Important Factors To Consider When Installing Gold Coast Solar Panel

The advances in solar panel technology have resulted in the development of more sophisticated and higher capacity solar power systems. They are more stylish, durable and compact. In addition, the average solar cell efficiency has increased. With cheaper setup costs, you can easily power your business or home including energy-intensive devices today.

The factors to consider when choosing your Solar Installers Gold Coast should include the installation cost, panel material, capacity, film type and manufacturer. Those who have chosen wrongly complained about not getting the estimated savings they should realize from using solar power. If you are considering solar to power your homes or business, the following discussion influential factors in Gold Coast solar panel selection will be a helpful guide

Installation Details

You should get your roof area assessed for proper fitting. The space available for installation and optimal angles will be evaluated.  A design that is suitable for your needs together with a quote will then be presented to you.


Whatever you aim may be, whether to power your home or your business, the amount of electricity you will be consuming should be properly estimated. While going for the ideal capacity required may be the best option in terms of cost, you can also make money by exporting electricity to the national grid if you consume less than the installed capacity.

Film Type

The solar panel film is the light absorbing layer of the panel. There are three different types. We have the monocrystalline, polycrystalline and thin film panels. For your Gold Coast solar panel, go for thin film panels. They have higher output efficiencies, lower cost, high performance, better flexibility and more versatility.

Solar Panel Manufacturer

Only companies with high reputation should be considered in the first place. Such companies must understand the demographics of solar power users and requirements for optimal operation of a typical Gold Coast solar panel. They must have been able to demonstrate that their products are manufactured with state-of-the-art technology, long lasting, weatherproof and easily scalable. They should offer a warranty of at least 10 years.

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NBN’s Increased Speeds Cause Job Growth In AU eSports

For gamers in the AU wondering what’s on in Sutherland Shire and across the country, the recent boom in Esports broadcasting, as well as the competitive video gaming industry across the country has been nothing but good news. A boom that was brought upon by the by recent upgrades made by the National Broadband Network.

There have been some criticisms regarding the network’s power, rollout and costs, but general consensus seems to be that many across the country see it as an improvement. Even the Australia eSports Association (AEA) say the same, with President Darren Kwan saying that the new, faster network speeds were a huge help for eSports, saying that, thanks to the NBN’s improvements, eSports has had a more level playing field, with players able to equalize their connection speeds, critical in competitions where matches are decided by split-second decisions.

Mr. Kwan says that the rollout has also strengthened the AU’s eSports economy, allowing for even bigger prize pools due to more players being able to train and compete online.

Back in May, the Intel Extreme Master (IEM) Sydney 2018 became one of the largest eSports events in AU history, with 16 teams competing for a $310,000 prize pool in Counter Strike:Global Offensive. Mr. Kwan says that salaries and wages have gone up, not only for players, but also their support staff, coaches and managers.

More than just the players feeling the benefits, the NBN network rollout has also been a boon to the broadcasting side of eSports. For gamers wondering what’s on in Sutherland Shire and across the country, there are now more options for watching their eSportevent of choice, whilst live-streamers have had a more stable business to work on.

Live-streaming demands high performance in networks, moreso than what online players need thanks to the rigors of broadcasting a live-stream.

Micheal Roberts, a live-streamer and commentator for the Heroes Global Championship ANZ, the AU’s premier league for Heroes of the Storm, one of the biggest eSports in the world, says that the new network rollouts by the NBN made his dream job a reality.

The NBN, meanwhile, has been less than happy with what the eSports industry’s been up to, thanks to gaming’s heavy toll on network bandwidth, with NBN Chief Executive Bill Morrow telling a parliamentary committee back in June that online gamers and live-streamers were bottlenecking their networks. Morrow has suggested that a fair use policy, which will cap data usage for gamers, could help deal with the congestion issue.

Mr. Kwan replied that gamers were just using the services that the NBN were providing, same as everyone else, and that the consolidated internet speeds had bolstered the AU’s interest in the gig economy.

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History Of Hellfire Pass: Thailand’s Best Museum

TripAdvisor recently awarded Hellfire Pass Memorial Museum the top ranking as Thailand’s best museum while it is included in the top five of all museums that are located within Asia. the travel website recommends the tour museum in Kanchanaburi to all tourists because it is not only a haunting site but it represents all the torture, slavery, starvation and most especially the death of thousands of civilians as well as prisoners of war during WWII.

Hellfire Pass is known to be the Death Railway which was constructed under the Japanese forces who wanted to invade Burma. The museum is now the best place for people to learn about its history, the memories that haunt the survivors and those who remember as well as the misery of those who can never forget.

It is located 75 miles from the western part of Bangkok and close to the Thailand-Myanmar border. Hellfire Pass is located in a town called Kanchanaburi where every year ceremonies are taking place between November 28 and December 7. These are commemorations to remember the bombing that happened in the area on the 28th of November 1944.

There are many events held in the area including cultural performances as well as sound and light show that depicts Death Railway’s history. The site is the burial ground of over 16,000 prisoners of war including Americans, Australians, British and Dutch. There are also over 90,000 Asian civilians forced into working who perished because of diseases and lack of food.

It all started in an agreement signed by the prime minister of Thailand in August of 1942, Field Marshal PhibunSongkhram. The agreement is that Japan is given permission to construct a railway going to Burma, known now as Myanmar, which was used to be a British colony.

