US National Guard Arrested for Scheming to Join ISIS

The Department of Justice announced that a US soldier along with his cousin have been arrested and are currently facing charges in conspiring to support the terrorist group Islamic State or ISIS.

The 22 year old US National Guard soldier and his cousin are allegedly found to be discussing on how to attack a military facility in Illinois. They discussed these plots while in the army uniforms. The soldier also expressed his plans to travel to the Middle East in order to fight alongside with the Islamic State.

The prosecutors were successful in their case and the felons were charged with trying to give support to the condemned terrorist group.

On Wednesday, the Federal Bureau of Investigation arrested the 22 year old at the Chicago Midway International Airport. It was reported that he was attempting to fly out of the country heading for Cairo, Egypt. His 29 year old cousin was also arrested the same day in his suburban home.

Both have been charged with one count of scheming to provide material resources and support to a terrorist organization. When found guilty they will face 15 years of imprisonment and a fine worth $250,000.

The National Guard Army Specialist Hasan Edmonds first came under the radar of the FBI last year. This information was relayed by the Justice Department. Seasoned investigators have hard evidence to prove that Edmonds and his cousin were plotting to travel to the Middle East in hopes of joining the ISIS.

Both men have also been conspiring to attack a military outpost in northern Illinois. This was the military facility where Hasan Edmonds was training. The cousins spilled their plans to an undercover FBI agent. They said that they would use the military uniform of Hasan to access the military facility.

They were determined to carry out their plan in that Hasan Edmonds already booked tickets that would depart from Chicago on Wednesday. He would have arrived in Egypt the following day after connecting flights in Detroit and Netherlands.

This news is no surprise for the Western nations. As the ISIS fight has become increasingly popular, many Westerners are enticed to leave behind the comforts of home and fight alongside the terrorists.

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Tutor Program Continues Growth, Reaches More Students Than Ever

Tutoring has become a great help for students especially during times when learning becomes too difficult. Luckily, there are always people like those at Bee Academic Tutoring who are there to help students out and the students, on their side, seemed to not mind the help. In fact, the number of students looking for tutorial services continues to increase.

The same thing is happening for Bryce Beatty and the tutor program he is with that is continuously growing, reaching out to more students than ever.
When Bryce was in high school, he was focused on chemistry, advanced placement physics, biology and honors, all the while playing for his high school basketball team.

That all changed, however, when he came to Grand Canyon University back in 2012. He no longer wore his jersey and mitts. Instead, he donned latex gloves and an apron. Bryce turned his attention solely to Biology, emphasizing on pre-med. But even with his outstanding science background back in high school, Bryce knew that he would still need to get a tutor in Chemistry because of his chosen career pursuit.

Upon his arrival, he immediately sought tutoring help from the Center for Learning and Advancement (CLA).

Now, Bryce is in his junior year and has also become one of GCU’s top science tutors. In fact, he helped the University leaders in the restructuring of the tutoring system and has greatly assisted in its success.

Last 2013, GCU established the Learning Lounge in Alhambra High, that used to be an underperforming school. It is an afterschool program meant to help students for free. It is a welcoming, safe and fun place where students can work on their skills in reading, writing and math. They could either be in a one-on-on or in a group setting alongside the tutors of GCU. Afterwards, the program was extended to other high schools like Phoenix Union High and the Alhambra Elementary School districts.

Dr. Joe Veres, the director of student development and outreach, says that the University wanted to establish personal connections with the students in a bright environment where students and tutors would also get to enjoy free snacks and drinks.

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key elements

5 Key Elements To A Hotel’s Success

Starting a business can be very hard. You would have to devote most of your time, energy and money into building up your business. Sacrifices would indeed have to be made. And the same thing goes with hotel businesses. If there is one thing that is true about business making, it is the fact that businesses don’t get successful overnight. They happen through the pouring of sweat, shedding of tears and the support of other people.

When starting a hotel business, there are 5 key elements that you should know about that would ensure the success of the hotel.

