Benefits Of Pre Wound Bobbin

Even when almost everything nowadays are already automated and done by machines, there are still those that require manual labour such as the use of pre wound bobbin for embroidery and garment manufacturing at the clothing industry. One of the important materials for creating embroidered projects is bobbin. Before, the usual issue of textile manufacturers is tangled bobbins and even hairy bobbins that affect the output of the project. Good thing textile manufacturers can now purchase pre wound bobbins as they are already widely available in the market.  Here are some of the advantages of using modern pre wound bobbins for your projects.

Saves project costs

By using pre wound bobbins, you no longer have to spend for electricity for winding and also labour costs for the person who will wind the bobbins. With clean and hairless pre wound bobbins, you also eradicate the need to purchase a winding machine. Because the material is already pre wound, there is also no need for you to purchase a metal bobbin to create projects. All in all, there are numerous budgetary requirements that are slashed off by using a pre wound bobbin.

Clean finish

Another benefit of using a pre wound bobbin is its clean finish or cleaner result for the project output. There are no more hairy finish since pre wound bobbins release softer and finer thread compared to self-wound bobbins. To ensure that you will get the best results for your project, purchase pre wound bobbins from a reputable manufacturer. This way, you won’t have to worry about eh results and you get higher quality of embroidery or garments to the delight of your target customers.


With self-wound bobbins, you are not able to use the entire wound. There are wastage of materials here and there and they can also be tangled which can delay production. By using pre wound bobbin, you get to use the entire thread down to its tips. To find high quality pre wound bobbins, search through the internet since you can buy pre wound bobbins from online shops and sources.

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