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House Along The Coastline Powered By Ocean Waves

When beach lovers and surfers in South Africa decided to build their homes along the coast where they can readily jump into the ocean, architects thought of ways to give new home designs for their clients. Home builders decided to give the home owners with renewable energy. The new home design is not just some solar panels hooked up in a house. Instead, it is a design that will float in the water. This new beach house is powered by the waves.

This new house design is still set to be constructed next year. The outer part of the house will be made of concrete materials and will be anchored on the ocean’s rocky coastline. The inner shell of the bunker will be made of aluminum which will be made to float in the waves.

How will this design harness power from the waves? Every time that the wave breaks, two sets of turbines located inside the house will collect kinetic energy. This energy is then transformed into electricity.

Architect Margot Krasojevics is the person behind the idea of a beach house powered by ocean’s waves. She said that she specifically used this idea in a similar way as to how surfers choreograph their movement through the waters but only not moving in this case.

The beach house will also be incorporated with solar panels. Adding wave power to the house will give it some distinct advantages. Margot pointed out that tides are more predictable when compared to wind and solar energy.

In industrial and commercial buildings, sustainable technology and the use of smarter materials are getting common. However, residential architecture innovates slowly. Most architectural works do not incorporate renewable energy and sustainability in the designs.

The architect is hoping that the tide-powered beach house will be common along the coastlines of oceans in South Africa as well as in other countries. In order to achieve this design, it is important for the engineers to work closely with the latest technology.

She adds that everything in this planet is rapidly changing when compared to a couple of years ago. Climate change affects everyone living in this planet and we should learn to adapt.

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