  1. Opportunity + Location. These two go hand in hand. The location of your hotel would need to coincide with the opportunity you are feeling in that particular place. If you think it would be a great time for you to start a hotel at a certain location due to the growing tourism or the lack of competition, then you should. For example, there are only a few hotels in Tel Aviv that cater to thousands of tourists, it would definitely be wise to take hold of this opportunity and start a hotel in that area.
  2. Why should clients come to your hotel? What makes you special? What makes you different from other hotels? Consider all of these and carefully plan a strategy. Think what your customer needs and include them in your strategy.
  3. A hotel would not be successful without an effective business plan. Do research on the hotel industry. Scope out your competition. Plan for your budget and expenses, marketing as well as your target clients.
  4. This is probably the most important element you need for your hotel’s success. Remember, without finances, your hotel would not be possible. You would need loads of money to start a hotel whether you are investing, buying or building one from scratch. It is important to get the funds and it doesn’t matter if you have to loan from a bank or find an investor because whether you like it or not, money is important.
  5. How are your guests treated? Are they provided with the best service you can afford? Do they leave the hotel satisfied and smiling? It is important that all your guests are given the best hotel experience because there is nothing more compelling than word of mouth marketing. If guests like your hotel, word will definitely spread.
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Using A Gift Bag To Wrap Presents

Giving out gifts probably gives one of the most rewarding feelings a person could ever experience. With these in mind, it is always important to acknowledge presents as special, no matter how small or to whom they shall be given to. But even though gifts should be special, you shouldn’t waste too much money on the wrappings. It is important that you also think economically.

The best way to create wonderfully and beautifully wrapped gifts while also refraining from overspending is to make use of recyclable or reusable gift bags. Coupled with colorful tissue paper, a gift bag wrapper can become a quick, versatile and even economical choice. Not only that, they are also an ideal choice for wrapping items that have odd shapes.

Here is a step-by-step guide to wrapping presents using a gift bag.

  • Step 1: The first thing you should do is to find a gift bag and prepare it along with a number of tissue papers with a variety of colors, a gift tag, and if you like, you can add a few decorations to further enhance the gift’s appearance. Remember that the bag should at least be two to three times bigger than the gift. Put some tissue paper at the base of the bag to serve as a cushion.
  • Step 2: If you have a fragile gift, you can cover it loosely with tissue paper. You do not have to use a tape for this.
  • Step 3: Once you have covered the gift with tissue paper, lay the tissue-covered gift above two layers of differently colored tissues which lay flat on a surface. Then get two corners of these colored tissues and bring them up over the gift. Carefully scrunch them together.
  • Step 4: lifting the gift from the bottom, carefully place it inside the gift bag with the corners of the tissue papers peaking through the top.
  • Step 5: Lastly, decorate the gift bag. You can add a few more tissue paper to create a bouquet effect. Remember to place the gift tag so that the receiver knows it’s from you.
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The Comfort Of Self Catering Accommodations

If you are planning to take a holiday break and vacation somewhere this year, chances are you are looking for the most affordable summer getaways. The most common dilemma for holiday travelers is when looking for the most cost-effective and efficient and relaxing holiday. Where will you be going to rest and relax on your trip?

Self catering holiday cottages have increasingly become popular today. It offers a lot of benefits to the travelers especially if you travel with groups of friends and families. The self catering properties or cottages which is also called vacation rental in the west are often very spacious compared to the hotel rooms. They are a good choice for large families and large group of friends. These cottages have also communal living spaces where you can host social event with friends in the evening and is also equipped with kitchens for the preparation of your meals.

Whether you want to have a healthy snack in the cupboard for your children or store some wine for your evening meal, you can certainly stash these items in your cupboard. Travelling on self catering style will allow the travelers to buy all of your items in the dry market or local shops. You can even pre-order in order to save time and have these items delivered to you before you get home.

Travelling on this basis will be a great choice especially if someone in the group has special requirements for their diets or if you want to cook your own familiar meals. Self catering cottages also tend to be cheaper compared to staying in hotel suites. This will be good for those who are sticking to a tight budget. Being in a self catering cottage will work out very well for big groups of friends as you can split the costs of everything that you do from the food to drinks and accommodation and other holiday essentials. If you are looking for special amenities, you can find these in Scottish lodges with hot tubs. You can be pampered while being away from the comfort of home.

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Studies Show That More Consumers Prefer To Shop Online

Why are more consumers going for online shopping rather than going to physical brick-and-mortar retail stores? Is it because they expect to find lower prices? Wrong. In a survey conducted to at least 1,000 consumers by Simon Partners, the result showed that shoppers did not cite “lower prices” to be the motivating factor why they shop for goods and services online.

This might sound surprising for most readers but this is fact. There are other factors at play why customers prefer to go online which is the reason why as a budding business you need to be felt online. As more people are getting online, more companies are also taking advantage of the online network. Websites like are taking advantage of this trend. Indeed, getting online will rake in more profits for the business.

