US National Guard Arrested for Scheming to Join ISIS

The Department of Justice announced that a US soldier along with his cousin have been arrested and are currently facing charges in conspiring to support the terrorist group Islamic State or ISIS.

The 22 year old US National Guard soldier and his cousin are allegedly found to be discussing on how to attack a military facility in Illinois. They discussed these plots while in the army uniforms. The soldier also expressed his plans to travel to the Middle East in order to fight alongside with the Islamic State.

The prosecutors were successful in their case and the felons were charged with trying to give support to the condemned terrorist group.

On Wednesday, the Federal Bureau of Investigation arrested the 22 year old at the Chicago Midway International Airport. It was reported that he was attempting to fly out of the country heading for Cairo, Egypt. His 29 year old cousin was also arrested the same day in his suburban home.

Both have been charged with one count of scheming to provide material resources and support to a terrorist organization. When found guilty they will face 15 years of imprisonment and a fine worth $250,000.

The National Guard Army Specialist Hasan Edmonds first came under the radar of the FBI last year. This information was relayed by the Justice Department. Seasoned investigators have hard evidence to prove that Edmonds and his cousin were plotting to travel to the Middle East in hopes of joining the ISIS.

Both men have also been conspiring to attack a military outpost in northern Illinois. This was the military facility where Hasan Edmonds was training. The cousins spilled their plans to an undercover FBI agent. They said that they would use the military uniform of Hasan to access the military facility.

They were determined to carry out their plan in that Hasan Edmonds already booked tickets that would depart from Chicago on Wednesday. He would have arrived in Egypt the following day after connecting flights in Detroit and Netherlands.

This news is no surprise for the Western nations. As the ISIS fight has become increasingly popular, many Westerners are enticed to leave behind the comforts of home and fight alongside the terrorists.

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Optimist World Championship To Be Hosted By Thailand Next Year

The RVYC or Royal Varuna Yacht Club which is located in Chon Buri is honored to be the event venue in the coming Optimist World Championship 2017 because this event is a prestigious ceremony. Thailand was the one who came home with the first ever national championship when it was held more than half a century has passed. It is also not the first time that the club will be hosting a big event such as the international regatta. Roya Varuna Yacht Club has garnered the highest vote among the best sailing venues all over the world. The votes were casted by delegates from all over the world and it comes out victorious to be the venue for the IODA World Optimist event next year. The event, The Optimist World Championship, is known all over the globe and it set to take place from July 11 to 21 of next year.
The RVYC is a secluded cove that is situated between Pattaya and Jomtien. It is expected that the races will be exhilarating as well as fun filled since there is an ongoing presence of the winds from the south-western part of the country which will make the race more exciting. The international teams that will be participating together with their young skilled sailors will be able to enjoy the clear blue water and the prevailing sunshine in the region.
According to the commodore of RVYC, Tom Whitcraft, they are looking forward to marking their calendars with the coming event for the club next year. He also expressed how proud they are to be given the opportunity to be hosting the Optimist World Championship 2017. This way, they will be able to show off what Thailand has to offer in terms of sailing events in international perspective. Thailand was also able to host the very first Optimist World Championship in 1979 and RVYc is happy to be the venue for next year’s event.
With the coming big event in the country, it is expected that the number of tourist will increase especially those in family beach resort in Thailand.

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Gambling And Bitcoin Reward In Dragon’s Tale

Gambling And Bitcoin Reward In Dragon’s Tale

Dragon’s Tale is only one of the millions of online casinos but it is considered unique among the rest because it is based in Bitcoin. The originality of the said game has created a new genre in the online gambling community specifically the bitcoin gambling market. Dragon’s Tale was launched last 2012 and is still in operation up until now. It is considered as one of the first bitcoin casinos to be launched in the entire digital currency network.

Since the introduction of Dragon’s tale, it has been aiming to create a casino wherein the empowerment comes from the community itself. It desires for the players to have all the fun and pleasure in playing an adventurous game that involves role playing. Aside from playing a role, players will also have the chance to join in gambling with the exotic mini games that are included in the game. These games are all based on a casino setting.

Dragon’s Tale presents a lot of cool things but the top among them is that any users have the ability to open an account and start joining in the casino right away without the need to deposit first, as simple as that. All you have to do to start earning your coins is to create your own account. Dragon’s Tale has a great reward system and makes it possible for players to earn free coins of their own. There are also many ways wherein a player could double his investment.

Once a free account has been created, the players will have many ways wherein they can get their hands on the free bits. The easiest of all is by asking the Soldier statues that are found in the game if they can have some free bits. The Soldier statues can be easily located in all of the islands that are found in the game. Not only will this, but the newbies in the game also have the chance to get free bits given to them by other existing players. Free bitcoins can also be achieved if they can complete tasks using their own characters on the game.

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Developers And Customers Battle Against Apple

Developers And Customers Battle Against Apple

The developers under the iOS App Store by Apple is now having a battle against the company because of the taxes they are paying. They have been mostly silent about the 30 per cent that is Apple’s cut from their app earnings but they are silent no more as there is an additional 30 per cent in taxes that will be added on everything that the app sells – this includes subscriptions as well as the continued revenue the app is getting.

There is also a rule that states that the developers are not allowed to give customers an idea that they can purchase directly from them without the use of the App Store. Ads from these apps do not allow any mention of encouraging customers to visit the developer’s website for the prices of their products.

