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YAANA To Hold 2nd Operation Smile Fundraiser In Chiang Mai

With the world embracing environmental best practices, organizations and companies across the world have been embracing green operations, cutting down on wastes, looking into renewable energy, that sort of thing. For those that take the bus to Chiang Mai from Bangkok, they’ll be seeing quite a few bike riders on the roads this September.

The 2nd YAANA Corporate Challenge 2018 will be held in Chiang Mai, from the 21 to 23 September, set to attract business people who are interested in environmental best practices, and/or charity events. Proceeds of the two-day/three-night event will be given to a charity, whilst participants get the soak in the views of Northern Thailand with the wind in their hair and without the smell of exhaust, unlike when taking the bus to Chiang Mai from Bangkok, while the night will see social activities.

The social activities happening as part of the event at night will be held in Chiang Mai, and will include a cocktail reception and a dinner with a guest speaker. The end of the event at the 23rd of September, Sunday, will be marked by a closing dinner at an iconic Chiang Mai location, which has yet to be revealed.

All proceeds will go towards funding Operation Smile in Thailand, which will pay for the operation to fix the debilitating deformities of Thai children across the country.

This iteration of the event will only be its second run. The YAANA Corporate Challenge is the brainchild of YAANA Ventures, an investment firm with a history of focusing on responsible tourism efforts.  The event’s logistics will be handled by Khiri Travel and bicycle travel specialists, Grasshopper Adventures. YAANA itself will take the helm with regards to the handling of registration and the fundraising.

YAANA Ventures CFO, Mark Remijan says that the event isn’t a bicycle race, far from it, in fact. The idea behind the event, he says, is corporate networking and fundraising, with a focus on sustainability and environmental conservation. It’s also about promoting good health, and enjoying wonderful scenery, all while raising funding that’ll improve the lives of youth across Thailand.

The event itself isn’t too strenuous, with options to travel for 140km or 100km over two days, complete with full support, like a “sweeper” van offering drinks throughout the length of the route.

Last year’s event managed to raise a total of US$25,000 dollars, and this year’s event is aiming for at least US$40,000. The inaugural event was held in coastal central Vietnam back in September of 2017.

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Enjoy Life To The Fullest With Dental Implants

A few decades ago, the best solution for persons with missing teeth was partial or full dentures. Today, dental implants are considered as the best substitute for missing teeth because it looks and functions like the real ones. If you are still undecided about dental implants, Franklin dental clinic infographic will help you make a confident decision.

For many people, summer means grilling steaks and corn on a cob in the backyard. However, how will you enjoy the summer treats when you have missing teeth? It certainly hurts to chew the food. The best solution to your missing teeth is dental implants that resemble and function like the real thing.

Dental implants are made from medical-grade titanium that is designed to encourage the formation of bone. Dental implants are also used to support tooth restorations and a number of dental prosthetics like crowns, implant-supported bridges and dentures. Dental implants have changed the way that dentistry is being performed today. However, there is lots of inaccurate information that make people wary of dental implants.

A significant amount of research was completed to enhance the way dental implants are used. If compared to all dental procedures and oral care treatments, dental implants have the highest rates of success at 94%. The first titanium dental implant that was made on a patient in 1965 is still functioning today.

The success of dental implants is based on being able to gather accurate information and diagnosis of existing structure where the implants will be placed. The dentists also analyses bone quality and quantity and anatomic hurdles where the implants will be placed. The hurdles include the nerve in the lower jaw that runs through the mandible on both sides. The best source of information to determine the hurdles is dental CAT scan that will produce a fully interactive 3-D view of the patient’s jaw, bones, sinuses, nasal airway and lower airway.

Your best source of information to help you decide on a dental procedure is Franklin dental clinic info graph that explains oral health in the simplest way possible. Do not allow fear to affect your judgment because a beautiful smile can enhance your self esteem and confidence.

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Heat Network For Cheaper And Cleaner Energy

If North Yorkshire’s county town is hooked up to a central system, the people will benefit from cheaper and cleaner energy. The councils of North Yorkshire and Hambleton are considering whether Northallerton can be connected to the district heating system so that its hospitals, library, leisure center and council buildings can be served by a local source of heating. After the system has been established, next target is local homes.

Initial technical studies can be undertaken on the feasibility of the heating scheme for the town through a financial grant of £33,500 from Government’s Heat Networks Delivery Unit. District heating system can produce steam and hot or chilled water from the central energy centre. Steam or water can be distributed through an insulated piping network to individual buildings so that they can have heat, hot water and air conditioning. This will eliminate the need for boilers or chillers.

Affordable heating at a third of the cost of conventional heating can be provided by the networks. This plan has advantages that include carbon reduction, local energy resilience and sourcing and more jobs for the local people. Heat networks are being promoted by the government for its de-carbonization strategy.

According to Andrew Lee, county councillor of North Yorkshire, local businesses as well as communities must have access to affordable, efficient and environmentally friendly energy that will meet their requirements and at the same time encourage growth and sustainability. Once the heat network scheme becomes successful, it will be the trailblazer for other schemes.

Hambleton District Councillor Peter Wilkinson said that the district council has already taken important strides to reduce carbon dioxide emissions in the district. In fact, there has been a 10% reduction in carbon emissions since 2005. However, the district also has high levels of fuel poverty compared to other parts of the county.

If you need new boiler installation, repair, maintenance or servicing, you can access so that it can send a team of boiler engineers. The dedicated team of boiler engineers is Gas Safe certified and highly experienced to address any boiler issue whether big or small. You can also count on them during boiler emergencies.

