Bangkok Now Considered A Good Option To Reside and Invest In

No one can deny the fact that Bangkok has a lot to offer especially one of the best cuisines in the world and endless chance to shop around. The street life is quite vibrant, it offers a lot of options when it comes to elegant luxury hotels such as the hotel near PhromPhong BTS and a country rich in culture brought by the beautiful temples which are the very reasons why the country has been one of the top tourist destinations for a several decades.

In the last few years, Bangkok has transformed into something more than just a beautiful tourist spot. The metropolis is currently undergoing a growth spurt which is responsible for the decision of the government to invest more in the city by upgrading the entire country with the use of investments worth 2.2 trillion baht. Their focus is mainly to upgrade the infrastructure of the transport sector. Overall, the decision was made in order to increase the level of competitiveness of the country in terms of the international stage.

Currently, there are two airports in Thailand – the Suvarnabhumi International Airport which is dubbed as the seventh largest airport in the world and the Don Mueang International Airport. By 2029, the Mass Rapid Transit Master Plan being constructed in the Bangkok Metropolitan Region is expected to be finished. Its tracks will span 509 km and it will be the reason why Bangkok will be known as a good option for those looking for a residential city and a city to invest their money in.

These developments are also the reason why the prices of the properties in the real estate market have skyrocketed to be recorded as the highest in the history of Bangkok.

The major central business district of Bangkok, Sukhumvitwhich include main areas like PhromPhong, Asoke and Ploenchit, is now easily accessible to commuters. Guests in the city who are staying at the hotel near PhromPhong BTS can use the BTS skyrain and the MRT subway for their daily commute. This is the top spot in the city because of the existence of top restaurants and bar in Sukhumvit which can compete with Tokyo and London.

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The Universal Healthcare Of Thailand And What It Can Impart To The World

Universal healthcare is now the goal of every country in the world. Not everyone is able to do so and the prospect remains as one of their goals. A number of them, however, have already started applying the coverage scheme of the universal healthcare system. We all know the importance of health insurance in Thailand and everywhere in the world because of the rising costs in medical expenses. This is why many countries are pushing for universal healthcare. Let us look at Thailand for example. The leaders are currently at the top of their game as they have implemented the healthcare reform that wanted without spending too much.

According to a data back in 2000, about one-fourth of the total population of Thailand are not under any insurance coverage while others have existing policies that does not cover full protection. Because of this, the country experienced a crisis in the healthcare department. Over 170,000 children that are aged five years and below passed away that same year ad about two-thirds of that number is caused by infectious diseases that could have been prevented. Around 20 per cent of the household in Thailand that are poor fell into deeper state of poverty because they have to pay for their healthcare expenses out of their own pockets.

It was the following year that Thailand launched the UCS or Universal Coverage Scheme. This was referred to as one of the most ambitious reforms to happen in healthcare that was implemented in a developing nation. Under the UCS, citizens will have access to outpatient, emergency and inpatient care depending on what they need.

The reform was implemented to all the provinces of Thailand a year after it was launched. As of 2011, around 98 per cent of the total population or 48 million citizens are already covered by UCS. This is why it has been tagged that the country has one of the best systems when it comes to health insurance in Thailand despite the fact that it is only a developing country. There are many factors that contributed to its success such as the support system and the wide reach of the scheme.

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Where To Try For Rooftop Bar Ho Chi Minh City

If you long for nightlife, a few rooftop bar in Ho Chi Minh City are there to look around. Each skybar has a distinctive feature and style, where you can be amazed at the magnificent view of city at night. It may not surpass the view of New York or Hong Kong, but this cityhas its visitors trying rooftop bars which are open all year round.

Listed below are some rooftop bars that offer the best experience for viewing Ho Chi Minh City from above.


  • Airbar 360

This bar was opened two years ago promoting the next generation rooftop bars. It has a rooftop pool where no one is using. It is situated in a dimly lit atmosphere. Although its name doesn’t imply a classy place to go, but it markets a truly enriching view. If you’re here for a date, this rooftop bar in Ho Chi Minh City is certainly a place to be.

  • Glow Skybar

The design of the bar was purposely made for its name. It has an oval pod for its central bar, with the counter gently lit to impart a glow. At the bar’s entrance is a brightly lit sign to attract selfie-taking customers. This rooftop bar in Ho Chi Minh City is perfect for a date and to enjoy an amazing magnificent view.

  • Broma

Live music is featured at the Broma at a given weekday with awesome view of Nguyen Hue. You’re here to enjoy the drinks and watch selfie-snapping pedestrians beneath. Drinks here are adequate, while appreciating the venue and ambiance. It’s a great place for chatting and enjoying live bands.

4)      Shri and The Social Place at MGallery Hotel Des Arts Saigon

The Social Place is above the MGallery Hotel, with beautiful interiors and the view. It has a pool perfect for cradling the colors of the sunset. Unfortunately, only hotel guests are allowed to swim here. Adjacent to the MGallery is Shri, the only place for delectable food and an amazing view of the city.It’s actually a nice rooftop bar in Ho Chi Minh City to go to.

There are still more places to go for the best rooftop bars in Ho Chi Minh City. Just don’t forget to try any of the above and bring cash to spend.

