Nest To Launch New Security Updates For Its Smart Home Security System

With people embracing home security and technology now more than ever, innovations that combine both are becoming more and more commonplace. Now, home alarm systems are being paired with innovations like smart phone apps, and light controls, all to ensure that homeowners everywhere feel secure in their abodes. In accordance to that, Alphabet Inc. is working on creating an end-to-end solution for home security utilizing alarm sensors. Also, on creating an advanced camera system with integrated facial recognition capability, capable of not only identifying people in its line of sight, but also allowing authorized individuals access to a home through smart lock authorization on their smart phones, all whilst allowing the homeowner to conveniently monitor their front door.

The end-to-end solution will integrate Alphabet’s Nest model thermostat, which they are hoping to use to bring into connected home industries.

The home alarm systems security solution is currently still undergoing the prototyping stage, but the Nest has made a statement saying that they have plans to begin shipping this new innovation sometime later this year.

In accordance to the pursuit of security, sometime early March, Nest implemented their two-step authentication for their smart thermostat, which was included in an update, which will now require a verification code sent via text after successful of their e-mail and password as per standard procedure.

On top of all of that, Nest are also said to be working on more security products for their customers, with some information going around saying that a second-generation model of the firm’s indoor smart camera, which has yet to hit the market this fall, is already in the works. The yet-to-be released product, the Nest Cam Indoor, provides its users with an up to date live stream of their own home, conveniently accessible via smart phone app.

Additional plans from the company include a digital doorbell system, and home alarm systems with its own central hub, alarm sensors for the doors and windows, and a FOB for system control.

These numerous innovations are coming at a time when cyber attacks are being reported repeatedly. Nest had an incident last year regarding their thermostats.

Nest Co-Founder, Matt Rogers, reassured their customers it was only a software bug that didn’t flare up until 2 weeks after the release of software v 5.1.3.

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The Importance Of Staying On Top Of Software Updates

There is software that dramatically streamlines and simplifies performance evaluations for managers and their team. In the past decade, many companies have implemented performance management software to change the traditional way that companies do their performance reviews. However, not all types of software that have been developed can be useful to companies because the most recent threat to the internet is malicious software that is known as Ransomware.

Ransomware is transmitted through emails or web pop-ups that lock important data on the website. The organization is threatened that if ransom is not paid, the data will be destroyed. More than 200,000 computers that use Windows operating system in 150 countries have been affected by the cyber-attack. The cyber criminals have targeted companies and businesses including hospitals, academic institutions and blue-chip companies in China, Japan, South Korea, Germany and Great Britain.

Not only governments and companies have so much to lose from cyber attacks. Even individuals have to secure their systems and undertake the necessary security measures to protect their data. On the part of companies, they must ensure to train employees on the proper security practices and to be cautious with their online behaviour to prevent the malware from infecting the company’s network.

According to security experts, the malware that started the global attack is WannaCrythat travelled through a broader network of computers that were linked through the Windows file sharing system. However, it was revealed later that before the attack, Windows has released a patch for WannaCry’s vulnerability. If people and organizations have stayed on top of the security updates, their computers will be spared from the malware.

Mac and Linux computers were spared from the cyber attack but it does not mean that people and organizations have to be complacent with their security. Computers running on Windows must be configured to automatically install the latest software updates.

On the other hand, performance management software is a very useful tool that can be used by organizations to make sure that performance reviews are fair and easier to understand for employees. A better relationship is build between the organization and employees because the performance review process minimizes errors and inefficiencies.

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Tips When Receiving Nolensville Home Services

If you are having issues with your plumbing system, the next best step to do is schedule Nolensville home services. Unless it is an emergency situation, have the maintenance check or repair on a weekday for lower rates. When you have already set a schedule for the maintenance check or repair, you can do the following ideas in order for a safe and effective plumbing job in your property.

  • Always ask for proper identification before you allow the plumber to enter your premises. Aside from asking for identification, you might also want to call the plumbing company to validate the identity of the plumber on your doorstep.
  • Guide the plumber to where the issue is. Do not allow the plumber to wander on his own for security purposes and also for him to be able to start right away.
  • If the problem is located in the basement, laundry area or in other parts of the house, make sure that the plumber would have free access to it. Remove obstructions and things along the work area to prevent them from getting wet.
  • Keep valuable items such as gadgets, wallets, watches and jewelleries in a locked room or where they are not seen in plain sight.
  • Allow the plumber from Nolensville home services to work by avoiding unnecessary chats that might distract the plumber. Plumbing works require concentration and the plumber may not be able to work in peace if you keep distracting him.
  • Make sure that somebody is in the house when you schedule the plumbing work in your property. It would also be best if you would stay where you can easily be seen by the plumber so he can easily approach you if he has some concerns. At the same time, keep your distance so for the plumber to concentrate on his work.
  • Before you schedule for the maintenance or Nolensville home services in your house, call the plumber and find out what needs to be done in preparation of the job. You might also want to ask if there are materials that you need to prepare or come up for the job.
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How To Achieve Devotions On Thankfulness

Being thankful about everything, even the challenges in life, is a mindset. But being filled with gratitude is not enough; you should learn how to develop devotions on thankfulness. This way, not only will you have that feeling of thankfulness, being thankful becomes your way of life. This deep sense of gratitude will radiate within you and this will be visible to all the people surrounding you. In order to achieve a sense of devotion on thankfulness, you can take the following ideas.

