2017 Ushers In High Demand For Luxury Travel Bookings

Looks like there is big demand for luxury travel bookings this 2017 because more than 81% of high end travel agents have reported an increase in their bookings compared to the same time last year.

According to a report from 2017 Luxury Travel Trends, European river cruises are on the top of the list of affluent customers. Vacations in Italy and Cuba remain strong amidst the fears on the reinstatement of an embargo on Cuba. Outside North America, the top destinations include the European River, Mediterranean Sea and the Baltic Sea cruises.

More and more people are also visiting Italy, Australia and France. Australia and New Zealand are popular destinations for luxury travellers. In North America, some of the top vacation destinations include cruises to the Caribbean, travel to Mexico, Dominican Republic, Jamaica and Costa Rica.

Because of the growing interest for cruises, luxury cruise line Cunard encouraged consumers to book for cruises in 2017 through a stylish film capturing “Everything you wanted, nothing you expected” phrase. In Cunard’s film, viewers are taken through different experiences on-board cruise ships.

According to travel agents, the most affluent travellers in their Italian bookings were more interested to explore the cities of Italy. Top spots are Rome, Florence and Venice. In Australia, the wealthy prefer Sydney followed by the Great Barrier Reef, Melbourne, Cairns and Brisbane. Holidaymakers in Australia prefer sightseeing, beaches, history and wildlife. Generally, luxury travel customers are more interested in Australian culture and history, dining out, sightseeing and wines.

Ever since Cuba opened to travellers from the United States, many affluent customers are traveling to the destination. Because of the threats of an embargo, Cuba has become more popular because people want a chance to visit Cuba before travel closes again. The Caribbean country is restricted to American traveller that is why Cuba tops the list of affluent destinations.

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