A Convenient Hotel Sukhumvit: Among The Most Beloved Hotels In The World

Hotels are usually rated by vacationists according to how well these hotels have been tending to their respective needs. In addition to this, the success of each individual hotel depends on how strategic the location is because whether they admit it or not, hotels are best located nearby public transport stations and airports because it makes it easier for vacationing tourists to find the best hotels in the city and the nearer the hotels are, the lesser money they will need to spend for transportation just to get to the hotel itself. And in Bangkok in the Kingdom of Bangkok, specifically in the busy district of Sukhumvit, there are many choices for a convenient hotel Sukhumvit which you can choose whenever you are planning a vacation trip to Bangkok.

Recently, hotels in Thailand received a recognition from the famous booking site, hotels.com, as among the 10thworldwide in terms of having the number of Gold Award-winning properties which make the kingdom of Thailand stand among the “Loved Guests Awards 2017”. The ratings are made by hotels.com based on the reviews which were written by legitimate and verified number of real guests who stayed at actual hotels. Essentially, Bangkok, being home to some good choices for a convenient hotel Sukhumvit, topped the list of awardees alongside fellow Thai city such as Phuket and Chiang Mai. In the regional competition, Bangkok stands 6th overall behind the top 3 cities of Hanoi, Seam Rep and Tokyo. Hotels that are included in the awards are judged according to seven different categories: luxury, business, boutique, beach, family spa and new. In addition to this, hotels which received such awards have gathered an average guest review rating of 4.7 which is higher out of 5.

Being in the top 10 list of most beloved hotels in a city enables Bangkok, specifically the shopping district of Sukhumvit to encourage more vacationists, both local and foreign nationals to choose among the best reasonably-priced hotels in the city because these awards and recognitions help hype up the city’s already growing tourism. These awards only prove Thailand’s unique ability to provide accommodation experience of the highest quality.

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