Advantages Of Rare Earth Neodymium Magnets

Neodymium magnets are also known as NdFeB or NIB and Neo magnets. This type of magnet is the most commonly used rare earth neodymium magnets and is considered as the strongest type among other variety of rare earth magnets that can be found today. Neodymium is available in bonded and sintered forms. Some of the advantages of neodymium magnets include the following:

  • Neodymium is proven to have the higher remanence compared to other types of magnets found in the market today.
  • Another advantage of neodymium magnet is it has higher coercivity, which means that it has higher resistance to changes in magnetization.
  • Another reason why neodymium is popular and widely used is due to its high energy efficiency quality. This means that with rare earth neodymium magnets in your appliances, they will consume less energy which is tantamount to saving on electricity or power costs.  This is also the reason why you will find neodymium magnets in modern and energy-efficient appliances of today.
  • This type of magnet is also used in various applications, even in daily functions. You can find magnets in hard disk drives, magnetic fasteners, tools and in motors and engines.
  • Neodymium magnets is also considered as the strongest type of rare earth magnet. It remains unmatched in magnet types.
  • Neodymium is also reliable even at high temperatures and it is proven to have better magnetic properties. This type of magnet is generally alloyed with terbium and dysprosium. Because of this property, neodymium can stand high temperature but it should not exceed at 250C.

However, just like any element or property, neodymium has its share of disadvantages. One of it is neodymium is highly sensitive to varying temperatures. It can also rust and oxidize easily making it necessary to plate neodymium before using it. With the right plating, oxidation can be prevented thereby preventing the material from rusting. Compared with other magnet types, rare earth neodymium magnets have lower Curie temperature. With its minimal disadvantage, neodymium remains to be reliable and strong. You can find it in reputable online shops or you can also check your local magnet distributor for supplies.

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