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Couple Spent Only €1000 For Their Wedding Day

It is very rare these days to hear of couple’s marrying in Sydney with just a thousand bucks in their pocket. There are many things to book and items to buy for the big day including finding someone who will do the wedding photography in Sydney because lasting memories through photographs is considered a treasure for many couples. This is not the case for Emilyrose Fitzpatrick who used to live in Sydney. The bride was already residing in Glasgow when she got engaged. It was only last year that she, along with husband Rory, celebrated their marriage.

The most surprising detail is that they were planning to elope at first but changed their mind as soon as the bride’s parents told her that they are coming to visit her. This is when she started planning for her wedding day, not even four months into the exact date they have chosen.

According to Emilyrose, they are not planning to spend a lot for their wedding day because they know they will be able to enjoy the celebration without having to empty their pockets. In the end, the bride managed to spend only £1000 for their wedding day or approximately equal to €1,140.

The bride did not have much time on her hands and she had to do the planning alone most of the time because her husband was working as restaurant manager. She admitted that it was a challenge for her to plan everything with such a small budget but they are determined not to go over it.

She gushed that her wedding day was the perfect day of all and she will not trade it for anything.

Many would be asking by now? How did she manage to pull it off? Not to mention the fact that they invited 100 guests to their wedding ceremony.

As for her dress, though she was looking for something affordable, she was very happy that she was able to spend her wedding day in a dress that she loved which costs her only £60. Affordable bridal brands are the rage nowadays and one can find anything trendy these days without having to spend thousands.

As for her flowers, she did not go to a professional florist but rather bought everything on her own and made her own decorations. She made the bouquet, headpiece as well as two corsages.

A bride in Australia might have hire a full time individual to do the wedding photography in Sydney but it is not the case with Emilyrose as they decided to hire the photographer for two hours only during the ceremony and every guest was freely able to photograph during the reception using their own cameras and smartphones.

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Tips To Book Cheaper In A Honeymoon Resort In Phuket

Newlyweds want their honeymoon to be truly special. Thailand and its beautiful beaches are some of the most preferred destinations by honeymooners. While the experience can be truly magical, the entire holiday can be pricy. The good news is that you can book in a honeymoon resort in Phuket without necessarily spending all your savings on it. Here are some tips to reduce your honeymoon expenses.

Check from different resorts

Most resorts are attractive especially when you look at their galleries and packages. However, it would be wise for you to check from other sites before you come up with a decision no matter how attractive the resort is. Just bookmark the resort and check other hotel sites for compassion purposes. Pay attention to the features of the resort, their freebies and complimentary services, hotel reviews from customers and similar details.

Compare rates

Another important aspect to check from a honeymoon resort in Phuket is its rates. There are hotels that are slightly lower in price but when you check, there is no complimentary breakfast, free shuttle service and other free services. If you are going to pay for the services, the costs may be higher than those with higher room rates but with inclusive services.

Consider your budget

Come up with a honeymoon budget and make sure to stick to it. Your expenses and your choices must be in accordance with your budget. Avoid overspending by buying things or getting services that are not indicated in your budget.

Look for packages

Another way to lower your expenditures is by looking for deals or packages as they will surely lower down your overall honeymoon expenses. With bundles and packages, you get automatic discounts for the services. Check the deals tab of the hotel’s website for this.

Book in advance

Another secret to book at a pocket-friendly honeymoon resort in Phuket is to book ahead. Most resorts provide discounts for advance booking and you can also be sure that you will have an excellent room accommodation on the day of your honeymoon.

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Benefits Of Pre Wound Bobbin

Even when almost everything nowadays are already automated and done by machines, there are still those that require manual labour such as the use of pre wound bobbin for embroidery and garment manufacturing at the clothing industry. One of the important materials for creating embroidered projects is bobbin. Before, the usual issue of textile manufacturers is tangled bobbins and even hairy bobbins that affect the output of the project. Good thing textile manufacturers can now purchase pre wound bobbins as they are already widely available in the market.  Here are some of the advantages of using modern pre wound bobbins for your projects.

Saves project costs

By using pre wound bobbins, you no longer have to spend for electricity for winding and also labour costs for the person who will wind the bobbins. With clean and hairless pre wound bobbins, you also eradicate the need to purchase a winding machine. Because the material is already pre wound, there is also no need for you to purchase a metal bobbin to create projects. All in all, there are numerous budgetary requirements that are slashed off by using a pre wound bobbin.

Clean finish

Another benefit of using a pre wound bobbin is its clean finish or cleaner result for the project output. There are no more hairy finish since pre wound bobbins release softer and finer thread compared to self-wound bobbins. To ensure that you will get the best results for your project, purchase pre wound bobbins from a reputable manufacturer. This way, you won’t have to worry about eh results and you get higher quality of embroidery or garments to the delight of your target customers.


With self-wound bobbins, you are not able to use the entire wound. There are wastage of materials here and there and they can also be tangled which can delay production. By using pre wound bobbin, you get to use the entire thread down to its tips. To find high quality pre wound bobbins, search through the internet since you can buy pre wound bobbins from online shops and sources.

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