Developers are now considering Apple’s management resembling North Korea’s government – an authoritarian. It was only recently that Spotify voiced out its complaints against the Apple company because of the very restrictions that are imposed on developers such as them which makes it difficult for them to do their own work. Spotify is one of the most widely used music streaming service and can be accessed through Windows, Mac, Android and iOS.

According to Spotify, the app that was developed for iOS in order to have access for their music streaming has a new update. The latest version of the subscription based app is said to have contents that promotes subscription through the use of the app and the transactions will be done outside of the App store.

Apple is not requiring any of their app developers such as Spotify to use only the billing service provided by the company which means that a 30 per cent cut will be taken from the transaction. The only restriction is that it should not be promoted to customers that they have an option to buy subscriptions without using the app.

Apple has already announced that there will be changed in the subscription guidelines in the coming months thus it can’t be good news for app developer in Singapore and all over the world including Spotify and Amazon.


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What Democrats And Republicans Feel About Home Improvements During The Election Year

What Democrats And Republicans Feel About Home Improvements During The Election Year?

Home Advisor is an online service provider that offers tools and resources for home improvement and connects consumers to service professionals. Home Advisor also publishes up-to-date reports through True Cost Survey regarding the attitudes of homeowners and how they arrive at decisions related to home improvements and remodeling projects. The annual True Cost Survey has found a correlation between political affiliations and how homeowners decide on home improvements during the election year of 2016.

Home Advisor has analyzed data from millions of projects that were carried out through its professional finding services and came out with the following results. According to the report Democrats do more research and show more willingness to invest on home improvement projects. More than one fourth of homeowners who were identified to be Democrats have undertaken about 6 months to research major home improvement projects. The survey also reported that 60% of homeowners that were identified to be Republicans spent less than 3 months on home improvement project research.

Democrat homeowners also showed willingness to spend at least $3,417 on home maintenance as well as repair projects while Republican homeowners were only willing to part away with $2,194 for similar projects. On the other hand, Republicans were more likely to complete home improvement projects through DIY techniques to save on the costs of the project instead of hiring professionals.

The most notable difference between Republicans and Democrats is their perception of the economy. 58% of Republicans surveyed feels that the economy is bound to worsen while only 27% of Democrats expect the worse. The more popular home improvement projects the past year include remodeling the kitchen or bathroom including the garage and swimming pool, lawn maintenance, installation of a home alarm system and insect control system.

If you are planning on a home improvement project to increase the resale value of your home, your best option is Colorado Springs home remodeling with its proven track record of 15 years’ experience in the industry. Aside from remodeling projects involving the bathroom and kitchen, you can have a custom home built with costs and materials estimated according to your existing budget.

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Find A New Job With These Quick Tips

Find A New Job With These Quick Tips

There are many reasons as to why you want a new job. This could be because you’ve suddenly lost passion for your current job and you’re not happy anymore with the direction your life is going. It could also be that you are a fresh graduate and is in need of a new job to start your career. But no matter what the reason, there is no doubt that job hunting is never easy (unless you have great and powerful connections).

Job hunting is both a challenging and frustrating experience. You may think that the easily accessible information you can find online would make things much easier, the answer is “not always.” This is because with all the information you can get from the Internet along with the job openings and postings that are being thrown at your face, finding a good job to apply for can get overwhelming.

But with all that challenges, here are some quick tips that can ease up your job searching endeavours.

  1. Assess yourself. Before you start with your job search, you must first assess yourself and determine your strengths and weaknesses. Determine what kind of job you want to be applying for because when you truly know yourself, you would be able to find a job that can provide you with the satisfaction you are looking for.
  2. The only way you’d be able to find a good job is to conduct an extensive research. Luckily, there are many platforms you can use for this. The Internet nowadays provide numerous opportunities to advertise job openings and employment postings online. With jobsites like, finding a job is easy as one click of a mouse.
  3. Prepare a good resume. Once you’ve decided what kind of job you would like to engage in, it’s time to work on your resume. Make sure to always have an updated resume ready even when you’re not looking for a job. Also, it would definitely do you well to make your resume fit the job descriptions of the positions you are applying for.
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Motorcycle Design

Entering The Kingdom Of Motorcycle Design

Roland Sands, well-known motorcycle businessman, is also known in any racing competitions because of the records he broke as well as the bones that crashed by doing so. His riding years are over at the age of 29 years old and decided to be employed full time in the motorcycle parts company that his father owned. As soon as his father’s company was sold, Sands decided to open his own which is now known as Roland Sands Designs. Unlike his father’s company, Sands’ is dedicated in developing custom made parts, apparel as well as riding accessories.

Roland Sands is now 41 years old and is considered to be one of the most successful businessmen in the motorcycle industry. His latest projects include creating complicated custom designs for the worldwide brand such as Yamaha, BMW, and Indian Motorcycle. These are only the tip of his clients who referred to him as one of their best designers.

Sands shared how he started riding a motorcycle when he was only 5 years old and when he turned 16, he started joining races. Soon, he was able to make a name for himself at the Willow Springs International Raceway located at Antelope Valley. Though he admitted that he enjoyed winning, a race is not complete without crashing which means there are parts that need to be fixed after.

He considered himself as an independent individual thus when he was only 19 years old, he is the one performing repairs on his bikes right after the race. He considered this as his full time job at that time despite being employed as well in his father’s company. Perry Sands, Roland’s father, owns the Performance Machine business. He had no idea that these experiences as well as working for his father would be a great experience for him and he would later in life use all of this for the path that was laid before him. Sands learned custom design at his father’s company and this is what he used later on to start his own company. He offered not just regular motorcycle parts but customized ones.

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