Benefits Of Enrolling Thai Children To Bangkok International School

One of the common notions is that international schools such as Bangkok international school is only for foreigners and expats and local children should be enrolled to local schools. Although there are benefits of enrolling your child to a local school if you are Thai, there are also notable benefits if you would choose an international school. Here are some of these benefits.

Exposure to diverse culture

If your child is integrated to foreign students, he will learn and experience diverse culture. In the process, he will learn to respect differences and appreciate other cultures apart from his own. This will teach your child the value of working and collaborating with people from diverse backgrounds and he will also be exposed to various world celebrations. Children who are exposed to different types of people become more confident when they grow up.

High academic standards

International schools such as Bangkok international school adhere to curriculum used and accepted all over the world. This way, your child can easily adapt to his academic environment whether he is transferred to a local school or in foreign schools abroad.

English emphasis

Thai people generally speak Central Thai as its national language. On the other hand, international schools put emphasis on ESL/EFL. The medium of instruction and communication is also English. By enrolling your child in an international school, he becomes adept in using the language and will become competitive globally when time comes that he needs to interact with the world in the later part of his life.

More extracurricular activities 

International schools such as Bangkok international school celebrate various traditions in order to expose children to different culture. These celebrations are part of the school’s extracurricular activities apart from activities that fosters their confidence, values and personalities. Some of the popular extracurricular activities in international schools are debates, sports festivals, sports teams, math league, robotics and other activities that stir the imagination. Although international schools may cost more than local academic centres, the training and your child’s development doesn’t come with a price especially.

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