The Best Luxury High Rise Hotels In Bangkok

When you are traveling anywhere in the world, whether it’s a first world country or a country in Europe, getting booked in a nice hotel is a must for everyone. Unless you have a friend or relative who lives in that specific country, getting yourself a nice and decent hotel room is a priority. Now, there are a number of luxury high rise hotels in Bangkok in case you are traveling to Thailand’s capital.

Before anything else, Bangkok has no downtown unlike New York, Sydney and other major cities in the world. So everything in Bangkok is found in Bangkok itself and that includes all the hotels of all sorts. Now, most of the buildings built within Bangkok are high risers so if you chance at one of those buildings, you will instantly enjoy a view you could only see through your LED monitors or smartphones. As mentioned, there are hotels, luxury ones and ordinary ones, scattered throughout the city. Below are some of the most recommended by professional travelers and tourists:

  • Let’s begin with Oriental Residence which sits right in the heart of Bangkok. For those who have more budget, it’s recommended that they choose either their Corner Suites or their City View Suits because the view is to die for and you will surely fall in love more with Bangkok. The location is also good for die-hard shoppers because it’s near Sukhumvit’s shopping district. And despite being at the center of the city, guests at Oriental Residence can be assured that their stay will be quiet.
  • If you want a starry style of staying at Bangkok, you could go for Como Metropolitan Bangkok. At night, you can enjoy the lights of the city like you have never experienced before. Its in-house restaurant offers an all-day healthy eating which is perfect for health-conscious guests. And even though it’s a luxury hotel, Como Metropolitan Bangkok does have affordable rooms, too.
  • Another high rise hotel you could try is Hotel Muse. It has a heaven-like environment despite its being nearby malls. It also offers guests unique dining and wine experience they shouldn’t miss.

Luxury high rise hotels in Bangkok are considered to be one of the bests in the world in terms of satisfying guests. There are other hotels too that you could try depending on your budget but if you truly want to enjoy your stay, be sure to choose the best luxury hotel that fits not only your needs, but also your personality.

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