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How To Use ATX Motherboard In A Computer?

Micro ATX is a reference point for computer motherboards. It is otherwise referred to as u ATX or mATX, which got initiated in 1997. A large motherboard will have this size — 244-mm x 244-mm or 9.6-inches x 9.6-inches. A smaller motherboard will have about 171.45-mm x 171.24-mm or 6.75-inches x 6.75-inches. For a typical ATX motherboard, it comes in 305-mm or 244-mm or 12-inches x 9.6-inches. This motherboard usually supports the central processing units innovated by INTEL, AMD and VIA.

The micro ATX motherboard was specifically designedfor backward compatibility with ATX. If you have no idea what ATX is, it’sactually a computer form factor designed by INTEL. Through the many years, it modified the motherboard models, power supply and computer case.

AT was the typical form factor for computer systems up till the replacement of ATX. The reason for modifying AT to ATX is having the ATX motherboard handle all the problems faced with AT by system developers. The ATX efficiency marked the advancements of computersand its new market trends. ATX provided benefits for the motherboards to enhance specific areas of ATX. The micro ATX can be utilised in complete ATX boards with similar I/O panel. ATX motherboards can utilise similar power connectors with a result that ATX power supplies can be utilised with it. The motherboards use the same chipsets,so it’s easier to use with similar components.

mATX motherboards are appropriately used when there are less than four expansions slots required. Its existing inclination to computer technology makes consumers prefer an inexpensive solution for their computer needs. The motherboard can deal with this concern, especially when a smaller motherboard is acquiredto sustain inexpensive computer systems. In previous days, the LAN connection, USB, stereo sound and other useful components were purchased separately and supplemented into a computer system. Today, with micro ATX motherboard, all features are integrated together to minimise time, money and trouble in buying and installing important components.

The ATX motherboard, more importantly, can provide everything, especially if you want something done or not. The motherboards used in a computer system will determine its success. If you want to install micro ATX, ensure that you work with other parts already found in a computer. You also need to ensure that the motherboard is durable and in high quality. So buy this product only from a reputable computer technology expert.

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Choosing The Right Sydney Furniture Removals

Moving furniture will need to be done the smartest ways. The Sydney furniture removals can deliver the job in the most professional and complete ways. Hence they need to meet the needs and expectations of their customers.

Knowing the Needs

A furniture removalist should be able to handle their various customers with various needs. They need to assure their customers that they can do business the right way. To do the job, they need the right equipment and vehicle to transport the furniture house to house or office to office. They can also send the right people to help in the moving out, especially when fragile objects are included. They can also provide the right storage facilities in case of emergencies and more. So it’s important that the Sydney furniture removals know what they are moving, so they can reach the destination safe and sound.

The relocation of the belongings should also entail necessary tools and measurable costs. A furniture removalist must consider the size of the van to accommodate all furniture. They also need to consider the trips to complete the relocating of the furniture. Also considered are the number of boxes required and the people to handle the job. If the detail of the job is carefully handled and managed, a removalist can expect profitability of their business and transparency to their customer. They definitely want to please their customers, so they can keep business ongoing.

Reputable and reliable Sydney furniture removals should have their customer needs attainable. They need to deliver the goods safely and securely given a specific time and men working for this purpose. They need to assure their customers that their furniture can be delivered exactly on what they want. They need to keep their promise so that the customer can trust their business.

The Sydney furniture removals must also comply with the schedule allocated by the Management and their customers. They need a schedule to follow so customers can expect a timely delivery. They should prioritise the things that need to be moved first. Following the schedule will ensure their customers are happy and satisfied with their services.

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Bangkok Motor Show For 2018 Did Not Disappoint

Motorcycle enthusiasts might have been waiting for this show for months and finally it happened. The good thing about the event is that the automotive released are mostly based on the region but still it has a high following. During the motor show, many new models are introduced and manufactured by big brands including Kawasaki motorcycles, Harley, Honda, BMW Motorrad, Yamaha, KTM, Suzuki and Ducati. Of course, local brand GPX which hailed in Thailand was also present during the event and it surprisingly was able to level with the big brands that are known internationally. Below are a few new models that were introduced during the 2018 Bangkok Motor Show.

Ducati. This is considered to be the most eye-catching of all the new models that were displayed on the show floor. The model that tops the list from the brand is the Scrambler 1100 which is introduced to have more power compared to the other models under the same popular line of motorcycles. The fuel tank has been improved to be bigger and the Spartan speedometer was boosted to carry additional features. Other new models from Ducati were Monster 821 and the Multistrada 1260 Pikes Peak.

Honda. The Japan-based company introduced new models during the motor show. They have something new to offer in almost every category including cruisers, scooters, naked streets and sport bikes. The model that caught the audiences’ attention the most is the Forza which is a city scooter with medium built. There is also the sport bike model CBR1000RR SP and the naked bike model CB1000R.

KTM. This brand came from Austria but it is taking roots in Asian countries. Out of all their new models, the shiniest is the 1290 Super Duke R which is a naked sport bike. It is lightweight and employed with the latest technology in riding like keyless ignition, monitoring system for the tyre pressure, drift mode and, last but not the least, is the cruise control.

Kawasaki. This brand is known internationally because of the Kawasaki motorcycles seen all over the world. For 2018, the focus is given to models under the Ninja line. The ones that got the most attention are H2s and the most recent one which is the ZX10Rs. The company also brought a number of cruisers and street bikes to the event stage.

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