Bangkok City Buses Will Be Accepting Swipe Cards. Soon.

Being able to travel in any major metropolitan area is very important, especially for one with such heavy tourist traffic such as Thailand’s capital city. As such, people rely on the free shuttle service in Bangkok, and the other transportation methods in the city to get around.

Some good news then, as the Bangkok Mass Transit Authority (BMTA), has just recently managed to get the go-signal for a new contract last June 15, Thursday. This new contract is set to alleviate some of the issues with transportation in the city, as buses in the city will now be using a swipe card system, the Spider Card system, which is the new, all-in-one public transportation card system usable for the Bangkok Mass Transit System (BTS) and the Metropolitan Rapid Transport (MRT).

This means that the city’s buses can now share the same payment mode as two of the city’s other major transportation methods, allowing for greater convenience for those unable to avail the free shuttle service in Bangkok, but wish to travel around the city with little fuss.

According to the BMTA’s acting Director, Somsak Hommuang, if the schedule is followed, the Spider card system will operation for the first 800 buses across the city by Oct. 1, and within a 10-month time span, at least 2,600 buses in the city will be able to accept the new Spider cards, if the schedule follows.

The new card system is not only convenient for buses and passengers, who will enjoy more efficient transport, but also for the BMTA, who will be able to cut down their employment costs.

Whilst some fear that this means that BMTA will be letting go of a lot of their employees, the higher-ups at the BMTA have reassured people, saying that employees will not just be fired all of a sudden, but that they will be reassigned to other position that fit their skill-set and qualifications. They have said that there is also the option for affected employees to accept an early retirement offer, with all associated bonuses.

The Spider Card has been the subject of some news in Bangkok, as the public have been excited to see how the new system helps their travel troubles in the city.

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