A Quiet And Festival Celebration Of Songkran

If you want to experience a different kind of adventure, visit Phuket during the Songkran Festival. It is guaranteed that you will be wet and happy for a few days as crowds of people throw water on each other. You can book for a room or suite at a beachfront luxury resort in Karon where you can take advantage of the magnificent view of the Andaman Sea.

The annual Thai New Year or Songkran Festival takes place from April 12 to 16 with the main event held every April 13 from 9 in the morning onwards. Most of the islanders and tourists will be busy with water battles but those in Phuket Historical Park will be paying homage to the cultural heritage of Thailand. A quiet and peaceful Songkran Festival aims for the preservation of Thai traditions and to ensure that they will be handed down to the future generation.

Peaceful celebrations at Phuket Historical Park will start with the pouring of scented water on the hands of the elderly followed by the offerings to monks and food sharing among the people. There are no water guns and buckets of water to drench the crowd. Traditional bowls with scented water and jasmine flowers will be used in the true spirit of Songkran. People who want to join the quiet festival will be wearing traditional Thai costumes.

Early this year, Phuket Governor Norraphat Plodthong launched Songkran “Seven Days of Danger” road campaign to reduce the number of fatalities and injuries in road and marine accidents. Deaths and injuries frequently happen when people drive at high speed, drive recklessly or overlook the use of helmets. This year a special plan was launched to prevent and reduce the number of road and marine incidents. The safety of the people must be protected not only during the festival but every day.

Travellers are welcome at the beachfront luxury resort in Karon at any time of the year to enjoy the pristine waters of Karon Beach and water sports like snorkelling, diving, jet skiing and swimming. Lifeguards are present to ensure that visitors are safe while enjoying the waters.

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