4 Common Signs Of Blocked Drains

Drain issues need to resolve right away. Otherwise, you will be inconvenienced and a neglected plumbing issue may even cause further damage on your piping system. This is the reason why it is important for you to determine regular blocked drains that can be resolved by DIY methods or when it’s time to call for a professional plumbing engineer for solutions. Here are unmistakable signs that there is something wrong with your drain.

Slow draining

When you noticed that water no longer runs smoothly on your drain, this could possibly mean that something is blocking its way. For toilet or bathroom drains, soap scum and hair is the usual culprit while food particles and hardened used oil are the usual causes of blocked sink drain. You can try resolving the issue with DIY solutions such as pouring hot water on the drain but if this doesn’t work, call a professional plumber for solutions.

Sulphurous smell from the drain

Another reason to call for a qualified plumber is when you notice foul stench emanating from the drain. This occurrence usually connote that there’s a rotting rodent or trapped elements in your piping system. This cannot be resolved by DIY solutions. Call a qualified plumber to solve the issue.

Overflowing sink and toilets

You can also tell that you have blocked drains when your toilet or sink is overflowing. This needs to be resolved immediately since you run the risk of flooding your house which could damage your carpets, appliances and other items in the house. Drying your things would also a great inconvenience especially when this happens at night. Do not use the toilet or sink temporarily when this happens.

Gurgling sound

A gurgling sound is a sure indication something is blocking your drain pipes. You can mix 1/3 cup of baking and 1/3 cup of vinegar and pour it into blocked drains. Leave it for an hour or overnight then pour boiling water into the drain to eliminate gunk, silt and other elements that prevent the smooth running of water along the drain and pipes.

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