Bangkok Named Best Value City For Long Vacations For Brits

The allure of an exclusive hotel in Bangkok is strong, indeed, if the recent data from Post Office of the UK is to believed.

The data, recently released by the UK Post Office listed down the best valued destination cities across the globe for travellers from the UK, with the top three spots occupied by three Far Eastern cities; Bangkok, Tokyo and Beijing.

The Thai capital and its vibrant nightliferanked the cheapest destination for UK travellers, due to the 11 typical tourist expenses, which includes food and drink, airport expenses, sightseeing costs, as well as weekend accommodation were the lowest out of all the destinations recorded.

According to the report, this was due to the Thai capital’s hotel markets having such low prices on average, with a three night stay in four star double room accommodations costing a mere £177 when converted. The allure of an exclusive hotel in Bangkok is, apparently, helped by cheap accommodation costs in the country.

The Japanese capital of Tokyo trailed behind at second place, due to having the lowest cost of food expenses in the list. For example, in Tokyo it costs only £40 to have a three-course meal for two complete with complementary wine bottle on the house. This is approximately one-third the cost of the same amount of food in nearby Singapore.

The Chinese capital of Beijing ranked in at 3rd on the list, thanks to the low costs of airport travel expenses, with averages sitting comfortably at £4.

Abta, a UK travel trade association that handles tour operations and travel agents, identified long-haul city breaks as the new, big trend for the year of 2017, which was brought about by the increased availability of aircraft and improvements to air travel, meaning that longer trips became more attractive to most people.

Andrew Brown, from the Post Office Travel Money department of the UK said that cities in the Far Eastern regions are currently providing unmatched value for travellers, at least those from the UK.

He advised that if anyone is considering any long-haul city break, it would be wise to do some research on your destination prior to booking.

The rankings, as per the Post Office Travel Money’s data, are as follows:

  1. Bangkok, Thailand
  2. Tokyo, Japan
  3. Beijing, China
  4. Dubai, UAE
  5. Cape Town, South Africa
  6. Singapore
  7. Washington DC, USA
  8. Toronto, Canada
  9. New York, USA
  10. Boston, USA

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