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Thai Hotels Still A Hot Investment

Despite the number of existing hotels in Thailand such as the modern hotel in Rayong, the industry is still getting overwhelmed. In fact, last year was found to be a record year because the country has witnessed the highest number of hotel transactions. A total of 17 billion baht has been spent by investors for high-profile transactions in the hotel industry.

Based on the estimates of JLL, a property consultant firm, the volume of transactions for 2018 will not be as high as the previous year despite the fact that there is still a high level of interest among investors. This is because of the only limited number of hotels will be available in the market that is investment worthy.

According to the data provided by Hotels and Hospitality Group of JLL, there are 12 hotels that were put up in the market in 2017 and the total value of these hotels amounted to 17 billion baht. This number is higher by 70 per cent compared to the recorded figures in 2016. The number is also higher compared to the yearly average volume calculated for five years from 2012 until 2016 which is about 12.2 billion baht.

When looking at the value, Bangkok is the leading city when it comes to activities related to investment because there were six hotels, with a total value of 14 billion baht, listed on the market that is worth investing in. These six hotels already comprised almost 80 per cent of the entire market volume for 2017.

The six hotels are Edition Hotel, former Premier Inn, Somerset Lake Point, Swissotel Nai Lert Park, a serviced apartment located in Thonglor and a partially complete building with 34-storey. There are also high profile transactions outside of Bangkok including Dusit Island Resort Premier Inn Pattaya and Pilanta Resort.

Last year was also a big year for foreign investments with over 50 per cent of transactions coming from these investors. There is a higher competition for modern hotel in Rayong but it is also a good boost for the economy of Thailand. Foreign investments are mostly from United States, Japan and Singapore.

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The Best Places To Eat When In Chiang Mai

Food is one of the reasons many tourists are attracted to visit Thailand. Every part of the country has something to offer in terms of local cuisine. In the northern territory, there is an increase in the number of locals and tourists looking for vegetarian cuisine Chiang Mai because of the changing eating habits and choices. If you are one of the foodies who want to experience everything there is in Chiang Mai, here is a guide of restaurants worth visiting.

The Kalare Night Bazaar is basically a food court located in Chiang Mai with a variety of food stalls with different products. This is a food haven for many because of several cuisines available such Naina Indian Food and Little Istanbul. Of course, many of the visitors are still geared toward the stalls offering local Thai cuisine. You will know which stalls are the best based on the number of locals eating or lining up to get their fill.

Another famous local Thai restaurant in the area is the Kanjana Restaurant. It was founded in 1997 and known for their delectable dishes as well as extensive choices on the menu. This is the place where you could dare to try the Khao Soi because it was deliciously done and there are other famous menu options as well including fried noodle kee-mao, cashew chicken and stir-fried morning glory.

Night markets are the best place to go to if you are a picky eater. Chiang Mai has the Ploen Ruedee night market which is just a few minutes away from Kalare. The difference between them is that Ploen Ruedee offers more Western food choices and other international cuisine compared to Thai dishes. This is where you will find ice cream parlours along with cocktail bars.

There are also eateries located along the Huay Tung Tao Lake which offers beautiful mountain scenery while dining. This is 20 minutes away from the city centre of Chiang Mai. For those who wanted to try local food but more on the health side, there is vegetable cuisine Chiang Mai offered in restaurants and even food establishments inside hotels.

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Some Important Features Of Reputed Schools In Bangkok Which Follow British Curriculum

A major concern for expats in Bangkok is to find a good school for their children. They want a good international school which offers educations at all levels, such as nursery, primary and secondary. The quality of education offered by the school plays an important role in the overall development of the child. Hence finding a right school for the kids is a high priority task for most of the parents.

There are reputed schools which follow the framework of National Curriculum for England and Wales, and can be considered as British Secondary School in Bangkok. These schools are recognized by many external institutions like IBO, IGCSC, WASC and CIS. They offer high quality international education which equals the British standards.

Students study a wide range of subjects in these schools. They are given opportunities to take part in various cultural activities and showcase their talents.  The reputed British Secondary School in Bangkok provide a range of extracurricular activities like, sports, cultural activities, academic clubs and residential trips. These activities help to nurture the young minds. The students are also provided chances for inter cultural learning by inviting speakers from outside, celebrating local and international festivals and participating in residential trips.

The famous British Secondary School in Bangkok follows the pastoral support system for the emotional and personal development of the student. Each student has a dedicated tutor, who meets the student at regular intervals to discuss about academic and other issues related to the students. The tutor acts as a mediator between the subject teachers, students, parents and the secondary head teacher.

The school follows the IGCSE curriculum for years 10 and 11. The curriculum is internationally accepted as the leading curriculum for British Secondary School in Bangkok. The school takes regular assessment of the students in two models – formative and summative assessments. The formative assessment is a on-going process, which includes projects and presentations, class tests and teacher observations. The summative assessments are the formal examinations taken at the end of the course to test the understanding of the students in various subjects.  The students received a report card with detailed grades for their performance.

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What’s It Like Diving In Phuket During The Rainy Season

Thailand includes two seasons: the wet and dry seasons. Most divers from around the world come to this country during the dry season as it is more fun and exciting. But what is diving in Phuket really like during the wet season?

