3,000 Calls In One Year For Pest Control Services

In Coventry, pest control service providers have received more than 3,000 calls in a single year. In 2015-16, latest figures from the Coventry City Council showed a total of 3,061 callouts to deal with pests that range from bedbugs to rats. The data comes from the 5th study carried out by the British Pest Control Association (BPCA) that made an analysis of the nation’s demand for pest control.

According to Dee Ward Thompson the technical manager of BPCA, their study provides the most comprehensive indication of the demand placed on local authorities to perform pest control. There are actually a number of local factors why certain areas have a higher number of particular pests than other areas.

Some authorities include urban areas within their boundaries while others are mainly rural. In urban areas, there are lots of food establishments that can attract pests. In other areas, garbage collection is less frequent. However, it is also important to recognize that the high figures could illustrate that local authorities are also working proactively to manage any issues regarding pest control.

Many of the councils used to provide pest control free of charge but recently, they have introduced charges or have stopped providing the service. Local authorities are pressured to produce savings over the last 5 years and pest control has become one of the services that have taken a big hit. Many of those that are still providing pest control service are responding to significantly fewer calls because they lack the necessary resources.

According to a spokesman from the Coventry City council, they deal with callouts from the public and the officers manage pest control contracts for business and organizations in the city. Their present budget encompasses animal welfare for stray dogs, licensing of horse riding stables and dog kennels and tackling animal cruelty as well as residential pest control.

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