US National Guard Arrested for Scheming to Join ISIS

The Department of Justice announced that a US soldier along with his cousin have been arrested and are currently facing charges in conspiring to support the terrorist group Islamic State or ISIS.

The 22 year old US National Guard soldier and his cousin are allegedly found to be discussing on how to attack a military facility in Illinois. They discussed these plots while in the army uniforms. The soldier also expressed his plans to travel to the Middle East in order to fight alongside with the Islamic State.

The prosecutors were successful in their case and the felons were charged with trying to give support to the condemned terrorist group.

On Wednesday, the Federal Bureau of Investigation arrested the 22 year old at the Chicago Midway International Airport. It was reported that he was attempting to fly out of the country heading for Cairo, Egypt. His 29 year old cousin was also arrested the same day in his suburban home.

Both have been charged with one count of scheming to provide material resources and support to a terrorist organization. When found guilty they will face 15 years of imprisonment and a fine worth $250,000.

The National Guard Army Specialist Hasan Edmonds first came under the radar of the FBI last year. This information was relayed by the Justice Department. Seasoned investigators have hard evidence to prove that Edmonds and his cousin were plotting to travel to the Middle East in hopes of joining the ISIS.

Both men have also been conspiring to attack a military outpost in northern Illinois. This was the military facility where Hasan Edmonds was training. The cousins spilled their plans to an undercover FBI agent. They said that they would use the military uniform of Hasan to access the military facility.

They were determined to carry out their plan in that Hasan Edmonds already booked tickets that would depart from Chicago on Wednesday. He would have arrived in Egypt the following day after connecting flights in Detroit and Netherlands.

This news is no surprise for the Western nations. As the ISIS fight has become increasingly popular, many Westerners are enticed to leave behind the comforts of home and fight alongside the terrorists.

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2017 Ushers In High Demand For Luxury Travel Bookings

Looks like there is big demand for luxury travel bookings this 2017 because more than 81% of high end travel agents have reported an increase in their bookings compared to the same time last year.

According to a report from 2017 Luxury Travel Trends, European river cruises are on the top of the list of affluent customers. Vacations in Italy and Cuba remain strong amidst the fears on the reinstatement of an embargo on Cuba. Outside North America, the top destinations include the European River, Mediterranean Sea and the Baltic Sea cruises.

More and more people are also visiting Italy, Australia and France. Australia and New Zealand are popular destinations for luxury travellers. In North America, some of the top vacation destinations include cruises to the Caribbean, travel to Mexico, Dominican Republic, Jamaica and Costa Rica.

Because of the growing interest for cruises, luxury cruise line Cunard encouraged consumers to book for cruises in 2017 through a stylish film capturing “Everything you wanted, nothing you expected” phrase. In Cunard’s film, viewers are taken through different experiences on-board cruise ships.

According to travel agents, the most affluent travellers in their Italian bookings were more interested to explore the cities of Italy. Top spots are Rome, Florence and Venice. In Australia, the wealthy prefer Sydney followed by the Great Barrier Reef, Melbourne, Cairns and Brisbane. Holidaymakers in Australia prefer sightseeing, beaches, history and wildlife. Generally, luxury travel customers are more interested in Australian culture and history, dining out, sightseeing and wines.

Ever since Cuba opened to travellers from the United States, many affluent customers are traveling to the destination. Because of the threats of an embargo, Cuba has become more popular because people want a chance to visit Cuba before travel closes again. The Caribbean country is restricted to American traveller that is why Cuba tops the list of affluent destinations.

If your preferences include high end and luxurious holidays, try luxury resort and spa in Phuket. Aside from the relaxing and peaceful environment, there is a wide range of activities in a secluded setting. All the amenities were designed for a luxurious holiday.

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How To Choose Psychologists In Melbourne

At some point, you or a family member may need some psychological help. Let’s admit it, life is not a bed of roses and there may be points where you are at the bottom and swimming back to the surface becomes a major struggle. When you or a loved one are showing signs of depression, anxiety, trauma, disorders or indications that a help is badly needed, do not hesitate to contact any of the psychologists in Melbourne. For one, there is nothing wrong with seeking help especially when you are in dire need of it and the sooner the issue is resolved, the better. There are numerous psychologists in the city. While most of them are qualified, there are those who stand out and you can identify them by looking at these qualifications.