  • The moment you open your eyes in the morning, thank the heavens for the rays of sunlight or the rain that provides life to all living things on this planet. Thank your partner who may be preparing your food as of the moment or the farmers who tilled the land for you to have something to prepare for your family or for yourself if you live on your own. Thank everything around you; those that were devoted with time and energy just to be created and those that are provided by life as though they are made out of magic. To do devotions on thankfulness, allocate a few minutes for this.
  • In order to achieve inner peace and gratitude, do not do things in haste. Pay attention to details, even to your breathing. This will help you to achieve awareness of your surroundings and also, this will help you enhance your focus and sharpen your mental abilities in the process.
  • Make time to stop by and appreciate the little things that you are used to and would therefore take for granted such as the sunset in the horizon, the birds singing by the window, the sight of children playing in the park or even the rain that would normally ruin your day as it slows down your activities.
  • At the end of the day, strengthen your devotions on thankfulness by allocating some time to meditate and clear your mind from all the challenges of the day and impurities that may have entered your mind and body within the day. There are several meditation techniques that you can find online.
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A Convenient Hotel Sukhumvit: Among The Most Beloved Hotels In The World

Hotels are usually rated by vacationists according to how well these hotels have been tending to their respective needs. In addition to this, the success of each individual hotel depends on how strategic the location is because whether they admit it or not, hotels are best located nearby public transport stations and airports because it makes it easier for vacationing tourists to find the best hotels in the city and the nearer the hotels are, the lesser money they will need to spend for transportation just to get to the hotel itself. And in Bangkok in the Kingdom of Bangkok, specifically in the busy district of Sukhumvit, there are many choices for a convenient hotel Sukhumvit which you can choose whenever you are planning a vacation trip to Bangkok.

Recently, hotels in Thailand received a recognition from the famous booking site,, as among the 10thworldwide in terms of having the number of Gold Award-winning properties which make the kingdom of Thailand stand among the “Loved Guests Awards 2017”. The ratings are made by based on the reviews which were written by legitimate and verified number of real guests who stayed at actual hotels. Essentially, Bangkok, being home to some good choices for a convenient hotel Sukhumvit, topped the list of awardees alongside fellow Thai city such as Phuket and Chiang Mai. In the regional competition, Bangkok stands 6th overall behind the top 3 cities of Hanoi, Seam Rep and Tokyo. Hotels that are included in the awards are judged according to seven different categories: luxury, business, boutique, beach, family spa and new. In addition to this, hotels which received such awards have gathered an average guest review rating of 4.7 which is higher out of 5.

Being in the top 10 list of most beloved hotels in a city enables Bangkok, specifically the shopping district of Sukhumvit to encourage more vacationists, both local and foreign nationals to choose among the best reasonably-priced hotels in the city because these awards and recognitions help hype up the city’s already growing tourism. These awards only prove Thailand’s unique ability to provide accommodation experience of the highest quality.

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Growth Of Tourism From Cruise Ships

The tourism minister of Jamaica, Edmund Bartlett, is positive that the cruise shipping industry of the country has a big potential for growth following the footsteps of Thailand where successful cruising companies such as Five Star Sea Cruises are bringing more tourists to the island of Phuket.

Bartlett said that because of the growth in the industry, the agency has already seen a significant increase in the contribution of the sector when it comes to earnings as well as number of visiting tourists. The most significant change has been observed during the winter tourist season of 2016 and 2017 – from January until the month of Apri.

According to data published by the Jamaica Tourist Board, on that period there are 1,579,273 tourists who visited the nation and half of them are brought by cruise ships. With that number of tourists, the economy was able to earn $1 billion. Bartlett shared that they have never seen such numbers coming from cruise seasons before which led them to believe that they are already turning for the better when it comes to the cruise ship industry.

He is currently busy with a number of tourist engagements and the latest ones involve the continents of Africa and Asia.

The figures that have accounted for the specific period was something beyond their imagination but he was not the least bit surprised because the local government has taken measures in improving the cruise shipping in the country for the last four months.

He also noted that they are able to host the six of the world’s largest cruise ship which includes the fleet of Royal Caribbean Oasis which is led by their flagship Harmony of the Seas –the biggest cruise ship in the world.

The Royal Caribbean is currently busy with their ongoing project which is another ship that copies the model of the Oasis and they have already decided that Jamaica will be part of their itinerary. The new vessel is expected to be launched before 2018 ends and will be the new title holder as the biggest cruise ship in the world.

Opportunities have now opened up for Jamaica and they are hoping that the country will gain as much buzz as Thailand as a tourist destination, thanks to the help of companies such as Five Star Sea Cruises in bringing tourists to the country.

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