Billboard Lights At Piccadilly Circus Turned Off Until Autumn

The iconic billboard at Piccadilly Circus has displayed electronic advertisements for more than a century but it was switched off at 8:30 GMT to allow for renovations. The iconic billboard lights will stay off until autumn with a temporary advertising banner used to replace the lights.

Except for power outages and special events, it is the first time for the billboard lights to be turned off since World War II. In 1939, the billboard lights have to be turned off to comply with World War II blackouts and were only switched back in 1949. Since then, the lights were only turned off in respect for the funerals of Sir Winston Churchill and Princess Diana. There were also some environmental campaigns that were supported by shutting off the lights. Sometimes an occasional power cut including the 3-day week in the 1970’s have plunged the Piccadilly Circus into darkness.

In autumn, a permanent single screen will be unveiled as replacement for the six screens that served as an advertising board for the estimated 100 million people that pass Piccadilly Circus every year. Coca Cola is one of the companies that have used the billboards for its advertising campaigns since 1954. It will continue with its residency when a new screen is installed but it will share space with Samsung and other advertisers.

The new screen display will be the highest LED resolution display of this size in the whole world. Aside from advertisements, the display will also allow live video streaming. It will also serve as the venue for updates regarding the weather and sports events. Visitors can expect an enhanced entertainment experience when they visit Piccadilly Circus this autumn. The new display will be the same size as the previous billboard but the new screen will offer brands a pioneering new way to connect with people.

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