Bawarchi Restaurants, Treating Patrons With Exceptional Indian Cuisine

If you are looking to enjoy fine Indian cuisine in Sathorn or anywhere in Bangkok, then you should definitely visit the award-winning Bawarchi restaurants. Bawarchi is one of the best Indian restaurants in Bangkok and a visit in the city of angels wouldn’t be complete without a taste of fine Indian cuisine.

Bawarchi Indian restaurant chains aims to provide its customers with an assortment of Indian delicacies that are sure to get your taste buds addicted. Not only that, Bawarchi also aims to give their customers with great customer service as well as a stunning ambiance for a worthwhile course.

Their menu was also designed to entice the patrons through visually and texturally appealing dishes.

In English, Bawarchi basically means ‘chef.’ The restaurant’s specialties are in Mughlai and North Indian cuisine. They give great emphasis on signature dishes and presenting them through elegant and fine dining.

One night in Bawarchi would make you feel like royalty due to the environment, the service and most especially, the food. The restaurant feels like they are serving India on a plate. All of the courses are prepared by highly experienced Master Chefs with Indian roots, using high quality and authentic ingredients.

The secret to their recipes are the Indian spices that come all the way from India and when it comes to Spices, there is no spice like Indian spice. Bawarchi also makes use of traditional style cooking. They prepare their meat, bread and other important ingredients using a clay oven or Tandoor.

Due to their success in both India and Thailand, Bawarchi has received numerous awards. They have been the constant recipient of Certificate of Excellence awarded by the Trip Advisor and was also awarded as one of the Best Restaurants in Thailand. Their quality of food service had also been recognized by the Global Trade Leaders Club and was hailed as the best overseas Indian restaurant.

With all of these accomplishments, the Bawarchi restaurant chain has no plans of being complacent. They have already planned their expansion throughout south and Southeast Asia. They already have opened an outlet in Myanmar and people can expect more from them in the years to come.

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