US National Guard Arrested for Scheming to Join ISIS

The Department of Justice announced that a US soldier along with his cousin have been arrested and are currently facing charges in conspiring to support the terrorist group Islamic State or ISIS.

The 22 year old US National Guard soldier and his cousin are allegedly found to be discussing on how to attack a military facility in Illinois. They discussed these plots while in the army uniforms. The soldier also expressed his plans to travel to the Middle East in order to fight alongside with the Islamic State.

The prosecutors were successful in their case and the felons were charged with trying to give support to the condemned terrorist group.

On Wednesday, the Federal Bureau of Investigation arrested the 22 year old at the Chicago Midway International Airport. It was reported that he was attempting to fly out of the country heading for Cairo, Egypt. His 29 year old cousin was also arrested the same day in his suburban home.

Both have been charged with one count of scheming to provide material resources and support to a terrorist organization. When found guilty they will face 15 years of imprisonment and a fine worth $250,000.

The National Guard Army Specialist Hasan Edmonds first came under the radar of the FBI last year. This information was relayed by the Justice Department. Seasoned investigators have hard evidence to prove that Edmonds and his cousin were plotting to travel to the Middle East in hopes of joining the ISIS.

Both men have also been conspiring to attack a military outpost in northern Illinois. This was the military facility where Hasan Edmonds was training. The cousins spilled their plans to an undercover FBI agent. They said that they would use the military uniform of Hasan to access the military facility.

They were determined to carry out their plan in that Hasan Edmonds already booked tickets that would depart from Chicago on Wednesday. He would have arrived in Egypt the following day after connecting flights in Detroit and Netherlands.

This news is no surprise for the Western nations. As the ISIS fight has become increasingly popular, many Westerners are enticed to leave behind the comforts of home and fight alongside the terrorists.

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Finding A Good Indian Restaurant

People love to eat. Most of the time, they would prepare their own meals at home but during certain occasions, families would go out to eat and enjoy. When it comes to eating, every person has a preference. However, these preferences tend to change quite a bit. Also, a person’s preference may not be exclusive to one as there is no limit to what a person wants to eat. In this time and age, restaurants have made it possible to cater exotic food from other cultures and countries. Because of this, people are now able to get a taste of what other countries have to offer and by doing so, they don’t just taste new food, they’re also getting to know about that specific country’s culture. Popular food cuisines would include French, Italian, Chinese, Asian and Indian. Indian, in particular, is known for its rich taste and effective use of a number of spices.

So if you are planning to go out and eat fine Indian cuisine in Perth area, it is important that you find a good restaurant in order to get the best Indian food experience. Here’s how you’ll be able to find a good restaurant.

  • Check the prices. Most people are put off by the prices placed by some restaurants. However, in the case for most restaurants, you get what you pay for. So don’t be discouraged by restaurants that are slightly priced higher because it could mean that they make their dishes using fresh ingredients and Indian cuisine definitely is all about fresh ingredients. Most Indian cuisine prefers to make their food from scratch in order to ensure the taste, quality and freshness of the dish.
  • Check their names. Just because a restaurant has Indian Restaurantin its name doesn’t mean they are able to provide quality Indian food. Sometimes, they would offer food that tastes exactly the same as all their other dishes. A good Indian restaurant would have staff who are willing to help their patrons by providing them information regarding the dishes served by the restaurant while also suggesting some combinations that would fit you and your group’s preferences as well.
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Here’s How You Can Make Ugly Christmas Sweaters Uglier

‘tis the season to be jolly. For a lot of people, Christmas is considered as the happiest time of the year. Almost every household is filled with lights, songs, food, laughter, and cheers. It is a season of generations upon generations of traditions.

