Bathroom Law In Oklahoma A Burden To Small Businesses

Early this 2016, a new law was passed in Oklahoma that mandates all hospitals, restaurants, as well as all businesses equipped with public bathroom to add a sign that targets to lower the rate of abortion. This law will cost businesses an estimated amount of $2.3 million.

It was only last week that the State Department of Health has started discussing about the regulations that will govern these signs. This is a requirement that public schools, hospitals, restaurants and nursing homes should post. The aim of the sign is to make the society abortion free in the near future.

There are oppositions to the new regulation coming from restaurant groups and hospitals because they think that this will impose unnecessary tax especially on the smaller businesses.

According to the president of the Oklahoma Restaurant Association, Jim Hooper, they don’t see anything wrong with the information that the state is conveying to women regarding pregnancy and the baby they are carrying. They just think that the signs are not the way to go about disseminating information. They view the regulation as a new mandate that affects small business as well as restaurants, nursing homes and hospitals and the association views this as having no sense.

Based on the estimate made by the Oklahoma Hospital Association, each sign would cost between $45 and $150 to make. For a small rural hospital, the total cost would be around $750 while for the largest network composed of healthcare system in Oklahoma, Integris Health, the cost could be around $60,000.

Many people are not happy about this and they voiced out their opinions through social media. Another group is in opposition, the Leaders of the Oklahoma Assisted Living Association, but it is for different reasons. According to a statement from the association, the sign could pose a negative impact on the emotional health of the residents. The people living in there are no longer able to bear child and the information the signs are trying to convey will not be applicable to them anymore.

For those who are not affected by the new regulation in Oklahoma, you can bring a new addition to your bathrooms with a shower screen installation.

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