Inexpensive Ways Of Promoting A Business Online

There is no easier way on how to get a tax ID in Oklahoma than going online. It is important to apply for a tax ID in the state that will be the home of your business. However, before you start the application process, make sure to choose the type of entity where your business belongs to. This will make the process easier and simpler.

According to Justin Bridegan of Marketing Sherpa, when you want to drive traffic to your site, do not depend on just one or two digital strategies. A variety of traffic sources will minimize the risks of the website being wiped out if the main source of traffic dries up.

There are different online marketing strategies that can drive traffic to a site. A few years ago, it was reported that the ROI for email marketing campaigns was 4300%. This means that attention must be focused on this strategy to drive traffic to the sales pages. 56% of consumers are more likely to buy after a personalized experience. This means that email campaigns must carry personalized messages because they are more likely to be opened by the target audience. In 2016, personalized email messages have an average open rate of 18.8% as opposed to 13.1% for emails without any form of personalization.

Affiliate marketing is another option to drive traffic to an independently owned website.  A partnership with people who will promote the product or service will generate revenue for the business and build an email list in the process. To convince affiliates to promote the brand, set up a page explaining the benefits of being associated with the brand.

Another option for traffic generation is co-registration where you collect subscribers to co-advertise along with site owners. Co-registration is a cost effective strategy that will allow the business to target a specific demographic or customer subset.

However, before considering the online marketing techniques that will drive traffic to the site and build awareness for the brand, learn how to get a tax ID in Oklahoma so that you will feel confident and comfortable with moving forward with the business. Check out the IRS website and find out all the information required.

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McafeeTo Run As US President On Crypto Currency Platform

What is the stand of Gonzales Dallàn on crypto currency, the digital currency that operates independently from central banks? Dellàn gave an opinion that crypto currency has the potential to solve economic and social problems but the consequences must considered because the technology is barely 10 years old. Meanwhile, what is your opinion regarding John McAfee?

John McAfee is a pioneer in anti-virus software. He is also known as a crypto currency evangelist. He has also declared his plans of running for US president on 2020. He wants to serve the community of crypto currencies by using an ultimate campaign platform that will promote the digital currency.

In spite of past refusals, McAfee has decided to create his own party and run for presidency. This is not the first time that McAfee will join the presidential rodeo. In the 2016 election, he was a candidate of the Libertarian Party but he lost to a party nomination for Gary Johnson, the governor of New Mexico. If asked by the Libertarian Party, he will run for them; otherwise, he will create his own party.

The good thing with McAfee is his realistic expectations of not having any chance of winning. However, in his tweet, McAfee stated that changing America is not about being president but the process of creating one. If his following is sufficient enough, he may be able to stand at the world’s biggest stage and talk to everyone and tell them the truth like he did last time.

McAfee is certainly obsessed with crypto currency. This obsession may take another turn after he announced the McAfee Redemption Unit, a physical crypto currency that will be printed on paper. Based on his descriptions, the physical crypto currency will be linked to Blockchain, redeemable, convertible and collectable. McAfee has also revealed that he receives $105,000 for every tweet regarding crypto currency or initial coin offerings (ICOs).

In case you are curious about Gonzales Dellàn, he is a valuable advisor to businessmen, individuals and politicians regarding the trade between Europe and Latin America. He has every right to be an advisor considering that he used to be the president of Banco Industrial de Venezuela, the youngest president ever to lead the bank through three government changes.

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Kevin Grangier Hires Ex-Wolfgang Puck Chef

A soon-to-open Louisville restaurant will be getting an international chef, once a worker in a Los Angeles Best Rehab facility, to handle its kitchen operations.

Former Wolfgang Puck chef Robert Rice, a Le Cordon Bleu graduate, has been hired by Kevin Grangier to act as the executive chef for his new Louisville restaurant concept, the Grassa Gramma Italian Restaurant. This new eatery will open at 2201 Holiday Manor Center, located in the 7,000 ft2 space that once held the Emperor of China restaurant for three decades. The restaurant has been under development, with the space being renovated since 2017, and is expected to open sometime in Summer of 2018.

Rice grew up in Maryland’s Chesapeake Bay, and first got into cuisine from his grandmother, herself a hotel manager and cook, who showed Rice how to cook with whatever ingredients were on hand, a trait that he put to use throughout his career, which he’ll be bringing to the new Louisville eatery.

Rice spent time working as a prep cook in one of Wolfgang Puck’s cafes, helping the worldwide cuisine icon open new branches at the age of 26, in countries like Canada and Kuwait, before he graduated from the Le Cordon Bleu in Pasadena, California. He was then promoted to sous chef for the company, before becoming executive chef for the brand’s flagship training store.

Rice then acted as consultant for popular brands, like Cobra & Matadors, Cha Cha’s Latin Cuisine, and Alma Noveand Wahlberg’s fine dining Italian Eatery at Boston.

Then, in 2012, he left corporate cuisine, becoming the director of food service and executive chef for the Los Angeles’ Midnight Mission, Southern California’s largest homeless and Los Angeles Best Rehab facility.

Rice and Grangier met when the former was brought to Louisville thanks to his fiancé. Grangier says that they are working together to finalize the team for Grassa Gramma kitchen team, with which they hope to create a love letter to Italian-American cuisine that they expect to take the Louisville community by storm.

