Amazing Corner Curio Cabinets On Sale At For Your Corner

Curio cabinets are generally used by people to showcase souvenirs and items such as trophies or figurines. Their structure is similar to that of a regular cabinet, except that in this case, they are covered by glass sides with a wooden framework to increase visibility into the items being stored. Since they are covered on all sides, this serves as an amazing way to keep the dust and bugs off the treasured items. Most curio cabinets also have a locking mechanism to further safeguard the items inside. Generally curio cabinets take up a large amount of space. However, for customers who are constrained on space and have corners in their house with free space, these corner curio cabinets from For Your Corner serve as spectacular furniture items. Here are two corner curio cabinets on sale from this corner furniture and accessories company:

  • Acme Martha Corner Cabinet: This piece of furniture is for those families that do not have children of young ages. This is because it is a rather delicate piece of furniture, but what it lacks in sturdiness, it makes up for in terms of its beauty. It is a tall curio with an overall footprint of about 15 inches by 15 inches. This might be a little small for larger rooms but is perfect for small rooms and tight corners. This unit also comes with six shelves, giving customers ample space to place their belongings. The price for this item is quite low for its advantages so most customers are generally happy with this buy.
  • Chintaly Corner Curio Cabinets with Mirror interiors: This is a much larger piece than the one reviewed above as it has a footprint of roughly 30 inches by 21 inches. Although this might seem quite large, for an empty corner this would fit perfectly. The door of this curio has a magnetic latch to keep it in place and to ensure that the door doesn’t open by itself. The specialty of this particular piece is its mirror interiors. It is recommended for customers to place colorful items inside this cabinet as the mirrors tend to amplify the range of colors. These advantages come at a rather hefty price though, as this curio costs nearly $1000.
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