Choose one whom you feel at ease

Consulting a psychologist requires an individual to disclose some hidden and even very personal details. A person would not be forced to disclose or share personal information to the psychologist especially that they are trained to effectively draw out a person’s thoughts without being coerced. However, it would make the psychologist understand the core of the issue easily if a person would share more details. You may also need to do extensive conversations with the psychologist so it would be important to choose one whom you would be at ease with. There are several psychologists in Melbourne. If you feel that you are not comfortable with the psychologist in front of you, look for another professional to help you.

Check the credentials

A psychologist’s credentials are important as it will determine his competence and expertise on the field. One of the first things that you should check is the psychologist’s license. You should also check his field of expertise since there are psychologists who specialize in children, families, trauma cases, etc.


There are company insurances that cover mental health issues and you can use the policy with psychologists in Melbourne. If you are paying for the professional fee on your own, always ask how much the service is offered s you can create a budget for it.

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Landslide at Jade Mine In Myanmar: Nine Dead

This Valentine’s day, people are looking for that perfect surprise for that significant someone; a box of chocolates, candlelit dinner, maybe taking advantage of the romantic mood of the holiday by proposing with one of those designer engagement rings inset with a precious gemstone. However, the romantic mood, as well as the good fortune generally associated with gemstones, is undercut in Hpakant township in Kachin state, located in the northern region of Myanmar.

Nine dead, with another one injured due to a collapsing slag heap at the township mine, which occurred last Saturday. In a fit of irony, the mine owner was among those confirmed dead, according to the township’s administrator, Kyaw Zwa Aung. Additionally, administrator Aung has state that the remains of the deceased men were taken to the Hpakant township hospital.

In the township jade mine, 200,000 migrant workers sift through dangerous mountains made of rubble, tailings for any pieces of the valuable gemstone that mining operations left unnoticed and unclaimed.

The Hpakant township, 640 kms north of the Myanmar capital of Nay Pyi Daw, is the centre of the country’s jade mining industry, due to producing extremely high-quality gemstones, which are either legally exported or smuggled into countries where it is in demand like China.

This sort of tragedy has struck the country in the past, and incidents similar to this are widespread enough to lead to the minister of natural resources and environmental conservation; Ohn Win, promised in August last year to regulate the industry by keeping migrant workers away from the dangerous jade mine sites following several lethal accidents involving scavengers in the township.

This pledge was preceded by an accident in May of the same year in which, at least, 13 people perished.

He stated that that government would take steps to prevent such disasters from repeating themselves, starting by ensuring that mining areas would be free of illegal migrant workers who scavenge mining areas, endangering themselves for a profit in an industry that was, at that point, largely uncontrolled and unregulated.

It is a tragedy that will be felt by the township for years to come, and a stark reminder of the true price of our fancy necklaces and designer engagement rings.

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4 Common Signs Of Blocked Drains

Drain issues need to resolve right away. Otherwise, you will be inconvenienced and a neglected plumbing issue may even cause further damage on your piping system. This is the reason why it is important for you to determine regular blocked drains that can be resolved by DIY methods or when it’s time to call for a professional plumbing engineer for solutions. Here are unmistakable signs that there is something wrong with your drain.

Slow draining

When you noticed that water no longer runs smoothly on your drain, this could possibly mean that something is blocking its way. For toilet or bathroom drains, soap scum and hair is the usual culprit while food particles and hardened used oil are the usual causes of blocked sink drain. You can try resolving the issue with DIY solutions such as pouring hot water on the drain but if this doesn’t work, call a professional plumber for solutions.

Sulphurous smell from the drain

Another reason to call for a qualified plumber is when you notice foul stench emanating from the drain. This occurrence usually connote that there’s a rotting rodent or trapped elements in your piping system. This cannot be resolved by DIY solutions. Call a qualified plumber to solve the issue.

