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Jordan K Colbert Jordon Colbert – Editor Body As Billboard

Welcome to Body as a billboard, a site that provides you both local and world news on entertainment, sports, travel, fashion and lifestyle. It is our mission to provide our readers with news that is both fun and interesting. So many different stories are reported everyday and people are simply overwhelmed. Readers need an alternative to the typical news that they read so that they can start the day right. At Body as a billboard, we aim to be different so that readers can have an option.

Why have we named our site Body as a billboard? Have you noticed what is trending today? Young women are using their bodies to make bold statements instead of the usual t-shirts. A few years ago, t-shirts were printed with various bold statements that were mostly political. Today, everything has changed because we can see those statements tattooed on bodies. It is very easy to create political awareness not because of the boldness of the statements but the medium on which they are printed on. We at Body as a billboard believe in being different because it is the only way to catch attention.

Using the body as a billboard is a form of advertisement that makes use of human skin. The skin is the most visible place in the human body and it looks pretty cool to have a logo tattooed. Many marketers have succeeded in creating brand awareness through permanent and temporary tattoos on willing individuals. The fact the body can be used to gain awareness is now catching on in many cities. Is it outrageous? If you want people to pay attention, you need to become more involved than simply wearing a statement t-shirt which is so common that almost everybody wears it on the streets.

It is not surprising for Body as a billboard has become quite popular among teenagers. Isn’t it better to parade around with messages than squander thousands of dollars in designer outfits? You are invited to share your feeling and opinions because by discussing the issue, we will know the general consensus of the majority. If you have any suggestions or questions, feel free to contact us at www.bodyasbillboard.com.

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