Christmas has also become a time where you would see lots of people wearing ridiculous outfits like those ugly Christmas sweaters. These hilariously ugly sweaters had become such a trend in the past decade that now it would seem like a hard tradition to break. Nobody knows exactly who started the Ugly Christmas Sweater trend. Some say it was Bill Cosby, while others believe that these sweaters had sprung many centuries ago. Nevertheless, wherever these sweaters go, they are sure to spark laughter and joy in the people who see them. And the uglier they are the better. So if you want to make your ugly Christmas sweaters even uglier, here’s what you can do.

  1. Organize an Ugly Christmas Sweater Party. Yes, this is a thing now. There’s nothing that could more ridiculous than seeing dozens of people fighting it out for the ugliest spot. When you organize or join one of these parties, you would ultimately be trying your best to find or create the ugliest Christmas sweater you can think of.
  2. Add Christmas Lights. You can exaggerate for as much as you want. With ugly Christmas sweaters, there’s no limit to how ugly you can get. If you want to ‘get lit’ why not try adding Christmas lights to your sweater? Just make sure they’re battery operated.
  3. Add Christmas Ornaments. Nothing could make your sweater more Christmas-y than adding ornaments to your sweater.
  4. Wear Christmas Themed Earrings. Of course you would need jewelry to complete the ensemble so why not try wearing a Christmas themed jewelry like earrings?
  5. Add Garlands. Your Christmas tree isn’t the only thing that can get accessorized with a garland. You can add fringe to the sweater, or turn it into a bracelet or a necklace for you to wear.
  6. Wear an Ugly Hat. Normally, people wear Santa hats but where’s the fun in that, right? Try making your very own hat. Just remember, the uglier the better.
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Here Are Some Tips To Help You Out

Buying A News Bed? Here Are Some Tips To Help You Out

People need to sleep in order to survive. When they sleep, they are able to recover the energy that they have lost. Most of the time, sleep is the conclusion of a hard day’s work. Although it is recommended that people sleep at least 8 hours, they don’t always have the luxury of doing that. Nevertheless, people still spend a lot of time sleeping.

The bed plays a great role in the quality of sleep that a person gets. When a bed is unable to provide you with the comfort that you need, then it is recommended that you change beds quickly because it can greatly affect the quality of sleep you are getting. Sleep is important because it plays a large factor in your performance day to day.

If you do decide to buy a new bed, keep in mind these few tips.

  • Go online. There are lots of places that you can go to buy beds. However, aside from going to traditional bricks-and-mortar stores, you should also try going online because it can be easier and quicker to access the Internet than having to drive through to malls and stores. Also, the Internet may provide you with loads of bed options.
  • Consider why you need to get a new bed. What is your reason for getting a new bed? Is your old bed just not working anymore? Why is it? There could be many reasons why you want to get a new bed but it is important that you consider the reason so that you may be able to choose the right one based on your needs and complaints from the previous bed.
  • Consider your partner. If you are going to share the bed, remember that your partner’s opinion matters too.
  • Look for the right retailer. If you have had a good experience with a past retailer, why not hit him up once more?
  • Consider the cost. You don’t have to pay a lot to get comfortable beds Perth. Sometimes, it is all about the budget and the search.
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Advantages of Having a Responsive Web Design for Your Website2

Here’s Why Responsive Design Should Be Added ToYour Website

In order for a website to succeed, one must make sure that all of its needs are met. Unfortunately though, different websites would have different needs. Not only that, one should also consider the type of device used to access a particular website. It doesn’t help how there is an increasing number of devices that are able to access the internet. Take mobile devices for example, they can be used to access the internet but their needs are very different from when you access websites via desktops.

This is where responsive design comes in. Responsive design has often been acknowledged as the feature that is critical to every site’s success due to its mobile friendliness and responsive support.

Responsive web design is basically a feature that allows websites to change their layouts and have them adjust to the type of device it is being viewed from. Here’s why you should add responsive design to your websites.

