Billboards Along The Airport Route To Generate Revenues For Lucerne County

Do not be surprised if you suddenly see billboards along Wyoming Valley Airport up to Forty Fort; the signs will hopefully generate revenue for Lucerne County government that owns the property. According to county manager David Pedri, Lucerne County owns the prime real estate along Route 11 by the airport where a lot of billboards are installed all the way to the strip.

At a recent public forum, Pedri told the citizens of Lucerne that he has asked for the preparation of requests to seek proposals from businesses who are interested in installing billboards or signs at the airport property and other sites that are owned by the county. This is an idea that the county officials have previously discussed for more than a decade because the Harrisburg-based Public Financial Management, the county’s financial consultant recommended the popular type of advertising to generate revenue for the recovery plan of the cash-strapped county.

Pedri said that the county must have another source of revenue aside from real estate taxes. If the county will allow advertisements along the route to the airport, it could generate an annual $100,000 in additional revenue. Governments all around the county generate revenue by selling space for advertising billboards and signs. They even allow promotional signs to be placed in restrooms and parking garages including the municipal website. People can expect advertising on street furniture like benches, trash receptacles and kiosks.

The Forty Fort airport is the most logical choice for the installation of promotional billboards because it is already a commercial area that contains some signs. However, if new signs are to be installed, it requires zoning approval and consultation with the fixed-based operator leasing the airport from Lucerne County. There are other locations being identified in the county whether they will be suitable for billboards

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