Bored Retired Couple Starts A Junk Removal Company That Serves Palm Beach

When the Palm Beachers need “junk” taken away, they usually contact Dave Archer.

Company removing various things

Dave and his wife Toni haul away everything, from appliances and furniture to construction material and trash. The Wellington couple, who just retired, started their Junk King Palm Beach company, a franchisee of the company calling itself as the greenest junk removal service in America.

According to Dave, many residents usually contact them if they are finishing a few renovations or cleaning out the house or garage. He added that they are the greenest company, as they recycle 60% of what they pick up.

Dave mentioned that computers, electronics and metal are recycled. The other items are given to charities, such as the Clinics Can Help, Faith Farm Ministries, and Hospice of Palm Beach County.

Dave mentioned that they get many crutches, wheelchairs and walkers, too.

Giving value to community

They have one truck and two employees. Dave Archer, who is a veteran and a former marketing executive, mentioned that he is in the island once or twice monthly for jobs. He also said that he services around 23 – 30 clients, mostly residential.

Toni mentioned that their business gives value to their community.

According to her, a lot of people think that they pick up and resell items. She added that the items can rarely be resold, but a lot of these may be donated or recycled.

Toni, who was a kindergarten school teacher before, mentioned that they began this junk hauling franchise since they got bored in their retirement.

She said that they were enjoying the relaxation and the golf playing, but one day it stopped. They aspired to do something meaningful.

She also mentioned that their crew always helps grieving spouses and children to clean out homes of deceased family members. They also have certain clients that are hoarders and ask them to visit weekly to get rid of the unwanted clutter.


Removalists, in their different roles, such as taking out junk or helping with moves, are very helpful to individuals, homeowners or businesses. They are also everywhere, and a removalist in Sydney, like those in Florida, does similar things which means that anyone around the world has access to their services. Truly, they are a value to communities.

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