Where Can You Buy Diamond Ring In Thailand?

If you are in Bangkok or anywhere in the country and you are thinking about buying a diamond ring in Thailand, the first thing that you would probably ask is where you can buy the item. There are several sources of diamonds but one of the important details that you should know is that diamonds are not, in any way, cheaper in Thailand. As a matter of fact, Thailand is not a major diamond trading area unlike Hong Kong, Antwerp or New York. If you want to cheaper diamond rings, you might as well consider Mumbai or Tel Aviv for excellent quality and cheaper diamond rings. Also, diamonds are subject to 7% Value Added Tax in Thailand which makes it similar in price with other countries after the tax.

These are matter-of-fact information and should not dissuade you from buying diamonds around Thailand. This article is only setting your expectations correctly and should even have you consider buying diamonds in Thailand as there would be no major difference if you would buy it in other parts of the world, unless of course, you buy them from major trading countries.

So if you want to buy a diamond ring in Thailand, the best way to go is find a good supplier online and visit their physical store for actual scrutiny of the product. There are numerous suppliers online but you have to be careful in order to ensure that you are buying from a legitimate supplier. It will take years for an individual to become expert in diamonds but it will help if you have basic ideas in choosing diamonds and how to tell if the diamond is of good quality or a rip off.

Aside from online sources, you can also check the internet for shops around Bangkok or in Thailand where you can buy a diamond ring in Thailand. Read discussions boards for ideas especially if you are a foreigner. Make sure that you will buy a diamond ring from a reputable supplier and the purchase should have GIA certificate for proof of authenticity and conflict-free.

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