whitcraft, they are looking forward to marking their calendars with the coming event for the club next year. He also expressed how proud they are to be given the opportunity to be hosting the Optimist World Championship 2017. This way, they will be able to show off what Thailand has to offer in terms of sailing events in international perspective. Thailand was also able to host the very first Optimist World Championship in 1979 and RVYc is happy to be the venue for next year’s event.
With the coming big event in the country, it is expected that the number of tourist will increase especially those in family beach resort in Thailand.

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Pattaya Considered As One Of The Best Holiday Rentals

Of all of the Thailand holiday rentals, Pattaya is one of the most trusted villa rental company operating in the country. Thailand holiday Homes are the most trusted that is operating in Thailand. For the widest selections of cheap and affordable villas and apartments for rent, Pattaya is full of them. For all the luxury villas & homes, whether you’re in Thailand, Bali or Vietnam, this has been growing in popularity for vaction goers. Everything tourists need in terms of luxury is within reach in Pattaya.

Tourists just need to step out of the door and everything are within a few steps away. From foods, beaches, bars and a whole lot more. The island private villa management company has an extensive profile for being the best place to stay during the holidays. With some of the stunning homes ensuring guests that they will be having a good time. Green gecko Luxury is one of the place to rent in Pattaya. It is known for its clean and comfortable surroundings. They have a bungalow which has a bed and a floor tile in the bathroom that is painted bright yellow. A 2 minute walk from the beach is a good distance for an affordable price and right next to the Walking Street. It is easy to get around Koh Lipe due to its small size. The option to stroll along the beach and go to the heart of Jomtiem for a lot of out of the beach activities is also recommended by the locals in the area. There are many more activities such as ballooning, windsurfing, banana boat riding and jet- skiing.

For the hungry stomach, there’s a lot of restaurants that is within reach for about a 3 minute walk, a haven for those that are craving for some authentic Thai cuisine. Thailand is also famous for their Thai Massage, which goes well with vacation activities to soothe body muscles and have a relaxing experience. The Elephant village is also located near other tourist destinations. Pattaya Park Water World is one of their attractions and it is just a 5 minute walk from the elephant village. Another 8 minute walk to get to the Colosseum show Pattaya.

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Bawarchi Restaurants, Treating Patrons With Exceptional Indian Cuisine

If you are looking to enjoy fine Indian cuisine in Sathorn or anywhere in Bangkok, then you should definitely visit the award-winning Bawarchi restaurants. Bawarchi is one of the best Indian restaurants in Bangkok and a visit in the city of angels wouldn’t be complete without a taste of fine Indian cuisine.

Bawarchi Indian restaurant chains aims to provide its customers with an assortment of Indian delicacies that are sure to get your taste buds addicted. Not only that, Bawarchi also aims to give their customers with great customer service as well as a stunning ambiance for a worthwhile course.

Their menu was also designed to entice the patrons through visually and texturally appealing dishes.

In English, Bawarchi basically means ‘chef.’ The restaurant’s specialties are in Mughlai and North Indian cuisine. They give great emphasis on signature dishes and presenting them through elegant and fine dining.

One night in Bawarchi would make you feel like royalty due to the environment, the service and most especially, the food. The restaurant feels like they are serving India on a plate. All of the courses are prepared by highly experienced Master Chefs with Indian roots, using high quality and authentic ingredients.

The secret to their recipes are the Indian spices that come all the way from India and when it comes to Spices, there is no spice like Indian spice. Bawarchi also makes use of traditional style cooking. They prepare their meat, bread and other important ingredients using a clay oven or Tandoor.

Due to their success in both India and Thailand, Bawarchi has received numerous awards. They have been the constant recipient of Certificate of Excellence awarded by the Trip Advisor and was also awarded as one of the Best Restaurants in Thailand. Their quality of food service had also been recognized by the Global Trade Leaders Club and was hailed as the best overseas Indian restaurant.

With all of these accomplishments, the Bawarchi restaurant chain has no plans of being complacent. They have already planned their expansion throughout south and Southeast Asia. They already have opened an outlet in Myanmar and people can expect more from them in the years to come.

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