Billboards And Digital Marketing To Boost Occupancy For Lough Erne’s Brand

William Kirby is now the new general manager of the 120-room luxury resort Lough Erne. Kirby faces the challenge of strengthening the brand of Lough Erne to boost business and occupancy. One of his first steps is to hire a sales and marketing team to work on digital marketing and billboard displays.

Kirby is quite realistic over the amount of work necessary to grow the resort’s customer base and improve the brand. About 10 years ago, Lough Erne was County Fermanagh’s high end five-star resort but four years later, business has entered administration. Lough Erne was host to G8 that brought together world leaders President Barack Obama of the United States and President Vladimir Putin of Russia in Northern Ireland.

Kirby thinks that the brand of Lough Erne is not really that strong. An international destination has to work harder, domestically, to ensure that the name becomes well known to everybody. Aside from investing in a new sales team, Kirby will be investing in the latest conference facility with plans to spend for new golf machinery. His long term goal is to revamp the hotels rooms by 2018. Millions will be invested in the resort to boost business.

When Kirby was appointed by the new American owners, Vine Avenue Advisors, he sort of knew what to expect from the staff and business levels. The owners were honest in admitting that the attractiveness of the resort was not very high and business levels have dropped. The number of staff has to be stabilized and they have to be motivated to gain confidence.

Kirby thinks that Brexit has been a positive thing for business even with the pound’s fluctuation and devaluation. Five-star prices are usually beyond the reach of many people but since prices have gone down a bit, people will realize that Lough Erne is an attractive destination.

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