How To Attach Russian Hair Extensions

There are different type hair extensions in the market today. The type of its application would depend on the kind of Russian hair extensions that you have in mind. There are two different makes of hair extension: remy hair extension which is made of natural human hair and non-remy or synthetic which is made of acid treated silicone. Synthetic hair extensions are cheaper but they lack texture and cannot be styled or colored unlike hair extensions that are made from human hair. Human hair extensions come in three different grades, the Brazilian, Malaysian and Indian.  When choosing hair extension, choose one that is closest to your hair texture including similar color and hair type in order for it to blend perfectly on your natural hair.

If you have decided which type of hair extension you are going to use, you can start with your hair extension installation with the following steps:

  1. Have all your materials ready. Place your hair extension nearby including hair clip, styling combs and other materials that you would need for the application.
  2. Divide your hair in two sections. Pull most of your hair to the top of your head like having a pony tail. Leave the remaining hair so you will have some to clip Russian hair extensions to. Layer by layer or add more hair extension until you are satisfied with its fullness.
  3. While you are still holding your hair to a pony tail, cull out some of your hair at the roots until you get at least a half inch of volume at the base of the hair strands. You can achieve more volume by teasing your hair. Also, you will provide hair extension something to clip into with your teased hair. Natural hair can be slippery and the hair extension clip can slide if you will not tease your hair.
  4. Dig into your teased hair, down to its roots and clip the Russian hair extensions to it. Make sure that the hair extension is evenly placed.

Brush the top layer of your hair and ensure that the hair extension clip is perfectly hidden.


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