Asia on a Small Budget: Best Destinations Having Low-Cost Hotels

Agoda, a Singapore-based hotel booking site, gave AFP its professional advice on the best locations to enjoy Southeast Asia’s blue waters without spending too much.


According to Agoda, Da Nang is a great beach destination in Vietnam. In this coastal city, a room at a hotel costs Rs 500 per night. On the other hand, their luxury hotel rooms can go as much as Rs 269,420! The booking experts suggest going to Phu Quoc, a must-see in the country. Travellers can secure hotel rooms lesser than Rs 6700 a night.


After going through a period of isolation, Myanmar is becoming a fashionable destination in Asia. Their beautiful beaches are found in Chaungtha, Ngwe Saung and Ngapali. No doubt, Chaungtha is the cheapest choice for travellers, where Agoda lists hotel room for less than Rs 3000 per night, 50% lesser than the other two destinations.


Cambodia still has well-hidden gems like Koh Rong Samloem and Koh Rong. Koh Rong, the 2nd biggest Cambodian island, is set to be a famous tourist destination in the next couple of years, according to Agoda. There is no better time to visit especially since a hotel room now costs less than Rs 3000 a night on average.


Travellers need not pay higher rates to stay near the country’s famous beaches. Penang, Langkawi and Tioman Island, Malyasia’s three desired beach destinations, all have fairly priced accommodations, with hotel rooms costing not greater than Rs 4700 per night on average.


Travellers can surely count on paying about Rs 6700 a night in one of the beachside destinations in Indonesia. Lower prices are offered in Bangka and Banyuwangi, with rooms under Rs 2600 per night. For an all-inclusive accommodation, with sea view and breakfast, Raja Ampat islands have rooms under Rs 8700 a night.


To find the cheapest prices in Thailand, travellers must avoid its frequented tourist hotspots. Holidaymakers can get rooms costing Rs 3000 a night on average at a beach resort in Chanthaburi, located in the east. This town is 240 km (143 miles) away from Bangkok. Agoda suggests Koh Kood, Koh Mak, Koh Tao or Kamala beach for those that prefer staying near the beaten track.

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