A Helpful Guide To Planting Trees

One of the most important benefits that trees give to people is that it takes in carbon dioxide and creates oxygen. Carbon dioxide is a fundamental component to climate change; so by nature, trees are helping people reduce the effects of climate change. Oxygen is what keeps people, and almost every living thing, going. Besides this benefit, trees are also important to the environment, to the economy and helps with influencing good physical and mental health. Therefore, it is safe to say that trees are a great investment. But if you want this investment to grow, you would have to start from the very beginning. A good start can help influence a good future for the tree. And when it comes to trees, the investment starts with the planting process.

Here is a simple guide to planting trees.


According to the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA), the most ideal time to plant is during the dormant period, specifically during fall after the leaves had dropped or early spring before buds could break. The reason for this is because of the cool weather, the plants would be able to establish a root system before the summer heat or the spring rains could start stimulating new top growth. For those who live in a tropical or subtropical climate, you can plant anytime of the year just as long as there is sufficient water available.


If you dug up balled and burlapped trees from the nursery, they would lose a significant portion of their root system which would then lead to transplant shock or the so-called state of slowing down where growth and vitality is minimized or slowed. To reduce the effects of transplant shock, proper planning and care is needed.


Make sure to plant the right tree at the right location because doing so could ultimately increase the overall value of your property. Proper selection and placement are two critical decisions you would have to make when planting new trees.

In the case you plant at the wrong place and had let the tree grow, you can hire arborists or tree surgeons that specialize in tree surgery and tree care to help you move your tree.

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