Avoiding Painting Mistakes In Your Home

Samantha Page bought a house for the first time and it was built in the 1960s but updated after a decade. It has the classic kitchen right out of the 70s that sealed the deal for her. The cabinets are painted avocado green and the tiles are yellow. When she purchased it, she was planning on maintaining the retro vibe of the home. There was some delay in the settlement and when she moved in that is when it dawned on her that she doesn’t like the look of the house anymore. It was a cautionary tale that companies offering Sydney painting services know because they have encountered it countless of times with their clients.

The floor plan was good but the paint job is no longer attractive. The walls have turned dirty green and the main bedroom features a wall painted with dark peach. Page decided to paint the whole bedroom white and she saw a huge difference that she decided to paint the entire house. She is currently painting the hallway in order to change the dirty green walls into a clean white.

It is important to know that painting the wall the same or darker colour is easier compared to changing a dark paint to a light one since it will need undercoating.

According to an expert in renovation, Cherie Barber, it is a general rule that undercoating is not required if the walls are brand new or if the colour of the paint is not a really dark one. If it has dark colours then undercoating it with white is necessary to drown the dark base before painting it with the lighter colour which should be done in two coatings.

Haymes Paint’s product training manager said that if the wrong undercoat is used then the painter will not achieve the same depth of colour they want from the colour card. This is one of the most common mistakes made by DIY home painters thus Cattell recommends to do a test before painting the entire wall. If all else fail, hire Sydney painting services because they have professionals who can do the job and attain the colour desired.

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