Diving in Thailand During the Rainy Season

Yes, it’s possible to dive in Phuket Thailand during rainy season, but not always and everywhere. On the Andaman Seacoast are diving schools. Low season run from May till October; and the high season can run from November till April. During the rainy season, the actual rainy days only spend half the days, which is six to seven hours of sun per day. This is probably why you can go diving in Phuket amidst the rainy season. However, you need to know that most diving spots are close during off-season.

What About the Waves During Rainy Season?

The winds during rainy season can potentially trigger storms. On many days, it can form huge waves which may not be great for swimming. On the other hand, surfers will love the waves for surfing. For experienced divers, it can be a tiny problem as they can find protected areas in some dive spots. In Phuket, the best spots for diving are Phi Phi, Racha Noi and Rachai Yai islands. Koh Dok Mai is also one place great for diving.

Why You Should Dive in Phuket During Off-season?

  • Lower Prices

Everything that tourists avail during low season is cheaper than those during peak season. It applies for all accommodations in Phuket hotels and resorts. They can even offer discounted room rates, with cheaper flights and more bargains and deals.

  • Fewer Tourists

Obviously, there are fewer tourists coming during the off-season so it’s quieter. There will be lesser people in hotels, along the beach, and less divers opting to go underwater.

  • More to See

Some dive sites are busier during the rainy season, not with people but with animals. You can observe leopard sharks, mantra rays, and other aquatic creatures.

The rainy season may make your Phuket vacation less fun and interesting as you don’t enjoy much of the sun. If you’re out for excitement especially diving in Phuket, we therefore suggest coming here during peak seasons.

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Industrial Boilers Must Meet Requirements By M CPD

With the development of the MCPD or Medium Combustion Plant Directive into a European law, it is important that operators should improve their current boiler plant. They must check for industrial boiler corrosion and do something about it. Calor’s industrial and commercial specialist, Kevin Houlden, has advises to give.

Before the year ended, December 19 to be exact, the MCPD was transformed into one of the laws in Europe. Based on the MCPD, there is required ELVs or emissions limit values in order to lessen the amount of nitrogen oxides, particulates and sulphur dioxide released by the exhaust gases. The rating is 1 MW and for thermal input the limit is 50 MW which is applicable to all kinds of combustion plant.

If new plants started their operation a day after the new law was implemented, they are required to register at the Competent Authority and make sure they follow the new ELVs that were set for December 19.

There are a total of 43 Air Quality Zones all over the United Kingdom. The problem is that only five of them follow the level required for the amount of NOx. According to forecast, slow progress is to be expected in the coming two decades. The MCPD rules give the Competent Authority the capacity to alter the limits due to the low level of air quality depending on their prerogative. Therefore, the final regulation in the United Kingdom is not set on stone especially to areas that is not following the level of air quality which is a requirement.

For example, boilers with heavy fuel oil will not be able to meet the demand of the ELVs due to the fuel source. At the end of the day, operators must consider the type of upgrade they will perform or if they are going to switch their boiler plant just to meet the requirement set by MCPD. Eventually, there are long-term consequences that must be considered in the event that the ELVs are lowered than it already is. Aside from the industrial boiler corrosion which they have to provide solution to, this is another thing operators have to worry about from now on.

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Which Hotel Near Night life In Bangkok Can You Stay?

Vacationers who love to party can find an affordable hotel near nightlife in Bangkok as there are guest friendly hotels with clean modern rooms. They can choose from a variety of hotels where they can spend their hard-earned cash to suit their budget.

There are travelers who prefer to spend their nightlife in the red light districts of Nana, Patpong and Soi Cowboy. Staying at a hotel near any of the three nightlife districts in Bangkok will save them a bit of money just to pay for taxis and train fares to get them there. Also in these areas, are plenty of places to eat, shop, drink and go partying. Since these areas mostly cater to foreigners, it will be a lot easier to communicate as most of the Thais working here speak basic English.

At Nana through Sukhumvit 4, you find here a high quality hotel near nightlife in Bangkok like the Boss Suites. It’s a popular hotel opened in early 2010, with modern rooms and the friendliest guest services. Room rates cost 1100 baht per night, which is not bad as guests can use the swimming pool and a small gym.

There is also the Woraburi Sukhumvit Hotel and Resort, which makes you feel you are in a concrete jungle in Bangkok. The standard rooms are really basic and small but always kept clean. However, there is no room for complaints as room rates cost you around 800baht.

Just a bit further away on Sukhumvit 4 and closer to the Nana Entertainment Plaza are the Royal Ivory and Heaven@4 hotels. Both hotels are great options for you stay, especially the Royal Ivory Hotel where the rooms are bigger and has a swimming pool.

The last recommended hotel near nightlife in Bangkok is the Manhattan Hotel, located at the edge of the Nana red light district. The hotel is surrounded by popular clubs and bars, which makes it easy to move around the area. It’s actually a huge property and very popular among travellers as room rates can go as low as 1300baht especially during low season.

There are still more budget hotels to try near the Nana red light district. You may need to search thoroughly especially that you want your Bangkok vacation organized and planned well.

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