Traditional retailing

Though having your own building might seem unglamorous these days, companies that invest in infrastructure will benefit from the long-term customer loyalty built through good relationships. You need only to look at the moves recently made by retailer giants along with the largest online retailers for guidance on the secret to catering the need of online shoppers.

Currently, Wal-Mart is building two centers in order to boost the delivery speed of the company. Amazon on the other hand is increasing the seasonal warehouse staffing of its company to a whopping 70,000 employees. This data is according the press release of Simon-Kucher.

The greatest lesson that one can learn from big retailers is that it is a big no-no to use pricing as a strategy to correct the weakness of a certain area like speed of delivery and product selection. You need to fix the root problem.

The price matters to shoppers but the importance of the pricing will vary by product category:

  • At least 24 percent of the shoppers surveyed said that lower price is the primary motivating factor when purchasing products like books, entertainment stuffs and electronics.

On the other hand, 18 percent of the respondents say that lower prices were the reason why they buy other brands of beauty and health products and recreational merchandises.

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Hawaii Experienced Heavy Rainfall Resulting To Downtown Flooding


If you are struggling with clogged drainage and piping systems, you better call the professionals at Pro Jet Plumbing & Drainage or suffer the consequences. As the wet season is starting to let its presence be known in Hawaii and in other tropical nations, it is very important to keep the drainage systems free of debris and other materials that might clog it up. If these are not kept clean, this may result in severe flooding.

The flooding situation in Honolulu

In Hawaii, downtown Ala Moana and Honolulu are experiencing flooding for the second time in just a week. Parking garages are teemed with water as thunderstorms continue to bring heavy rains throughout Wednesday.

The flooding conditions in the city have residents wondering whether the drainage system in Honolulu is failing to do its part. In an official report released by the city officials, they contend that the storm drainage of the city is performing well. They further explained that the storm drainage system of Honolulu was not able to sustain its capacity for the heavy rain in the past days not because it was not in perfect working condition but instead because of the weather patterns lately that have become very unusual.

The storm drain cannot handle all storm situations but most of the time; it has been able to handle the storm related water in the city. It is just unfortunate that this time the level of rainwater dropped in the city has been so high and that the drain system was not designed to handle this amount of water.
When experts were asked for their opinions, they agreed with the city officials. A meteorologist also said that the intense of rain water in the city is something that city receives within 10 to 15 year storms.

On Monday, the models of the meteorologist center indicated that four and a half inches of rainwater fell over the Marketplace at Aloha Tower within just 3 hours. During the same time, two inches of rain were dumped on the area on Wednesday which led to an overflowing storm drain and where geysers exploded from manhole covers all over downtown Honolulu.

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Napoli's Belgian forward Dries Mertens reacts after an injury during the Italian Serie A football match between SSC Napoli and Fiorentina ACF in San Paolo Stadium on March 23, 2014. AFP PHOTO / CARLO HERMANN        (Photo credit should read CARLO HERMANN/AFP/Getty Images)

How To Lessen Sports Injury Cases

If you will invest a few minutes of your time to read about CynergyPT, you will understand the importance of assessing the level of your physical fitness. Whether you are an amateur or professional athlete it is important to be aware that there are factors that can contribute to injuries. It is critical for a problem to be corrected immediately so that you can continue to train with a high level of fitness.

Treatment of injuries sustained from sports depends on the type of injury. For acute sports injuries, many pediatric sports specialists will often take the approach of “better safe than sorry”. For example if an injury affects basic function, like inability to bend a finger, limping or a change in consciousness, first aid must be given immediately before the child is taken to the doctor.

If the injury seems serious, the child has to be taken to the nearest emergency hospital. If the child complains of pain, it is a sign that there is a problem which requires limiting physical activity. After the injury has been examined, the doctor will determine whether it is safe to play or whether the child requires a specialist in sports injuries.

It is also important tor overused injuries to be diagnosed and treated before they turn out to be serious chronic problems. Doctors often advise young athletes to temporarily change or stop from physical activity to reduce the stress on the body because there is a high possibility of further injuries. Overuse injuries are often characterized by swelling and the doctor often prescribes medication to ease the pain and physical therapy for rehabilitation of the injury. Physical therapy will prevent the injury from flaring up again.

Participation in sports is very important for children but they must know how to prevent injuries from occurring. A child can have a positive experience as an athlete if he is protected from injuries. Proper equipment and safety gear is very important for baseball, softball, skating and hockey. Playing fields should also be inspected for safety because holes and ruts are the usual reasons why children sustain injuries from falls and tripping.

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