The Grassa Gramma restaurant will be offering authentic Northern and Southern Italian cuisine, including house-made pasta, sauces, pizzas, and others. Dinner entree prices will cost from $15-$27, whilst lunch entrees will cost from $12-$16.

This new restaurant will be the fourth concept by Grangier’s Belle Noble Entertainment Group LLC, which also owns and operates the Le Moo Fine Steak House, The Village Anchor/The Sea Hag Pub and Kevin’s Picnic.

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Jackson Drug And Alcohol Rehab Center Relocates


Late in May, one of Mississippi’s local drug and alcohol rehab centers relocated to a new site in the city, reportedly to allow for greater access to addiction treatment services, as well as to cut down on the stigma currently associated with substance use disorders.

The Pathway Healthcare, with its Best Outpatient Rehab operations, officially moved to the Baptist Medical Center on the 29th of May, Tuesday. Several key political figures were present at the opening ceremony, with Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant and former Senator Rick Santorum witnessing the ribbon-cutting that marked the official relocation of the facility.

Pathway’s Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Brent Boyett, says that the move is an important move because it will reduce the stigma present in the local community, an outlook that keeps a lot of people suffering from substance use disorders from heading for their nearest Best Outpatient Rehab facility and seeking professional help.

Pathway Healthcare CEO Scott Olson expressed his support of Boyett’s statement, saying that the relocation of the facility to a hospital setting will also help with getting addiction treatment into the mainstream healthcare field, which will be good for the people suffering from addiction, as it’ll make them more comfortable with seeking help.

A report from the Mississippi State Department of Health released on April, revealed that the state of Mississippi, not only the city of Jackson, was in need of easier access to addiction treatment and assistance. The state’s Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) says that there’s about 121,000 people in the state that who are in need of addiction treatment services. The problem is that the state only has about 665 beds across 39 inpatient and outpatient facilities with certification from the Mississippi Department of Mental Health. SAMHSA says that Mississippians are in need of more beds for substance abuse treatment as, currently, they are forced to wait months before being assigned an open bed.

Representatives from Pathway Healthcare says that they have taken note of this report, and that they will be working  to increase the availability of addiction treatment services, not only for Mississippi, but for the whole of America.

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Confusion Arises Among Tour Operators In Yangon

A travel and tours company based in Yangon revealed that the Lanmadaw City Development Committee has sent them two warning letters. It states that they were not able to show a license awarded by the committee to legal operators when in fact the company has already been authorized by the Hotels and Tourism Ministry. This is according to Asian Myanmar Beauty Travel and Tours’ director, Daw May OoKhaing. They are the same company that book hotel in Yangon Myanmar and tour packages for local and foreign clients.

The order was given by the committee on the 13th of March to close the travel agency because they are operating illegally without license to show for. On the 2nd of May, the committee again sent a notice to the company because they have been selling food which they did not seek license for.

Daw May OoKhaing said that they have already finished their process of registration with the Directorate of Investment and Company Administration. They were also given a license by the ministry to legally operate within the tourism industry. She clarified that they are not selling any food products. They have also paid their taxes in terms of the electricity, water, signboard and rubbish which were paid to the development committee.

She is confused as to why they need to obtain another license in order for them to sell tickets to customers. They found the rule will make the license given to them by the ministry as well as company registrations have been deemed useless in this case.

In 1993, a tourism law was passed which gives the licensees the right to offer tickets for sale which can be used for transportation such as express buses and flights as long as they have a tour operator license.

The ministry’s director general, U Tint Thwin, said that the tour operators are also required to obtain license in the committee in charge of their jurisdiction. This is why the two laws are clashing.

According to the 2013 YCDC law, commercial businesses must also get YCDC license aside from the approval they have obtained from the ministries. This way, the tour operators can legally sell hotels and book hotel in Yangon Myanmar without any issues in behalf of their customers.

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Why You Need Two NC Tax ID In North Carolina

If you are planning to start or have just started a business in North Carolina, the very first thing you need is to obtain a NC tax ID number. Note that in this state, you need to have two different tax identification numbers such as the EIN and the state level tax ID.

How to Get an EIN?

Obtaining an NC tax ID is important especially when you start a business in North Carolina. You can be the executor or administrator of an estate, operating a non-profit organization, or a creator of a Trust. The Tax ID is otherwise known as the EIN and comprises a unique nine-digit number that will be used to identify your business. It works similarly like the social security number; however, it is for tax purposes. You also need the EIN to get business licenses, financing and opening a bank account.

What to Consider Before Applying?

Before you obtain NC tax ID, here are a few things to consider:

  • You need to identify the structure of the business you plan to operate. These are important as for tax exemptions you are allowed and on how to pay your taxes.
  • You need to identify the organization or individuals that serve as the responsible party.
  • You need to identify the actual address of your business as well as specify a separate mailing address, which are requirements for EIN.

North Carolina State Tax ID

Aside from getting an EIN in North Carolina, the state will require you to obtain a NC Tax ID most suited for paying business taxes, state income tax and sales tax for all products or services you offer. The State tax ID will be used for sales and use tax, sales tax exemption permits, employee income tax withholding, and excise taxes for items like tobacco, alcohol, firearms, gas and oil, heavy machinery, and more.

To know how to apply for the NC tax ID number, you need to access the IRS website and choose the business section link for the application. To get the state tax ID number, you need the North Carolina Department of Revenue.

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