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UNDP Out To Help Stop Domestic Violence Among Latin Women

According to a report by the regional parliament of over a 100 legislators by the UN Development Programme (UNDP)-UN Women, it has uncovered that the most brutal regions in the world for Latin women are the Caribbean and Latin America.

According to a press release by the UNDP, the number of countries in the Caribbean and the Latin America provide protection policies for women. However, there is still the rising number of violence done against Latin women in these countries.

Sexual violence against women outside a relationship has the highest rate, and on the second highest are those of a couple, as what the report states. This simply means that women have been violated with their rights and thus are more sexually abused.

The reports also add that this region has featured enormous progress in the standard framework which acknowledges violence against women as a violation of human rights, sustainable development and a social phenomenon; and yet the problem still persists. There is indeed a high rate of violence against women and it needs to be addressed fast and properly.

Females are now subject of homicides (feminicides/femicides) and are continually rising, with two in every five resulting from domestic violence. Furthermore, around 30% of women had been victimized of violence by their respective partners and around 10.7% have suffered sexual violence by those other than their intimate partners, as stated in the report.

The UNDP reports also states that around 24 out of the 33 countries in the Caribbean and Latin America have laws that protect Latin women from domestic violence; but only nine has passed legislation that handles a wide variety of violence against women both privately and publicly.

The report further demands a generation of social impact among the governments, the civil society and the private sectors to involve all important factors. The report has been unveiled to suit the campaign to end violence against women, which has drawn together many UN agencies.

So let us see how far these policies against violation of women’s rights can go, despite the fact that Latin women are abused in and out of their homes. One should dearly pray for peace and that all these problems can be resolved.

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Discouraging Adolescent Girls To Become Latin Brides At Aged 15 To 18

Over the past years, world leaders and professionals acknowledged the practice of child marriage as derailing stability and development. It’s especially true for regions which include sub-Saharan Africa, where they claim the highest rate of child marriage globally, and South Asia, with India as an example of having child brides. Despite the highest regions in Latin America, they are also known to practice child marriage. Most Latin women aged 20 to 24 years old are known to have married at the age of 15 or 18.

These are harsh figures where in Brazil, it is noted to be the hotspot for child marriage. This country is often missing during policy discussions and national research. One reason could have led to the size of the population, which is actually the fifth largest in the world. Aside from that, cohabitation or informal unions also happen here and many other nations in Latin America. This then triggers the problem especially that these unions are not regarded as legal marriage.

In Central America, the practice of child marriage has been unnoted, where obscure laws, poverty, racism and lack of opportunities are fueled in rural communities. For instance, in 2010 in Mexico, 12% of teenage girls were married through formal or informal unions, and around 54% of these girls already have kids. In Guatemala, around 30% of teenage girls were married by 18 yo, and in rural communities, it nearly doubled to 53%.

There has been an effort to battle the widespread belief among the indigenous, rural and poor communities that child marriage is not the answer to poverty. Selected NGOs are now working with these Latin women to divert norms and make a safe space for teenage girls. “AbriendoOportunidades”, a community based program, is now working with indigenous girls to help them earn income, build self-esteem, promote reproductive and sexual health, and talk about topics like marriage. The program has helped these girls become responsible and venture into other options than early marriage. Those who participated in the program remainedsingle throughout the duration.

Latin America and the Caribbean governments are working to target the end of child marriage by 2030, incorporating sad experiences that teenage girls are suffering. To achieve its goals, they need to be visible in regions where child marriage is rampant. Providing information to Latin women on how they can improve their way of life has been a critical issue as it tries to end the harmful practice.

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Why Some Families Leave Their Homes In The Suburbs For Condos In The City

Vicky Vyas dreamed of a low-maintenance and less-isolated existence that she moved from the suburbs of Brampton to the city of Toronto. Vyas and her two pre-teens were tired of shoveling snow and the long distance drive to the city. The family used to live in a four-bedroom raised bungalow but they chose a 1,350 square feet condo unit with a 400 square feet terrace.

Vyas condo unit was larger than the average condo size of 797 square feet in Toronto which can be cramped for a family of three. For many families, condo living can be considered as a no-brainer sacrifice as long as it allows them to live in the city. However, for Vyas, it is more about location than space. Even if the pre-teens have to sleep in a bedroom she fashioned from the den with Vyas sleeping in a Murphy bed, the condo is located in one of Toronto’s landmarks.

Many families who opt for a unit with at least 1,000 square feet of space are not particularly concerned with the limited space because living in the city is more cost effective than commuting from the suburbs every day. Besides that, when a family lives in a condo, they do not have to worry about maintenance. What many families look for is the open concept unit because it allows them to configure space based on their needs.

However, one problem of young families is child care which requires them to move closer to the parents who can help care for the child. Condo developers are incorporating daycare spaces into their development proposals with some adding childcare facilities. Having common areas around the building including green spaces can be an ideal alternative to a backyard garden. Condos are usually developed with young families in mind; particularly those who work downtown.

The main objective of Seaboard Properties is to help clients find the right property, at the right location for the right price. There is a wide range of condos for sale or for rent in Pattaya but it is suggested to seek assistance from a professional real estate dealer to find the best property to invest in.


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The Pop Culture Of Things Geek And Nerdy: Is It On Its Peak?

Science fantasy and fiction alongside superhero based plots take over the American pop culture. These genre which were once called geeky and weird have now become mainstream and an inspiration for most blockbuster movies and television shows. This pop culture has become an everyday thing which is widely accepted.

The evolution is evident in the yearly Comic-Con International held at San Diego in California. This event celebrates science fiction, fantasy and comic books. This three day event first started in 1970 with about 300 people in attendance. Today, there are thousands of participants who come dressed in TV or Movie Costumes and so on. They come to see studios like Warner Bros. and Disney, TV Networks like AMC and CBS, etc. presenting their projects.

As to how this all started, one film defined everything: a 1977 plot about a galaxy. Before Star Wars, science fiction was not something the public would be fascinated in. The same is said for comic book based adaptations. Today, those called nerdy domains have acquired a cool vibe to them. The lovers of this genre become welcomed into the mainstream.

There are drawbacks to the increasing crowd that go to San Diego during summer. The convention has turned too commercial. It is now becoming an industry show and not a fan show.

Avid con-goers think it is better when more are involved. With the new found affair with things geek, the pop culture has lasting power. This is evident with major studios. Marvel Studios have movies until 2019 scheduled. Suicide Squad from Warner Bros. is set to release next month. At Comic-Con, it was revealed that there are new superhero TV shows like Luke Cage and Iron Fist. Gotham, Flash and Green Arrow also continues with its new seasons. New multiple Star Wars films and its spin offs are also planned. A new and different series which is set in Harry Potter world is due to be released this year too.

Whether or not the audiences will get tired of this pop culture are still to be seen but science fiction and fantasy are here to remain.

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