Overflowing sink and toilets

You can also tell that you have blocked drains when your toilet or sink is overflowing. This needs to be resolved immediately since you run the risk of flooding your house which could damage your carpets, appliances and other items in the house. Drying your things would also a great inconvenience especially when this happens at night. Do not use the toilet or sink temporarily when this happens.

Gurgling sound

A gurgling sound is a sure indication something is blocking your drain pipes. You can mix 1/3 cup of baking and 1/3 cup of vinegar and pour it into blocked drains. Leave it for an hour or overnight then pour boiling water into the drain to eliminate gunk, silt and other elements that prevent the smooth running of water along the drain and pipes.

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Benefits Of Enrolling Thai Children To Bangkok International School

One of the common notions is that international schools such as Bangkok international school is only for foreigners and expats and local children should be enrolled to local schools. Although there are benefits of enrolling your child to a local school if you are Thai, there are also notable benefits if you would choose an international school. Here are some of these benefits.

Exposure to diverse culture

If your child is integrated to foreign students, he will learn and experience diverse culture. In the process, he will learn to respect differences and appreciate other cultures apart from his own. This will teach your child the value of working and collaborating with people from diverse backgrounds and he will also be exposed to various world celebrations. Children who are exposed to different types of people become more confident when they grow up.

High academic standards

International schools such as Bangkok international school adhere to curriculum used and accepted all over the world. This way, your child can easily adapt to his academic environment whether he is transferred to a local school or in foreign schools abroad.

English emphasis

Thai people generally speak Central Thai as its national language. On the other hand, international schools put emphasis on ESL/EFL. The medium of instruction and communication is also English. By enrolling your child in an international school, he becomes adept in using the language and will become competitive globally when time comes that he needs to interact with the world in the later part of his life.

More extracurricular activities 

International schools such as Bangkok international school celebrate various traditions in order to expose children to different culture. These celebrations are part of the school’s extracurricular activities apart from activities that fosters their confidence, values and personalities. Some of the popular extracurricular activities in international schools are debates, sports festivals, sports teams, math league, robotics and other activities that stir the imagination. Although international schools may cost more than local academic centres, the training and your child’s development doesn’t come with a price especially.

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Solar Energy For Heating And Cooling Of Buildings In Jordan

The most common source of power for air conditioning is electricity generated through natural gas or fossil fuels. However, in Jordan, they utilize solar energy for heating and cooling of buildings. According to Yaseen Khayyat, the Minister of Environment, Jordan is the first developing country that utilizes solar energy for cooling systems.

Four sites in Jordan have been equipped with units that can turn the energy from the sun to electricity to provide power to cooling units. This was made possible through €4.3 million programme that was funded by a German international cooperation agency (GIZ) that introduced thermal cooling technology to Jordan. The four sites that benefit from solar energy include German Jordanian University, Petra Guest House, Irbid Chamber of Commerce and the Royal Cultural Centre.

The technology that uses solar energy for the heating and cooling of buildings is considered a milestone in the search for environmentally friendly technologies for the power sector. It was specifically mentioned by the minister that there was a 40% reduction in the power consumption of the four locations after the installations of the thermal cooling systems.

The state-of-the-art system provides other benefits aside from the significant reduction in energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. It encourages the use of renewable energy resources and it has served as a basis of reference for researchers and experts in other developing countries all over world.

The four locations have become a model for sustainable air conditioning in Jordan. The project that was implemented by Millennium Energy Industries has made Jordan as the regional hub for solar thermal cooling technology. In a kingdom that enjoys 330 days of sunlight every year, the solar cooling unit will cut down electricity bills. At least 75% of the income from programmes and functions at the Royal Cultural Centre goes to their electric bills.

Even if you are a DIY enthusiast, there are some repairs and maintenance work that you should avoid doing like electrical work. It is suggested by experts to call for electrical services in Perth when there are home lighting upgrades, wiring adjustments and switchboard changes to ensure the safety, quality and integrity of the project.

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