The constructed railway reached 415 kilometres but aerial bombing by the Allied destroyed most of it including the Hellfire Pass. It was in 1980s when survivors from Australia decided to petition the site to be a memorial. It is now a part of the tour museum in Kanchanaburi but there are tourists who prefer to visit the site as backpackers.

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Latest Trends In Video Marketing

The rising popularity of social media and mobile internet has led to growing demand for video marketing. Marketers are compelled to use the latest trends in video marketing to make their brand stand out from the competition and engage the viewers.

According to Brisbane video production firms, well created videos help brands to improve viewers’ engagement and the brand recall value. They help companies to attract viewers to the website and turn them into loyal customers.

If you are planning to create video marketing strategy for your brand, here are the top three video marketing trends at present suggested by the top Brisbane video production houses, which are going to rule the market.

  • Companies are investing a lot of budget in Brisbane video production to create flashy, attention grabbing ‘stories’ for a host of social media platforms. The ease of creating brand ‘stories’ led to a lot of clutter on the social media apps and led to severe competition for the attention of the viewers. The latest trend is to create compelling ‘stories’ for brands that not only grab the attention of the viewers but also create a strong emotional connect and stay with the viewer for more than few seconds.
  • Live streaming is gaining popularity over pre-recorded videos. Live streaming improves the audience engagement and increases the time span of the viewing. According to study by Social Media Today, users prefer to watch live videos for longer durations than the pre-recorded videos. The excitement of engaging with a celebrity or a brand in real-time encourages the viewers to participate in live sessions. With this raising popularity, social media will improve their set-ups to support high quality live videos. Brands are also expected to use a majority of their video promotion budgets on creating live video sessions that engage with the clients in real-time.
  • Explainer videos that guide the audience on how to do or make something, will continue to go viral. According to Brisbane video production houses, the short videos are easy to share and quick to view. The popularity of explainer videos will encourage brand marketers to create short videos about tackling different problems in real life. As these videos can be created to address any problem or task, the possibilities are endless.
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Seven Guidelines To Enjoy Your First Trip To Bangkok

Bangkok is a beautiful city and is popular with tourists around the world for its food, shopping and nightlife. But the first trip to the city of angels can be overwhelming. The busy streets and the diverse culture of the country might be challenging to cope with. Here are a few tips for first time visitors to Bangkok.

  • Choose a proper time to visit Bangkok. Avoid the rainy season. Plan your first visit to Bangkok, between November and February. This period is the best time to visit the city as the weather is pleasant. Plan the travel early and make hotel booking. You can also get deals on booking modern hotel in Sukhumvit, if you plan your travel early and book in advance.
  • Once, you plan your travel dates the next step is to search for hotels. The quality of the hotel plays an important role in determining your holiday experience. Choose the modern hotel in Sukhumvit, which offers great amenities and spacious rooms. There are many hotel-booking sites that help you to compare different hotels and select the best ones. You can also visit the hotel website to know about the services of the hotel and amenities.
  • Get a new sim card. You can buy international calling cards with 3G at the SuvarnaBhoomi International airport or in the city.
  • Get a map of Bangkok to know your way around the city. Map books are available at the airports or at the modern hotel in Sukhumvit, where you stay.
  • Exchange currency outside the airport. There are many banks and currency exchanges in the Sukhumvitarea. You will get a good deal for currency exchange outside the airport.
  • Getting around Bangkok is easier, if you use the mass transit systems or the public transport. Bangkok is well connected through MRT and BTS. You can also use the Public buses to commute between two points. You can also use the taxis but make sure the taxi driver downs the meter before the ride.
  • Sample the food of Bangkok. Bangkok is popular for its food and your trip will not be complete without sampling the local cuisine. Most of the modern hotel in Sukhumvithave their in-house restaurants which service authentic Thai as well as world cuisine. You can also visit the famous street markets to sample the local food.
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Why Choose Knightsbridge Foreign Exchange As Your Broker

If you want to buy or sell international currencies, you need the best deal and optimum service by finding a professional currency broker like Knightsbridge Foreign Exchange. They work with a team of brokers that are specialized in forex markets, where they can exactly achieve competitive exchange rates. The specialist broker can offer their forex services for any business or individual. They just need to be reliable and reputable especially that you’re entrusting your foreign currencies with them.

First you need to choose a currency broker like the Knightsbridge Foreign Exchange. They are a reputable company to register your money service business and regulated by the HM Revenue and Customs. Aside from this company, there are many other firms offering the same excellent service. However, you can choose them as they can do wonders with the trading of your foreign currencies.

To prove their identity, they will require you some documents. Opening an exchange account will not make you responsible for the trade, but if you wish to trade, you can opt for this forex broker to help you anytime. Before you buy a desired currency at your request, they will ask about market-related questions you had in exchange for the foreign currency rates. You can specify your account or which overseas destination you intend to go.

If you have to entrust your foreign currencies with a forex broker, they can likely offer you a better rate than what high street banks can do to your foreign currencies. A currency exchange broker like Knightsbridge Foreign Exchange can respond quickly to the markets to get the best deals.

If you have money that’s ready to go, you can opt for their service to get the best possible live price and you don’t have to approach a high street bank for such foreign currency exchange.

If you have an account with this forex broker, you can also receive personal services. They’ll ask you all about the transactions you wish to perform with your money, and it’s all about foreign exchange rates. They can showcase their knowledge and expertise more than what you find in banks; however, they will work for you for a fee.

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