4 Reasons To Choose Painted Vanity With Marble Top

Marble is used for different applications. It is used for basins such as those with painted vanity with marble top, patio and pool and also bathroom flooring. Marble is made of natural stone and its products are commonly used in their original but polished state to retain its natural appearance.  Marble basins are popular and more people choose the material due to several advantages.

Easy on the pocket

One of the top advantages of marble basins is its affordability. Practical home owners choose marble basin because they understand the value of the material and one can easily mix and match marble with other furnishings around the bathroom. You might consider asking for cost estimates from different marble fitter to lower the overall cost.Shop around from different suppliers for better price comparison.


Marble is naturally sturdy and a painted vanity with marble top can last for several years more so with proper maintenance. Marble are also freeze-thaw resistant which means the material can last even amid harsh environment and with changing seasons. In case of damage or chipping, itcan be easily replaced and repaired by a stone fitter, making it an excellent investment in your home. Marble basins are also resistant to discoloration especially if it is coated with high quality paint. The material is also resistant to dust, stain and debris.

Safe to use

Aside from its natural appeal, marble is also less slippery as compared to tiles or bricks. With this, even if you use marble in your bathroom or pool area, you do not have to worry about your family’s safety and slippery hazards.

Easy to clean and maintain

Another advantage of choosing painted vanity with marble top is it is easy to clean and maintain. With polished or painted marble, there is no need for you to do hard scrubbing on the basin’s surface or utilize toxic cleaning solutions just to maintain its luster. You only need a soft sponge or clean and dry washcloth along with ordinary cleaning detergent and you can clean your sink without difficulty.

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