  1. Responsive Design supports multiple devices. If there is one thing that site visitors value the most, it is user experience. Content may be king but it is user experience that helps keep visitors glued to your websites. Unfortunately, great user experience can be difficult to achieve especially now that there are numerous devices where websites can be accessed from. However, responsive design allows consistency on your website no matter what type of device is used.
  2. Responsive Design enables you to use a single website. It can be quite frustrating to maintain and update numerous websites but with responsive design you only need a single website that you would have to keep relevant. It frees you from the responsibility and the hassle of having to maintain multiple websites.
  3. Responsive Design improves search engine rankings. Since Google has now placed a great importance on mobile friendly websites, it would be wise to add responsiveness to your web design.
  4. Responsive Design allows for future readiness. Technology is changing constantly and websites must be able to adapt to these changes in order for them to survive and succeed. Since responsive websites are fluid, they will be able to easily adapt to future technologies and advancements made.

If you wish to add responsive design to your website, you can visit

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Here’s How You Can Turn Your Remodeling Project Greener

If you plan on conducting a remodeling project for your home, you should first understand that remodeling or renovating projects can become quite wasteful. So if you want to turn your project a little more environment friendly, you should also know that you would need to consider every aspect before you begin your project.

Whether you are conducting a whole-house remodeling or Addstyle home additions, know that being green means thinking about long-lasting effects. Here are some ways for you to turn your remodeling greener.

  • Use an existing house. Yes, both building and remodeling can be a wasteful process but know that remodeling an existing house might lessen the wastes more. Remodeling also means that you will be using less energy and by doing so, most of the costs would revolve around the materials you will be using which also mean that you will be a great help to the economy.
  • Always consider the scale. Know that a space does not have to be extensive for it to be useful and functional. The scale has little to do with the happiness you can achieve but does well on saving energy and reducing wastes if considered well.
  • Think long-term. When you remodel, it is important that you consider yourself, as well as your family, in all of your future ages. For example, you might not need a grab bar in your bathroom now, but sometime somewhere in the future you would have to rely on them for safety so why not put them now?
  • Effectively manage light and heat. Although you may think that going for a solar panel is not a financially wise decision, in the long run, it will become a good investment as sunlight is always free so you should take advantage of this.
  • Waste disposal. Before you start on the project, make sure you have effectively thought out where you would put all of the wastes you will produce after. Think about recycling or donating it to waste management firms in order for the wastes to be put to good use and be recycled.
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key elements

5 Key Elements To A Hotel’s Success

Starting a business can be very hard. You would have to devote most of your time, energy and money into building up your business. Sacrifices would indeed have to be made. And the same thing goes with hotel businesses. If there is one thing that is true about business making, it is the fact that businesses don’t get successful overnight. They happen through the pouring of sweat, shedding of tears and the support of other people.

When starting a hotel business, there are 5 key elements that you should know about that would ensure the success of the hotel.

  1. Opportunity + Location. These two go hand in hand. The location of your hotel would need to coincide with the opportunity you are feeling in that particular place. If you think it would be a great time for you to start a hotel at a certain location due to the growing tourism or the lack of competition, then you should. For example, there are only a few hotels in Tel Aviv that cater to thousands of tourists, it would definitely be wise to take hold of this opportunity and start a hotel in that area.
  2. Why should clients come to your hotel? What makes you special? What makes you different from other hotels? Consider all of these and carefully plan a strategy. Think what your customer needs and include them in your strategy.
  3. A hotel would not be successful without an effective business plan. Do research on the hotel industry. Scope out your competition. Plan for your budget and expenses, marketing as well as your target clients.
  4. This is probably the most important element you need for your hotel’s success. Remember, without finances, your hotel would not be possible. You would need loads of money to start a hotel whether you are investing, buying or building one from scratch. It is important to get the funds and it doesn’t matter if you have to loan from a bank or find an investor because whether you like it or not, money is important.
  5. How are your guests treated? Are they provided with the best service you can afford? Do they leave the hotel satisfied and smiling? It is important that all your guests are given the best hotel experience because there is nothing more compelling than word of mouth marketing. If guests like your hotel, word will definitely spread.
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